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Printer parts diagram for: 3160-1039


3160-1039 is represented by #3 in the diagram below.

3160-1039 is represented by #3 in the diagram below.
C5300-40017 Spacer Fan spacer - Retains the fan filter and fan in the gasket
C5300-80003 Filter Fan filter - Mounts between the fan and fan spacer (in the fan gasket)
3160-1039 Fan Tubeaxial fan - 92mm x 92mm x 25.5mm thick, 12VDC, 2,750 RPM - Includes cable assembly
C1676-40159 Gasket Fan mounting gasket - Holds the fan, fan filter, and spacer in place on the internal chassis
C5300-00022 Arm Fan finger guard (shield) - Mounts on the back side of the fan and fan gasket
C5300-40027 Actuator Push rod - Power switch actuator shaft (with button)
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