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HP LaserJet 8000 and Mopier 240 printer series service manual

C4085A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 8
Printer Features
Paper Capacities and Sizes
Model and Serial Numbers
Media Selection Guidelines
Adhesive Labels
Shipping Print Media
Storing Print Media
Product Overview
External View of HP LaserJet 8000/N/DN Engine
External View of HP Mopier 240
Formatter Assemblies
Accessories and Options
Ordering Information
Determining Memory Requirements
Hard Disk
Service Approach
Ordering Parts
Exchange Program
Toner Cartridge Life
Recycling Toner Cartridges
Refilled Toner Cartridges & Non-HP Staple Cartridg...
Technical Assistance
HP FIRST (Fax Information Retrieval Support Techno...
HP Reseller Sales and Service Support Line
Other Areas
World Wide Web
FCC Regulations
Regulatory Information
Environmental Product Stewardship
Protecting the Environment
Material Safety Data Sheet
Environmental Conformity
Declaration of Conformity
Safety Statements
Canadian DOC Regulations
Laser Safety Statement
VCCI Statement (Japan)
Korean EMI statement
Laser Statement for Finland
Chapter 2
Chapter Contents
Operating Environment
Space Requirements
Environmental Requirements
Chapter Contents
Using the Control Panel
Control Panel Layout
Indicator Lights
Paper Source Default
Printer Driver Information
Settings and Defaults
Resetting the Printer
Setting the Display Language
Control Panel Menus
Information Menu
Paper Handling Menu
Print Quality Menu
Printing Menu
Configuration Menu
I/O Menu
EIO Menu
Resets Menu
Service Mode
Setting Page Count, Maintenance Count, and Serial ...
Setting the Cold Reset Default Paper Size
Testing the Printer
Configuration Page
Paper Path Test
Chapter Contents
Cleaning the Printer and Accessories
Cleaning Spilled Toner
Preventative Maintenance
Tray Adjustment Procedure
Tray 4 (2000-sheet Input Tray) Adjustment Procedur...
Printer Functional Block Diagram
Power Distribution System
AC Power Distribution
Overcurrent/Overvoltage Protection
High Voltage Power Distribution
Formatter System
DC Controller System
Laser and Scanner Drive
Paper Motion Monitoring and Control
Engine Test Microswitch
Image Formation System
Toner Cartridge
Drum Cleaning
Drum Conditioning
Image Writing
Image Developing
Image Transferring and Media Separation
Image Fusing
Paper Paths and Components
Printer, Duplexer, and Envelope Feeder
Paper Size Switches (Trays 2 and 3)
Printing from Tray 1
Printing from Trays 2 and 3
Printing from the Envelope Feeder
Printing with the Duplexer
2000-sheet Input Tray (Tray 4) Components
2000-Sheet Input Tray Operation
2 x 500-sheet Input Tray
2 x 500-sheet Input Tray Operation
7-bin Tabletop Mailbox Components
7-bin Tabletop Mailbox Operation
8-bin Mailbox Components
8-bin Mailbox Operation
Finisher Components
Stapler Unit Operation
Main Functional Cycles of the Stapler (Internal Pa...
Communication Link (Daisy Chain)
Paper Jam Detection
Printer Timing
IEEE 1284 Parallel Cable Information
Chapter contents
Removal and Replacement Strategy
Required Tools
User Installable Accessories
Hardware Table
Engine Removal and Replacement
2000-sheet Input Tray Removal and Replacement
Front Cover
Back Cover
Left Cover
Right Cover
Main Drive Assembly
Paper Tray
Main Cable Harness
Controller PCA
Front LED PCA Assembly
Pickup Assembly
Power Supply
Pickup, Feed, and Separation Rollers
Paper Quantity Switch Assembly
Paper Size Switch Assembly
Vertical Transfer Unit (VTU)
Tension Springs
Locating Pins
Casters and Stabilizing Feet
Adjustable Foot
2 x 500-sheet Input Tray Removal and Replacement
Orientation of the 2 x 500-sheet Input Tray
Back Cover
Left Cover
Vertical Transfer Unit (VTU)
Right Cover
Front Top Cover
Trays 4 and 5
Pickup Assembly
Paper Deck Drive Assembly
Pickup, Feed, and Separation Rollers
Controller PCA
Tray-Size Sensing PCA
Power Supply
Main Cable
Storage Paper Tray
Front Door (Storage Area)
Foot Tip and Adjustable Foot Tip (Stabilizing Feet...
Locating Pins
7-bin Tabletop Mailbox Removal and Replacement
Orientation of the 7-bin Tabletop Mailbox
Front Cover
Back Cover
Top Cover
Controller PCA
Power Supply
Right Door Assembly (Paper Path Cover)
Face-down Bins
Empty Bin Sensor PCA
Full Bin and Interlock Sensor PCA
Face-up Sensors PCA
Reversing Mechanism Motor
Face-up/Diverter Assembly (Flipper)
Short Tray 7
Solenoid Reversing Mechanism
Flipper Solenoid
Latching Mechanism
Cover Latch
8-bin Mailbox Removal and Replacement
Front and Back Covers
Top Cover
Power Supply
Paper Bins and Blind Cover
Flipper Assembly
Delivery Head Motor
Transport Belt Motor
Input Paper Guide
Metal Tape and Housing Assembly
Controller PCA
Anticurl Strings
Delivery Head Assembly
Interlock Switch
Diagnostic LED PCA
User Status LED PCA
Adjustable and Fixed Casters
Attachment Assembly
Stapler Assembly Removal and Replacement
Mailbox with Stapler, Stapler Removal or Installat...
Back Plate
Stapler Controller PCA
Top Cover Assembly
Stapler Bed Assembly
Chapter 7
Chapter contents
Troubleshooting Process
Troubleshooting the Printing System
General Troubleshooting Information
Power On
General Paper Path Troubleshooting
Printer Messages
Self - Diagnostics on Paper-handling Devices
Information Pages
Image Quality
Network Troubleshooting
Chapter contents
How to Use the Part Lists and Diagrams
Accessories and Supplies
Illustrations and Parts Lists
Printer and Paper-Handling Components
Printer Parts and Diagrams
Paper-Handling Devices Parts and Diagrams
Alphabetical Parts List
Numerical Parts List

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