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HP Color LaserJet 9500 series service manual

C8547A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Product information
Product features
HP color LaserJet 9500hdn printer (C8547A)
HP color LaserJet 9500n printer (C8546A)
Product specifications
Environmental specifications
Product overview
External assembly locations
Space requirements
Printer with packaging
Printer physical dimensions
Media specifications
Guidelines for selecting media
Supported media and capacity for input and output
Recommended media
Special media specifications
Storing print media
Testing media specifications
Media assessment tools and suppliers
Service approach
Service approach
Parts and supplies
Exchange program
Ordering parts
Ordering supplies
World Wide Web
Customer care reseller sales and service support center
HP service parts information compact disc
Ordering related documentation and software
HP maintenance agreements
Limited warranty for print cartridge and image drum life
Transfer unit and fuser warranty
Onsite service agreements
Product configuration
Control panel layout
Control panel menus
Menu map
Using a menu map
Retrieve job menu
Information menu
Paper handling menu
Selecting media for a document
Configure device menu
Printing submenu
Print Quality submenu
System Setup submenu
I/O submenu
Output Setup submenu
Resets submenu
Diagnostics menu
Service menu
Service ID
Converting the Service ID to an actual date
Restoring the Service ID
Settings and defaults
Configure the control panel display language
Configure the input trays
Boot key sequences
Hard disk reinitialization
NVRAM initialization
Cold reset
Product maintenance
Preventative maintenance
Image cleaning kit
Image fuser kit
Image transfer kit
Cleaning the printer and accessories
Cleaning spilled toner
First aid measures
General cleaning
Vacuum specifications
Cleaning procedures
Cleaning the fuser input
Cleaning the post charger
Cleaning the separation guide, feed guide, and front fuser guide
Cleaning the other rollers
Cleaning the registration roller unit
Cleaning the tray 1 separation pad
Print cartridges
Authenticating print cartridges
Non-HP print cartridges and image drums
Storing print cartridges
Image drums
Storing image drums
Firmware upgrades
Downloading the new firmware from the HP Web site
Downloading the new firmware to the printer
Remote firmware update through a local Windows port
Theory of operation
Basic operation
Major printer systems
Printer block diagram
Sequence of operation
Timing charts
Wiring diagrams
Flat flexible cable signals
Connector location
Engine-control system
DC controller circuit
DC controller operations
T driver circuit
Fuser control circuit
Low-voltage power supply
High-voltage power supply circuits
Post charger power supply unit
Motors and fans
Switches, solenoids, clutches, and sensors
DIMM slots
Formatter heartbeat LED
Laser/scanner system
Dual-beam method
Laser control
Scanner-motor control
Color plane registration calibration control
Image formation system
Electrophotographic process
Image stabilization control
Paper-path system
Pickup/feed unit
Jam detection
Removal and replacement
Electrostatic discharge
General cautions during removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Flat flexible cable caution
DC controller and cable/connector damage areas
Potential damage areas while servicing
Toner cartridges (print cartridges)
Process cartridges (image drums)
Waste toner bottle (toner collection bottle)
Transfer cleaner (cleaning blade)
Transfer roller
External covers
Control panel overlay
Control panel
Right upper cover
Left upper cover
Top right cover
Top left cover
Front doors
Fuser door
Intermediate transfer belt (ITB) door
Left back cover
Left lower cover
Right back cover
Back cover
Major assemblies
Process cartridge (image drum) door
Laser/scanner assembly
Printing a laser/scanner adjustment page
Reading a laser/scanner adjustment page
Adjusting the laser/scanner assemblies
Delivery unit
Delivery unit sensor
Vertical feed unit
Intermediate transfer belt (ITB)
Density and registration sensor assembly
Right back fan
Right front fan
Secondary transfer assembly (T2)
Pickup unit
Temperature and humidity sensor
High-voltage power supply
Low-voltage power supply
Registration assembly
Delivery fan
Fuser fan
P-crg (image drum) drive assembly
T-crg (print cartridge) drive assembly
Fuser motor
Fuser drive assembly
DC controller
Formatter PCB
Formatter cage
High-voltage contact
Post charger power supply
Tray 1 pickup roller
Tray 1 separation pad
Left door switch
Right door switch (front and right side doors)
ITB sensor
Upper left door sensor
Fuser front paper sensor
Fuser sensor PCA
Troubleshooting process
Pre-troubleshooting checklist
Control panel checks
Power checks
Hardware and electrical troubleshooting tools
Troubleshooting tools and procedures
Image formation and print-quality troubleshooting tools
Sample defects and solutions
Media and paper-path troubleshooting tools
Tests for troubleshooting paper-path problems
Noise troubleshooting tools
Control panel messages
Control panel and event log message format
Event log page
Error message interpretation
Data and communication troubleshooting tools
Tray 4 troubleshooting tools
Parts and diagrams
Ordering parts
Kits, supplies, accessories, exchange parts, and documentation
Hardware identification
Illustrations and parts lists
External covers and panels
Left cover assembly
Right door assembly
Internal components (1 of 9)
Internal components (2 of 9)
Internal components (3 of 9)
Internal components (4 of 9)
Internal components (5 of 9)
Internal components (6 of 9)
Internal components (7 of 9)
Internal components (8 of 9)
Internal components (9 of 9)
Registration drive assembly
Process cartridge drive assembly (image drum drive)
Toner cartridge drive assembly (print cartridge drive)
Fuser drive assembly
Cassette assembly
Paper pickup assembly (1 of 3)
Paper pickup assembly (2 of 3)
Paper pickup assembly (3 of 3)
Manual feed pickup assembly (tray 1) (1 of 2)
Manual feed pickup assembly (tray 1) (2 of 2)
Registration assembly
Secondary transfer assembly (T2) (1 of 2)
Secondary transfer assembly (T2) (2 of 2)
Delivery feed assembly
Face down delivery assembly
Delivery cover assembly
Fuser assembly
PCB assemblies
Tray 4
Tray 4 main body
Tray 4 drive assembly
Tray 4 PCA location
Master parts lists
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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