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HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP service manual

CC431A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Product basics
Quick access to product information
Product comparison
Product features
Product walkaround
Base model front view
Base model back view
Fax/memory-card model front view
Fax/memory-card model back view
Interface ports
Supported operating systems
Supported operating systems for Macintosh
Supported operating systems for Windows
Supported product software
Software included with the product
Supported printer drivers
Software for other operating systems
System requirements
Supported network protocols (network models only)
Control panel
Control-panel walkaround
Base models control panel
Fax/memory-card models control panel
Control-panel menus
Control-panel Setup menu
Use the control-panel menus
Function-specific menus (fax/memory-card models only)
Paper and print media
Supported paper and print media
Supported paper types and tray capacity
Load paper and print media
Load Tray 1
Load originals for copying, scanning, or faxing
Configure tray
Manage and maintain the product
Information pages
HP ToolboxFX
View the HP ToolboxFX
Product information
System Settings
Print Settings
Network Settings
Embedded Web server
Security features
Use HP Web Jetadmin software
Turn on password protection from the control panel
Turn on password protection using the embedded Web server
Turn on private receive feature
Manage supplies
Check and order supplies
Replace supplies
Clean the product
Firmware updates
Theory of operation
Basic operation
Major product systems
Product components
Sequence of operation
Engine control system
DC controller
Low-voltage power supply
High-voltage power supply
Laser/scanner system
Laser failure detection
Image-formation system
Image-formation process
Latent-image formation stage
Developing stage
Transfer stage
Fusing stage
ITB cleaning stage
Drum cleaning stage
Pickup-and-feed system
Jam detection
Multiple-feed prevention
Pad transfer
Scanner system (base models)
Scanner power-on sequence of events
Copy or scan-to-computer sequence of events
Scanner and ADF functions and operation (fax/memory-card models)
Scanner functions
ADF operation
Scanner operation
ADF paper path and ADF sensors
ADF jam detection
Memory card system (fax/memory-card models only)
Fax functions and operation (fax/memory-card models only)
Computer and network security features
PSTN operation
Receive faxes when you hear fax tones
Distinctive ring function
Fax by using Voice over IP services
Fax card in the fax subsystem
The fax subsystem
Fax page storage in flash memory
Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Electrostatic discharge
General cautions during removal and replacement
Required tools
Types of screws
Service approach
After performing service
Before performing service
Post-service tests
Parts removal order
Print cartridges
Control-panel overlay (base model)
Control panel (base model)
Control-panel bezel (fax/memory-card models)
Control panel (fax/memory-card models)
Reinstall the control panel (fax/memory-card models)
Paper-feed assemblies
Pickup roller (product base)
ADF pickup roller assembly
Separation roller (product base)
Transfer roller
Paper-guide assembly
External panels, covers, and doors
Front door and front-lower cover
Right cover
Left cover
Front-right cover
Memory-card reader PCA (fax/memory-card models only)
Card cover or blanking cover
Rear-side cover
Rear-upper cover
Rear door and rear-lower cover
Scanner assembly
Top cover
Internal assemblies
Print-cartridge drawer
Main motor
Speaker (fax/memory-card models only)
Intermediate transfer belt (ITB)
DC controller PCA
Formatter and fax card PCAs
Fuser motor
Power supply (high-voltage)
Power supply (low voltage)
Power supply (fuser)
Problem solve
Menu map
Troubleshooting process
Pre-troubleshooting checklist
Power-on checks
Troubleshooting tools
LED diagnostics
Control-panel diagnostics
Print-quality troubleshooting tools
Internal print quality test pages
HP ToolboxFX software
Control-panel messages
Event-log messages
Paper-handling problems
Solve image quality problems
General image quality problems
Solve issues with color documents
Copy problems
Scan problems
Solve performance problems
Solve connectivity problems
Solve direct-connection problems
Solve network problems (network models only)
Service mode functions
Secondary service menu
Service menu
Product resets
Solve fax problems (fax/memory-card models only)
Fax logs and reports
Change error correction and fax speed
Problems sending faxes
Problems receiving faxes
Performance problems
Memory card problems (fax/memory-card models only)
Index page not printing
Missing or wrong files
Proof sheet not printing
Proof sheet not scanning
Issues with photo printing
Parts and diagrams
Order parts, accessories, and supplies
Supplies part numbers
Whole unit replacement
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Scanner assembly
Product base assembly locations
Internal assemblies
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list
Service and support
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
Customer self repair warranty service
Print cartridge limited warranty statement
Customer support
Repack the product
Electrical specifications
Physical specifications
Power consumption
Acoustic emissions
Environmental specifications
Skew specifications
Regulatory information
Additional statements for telecom (fax) products
FCC regulations
EU statement for telecom operation
New Zealand telecom statements
IC CS-03 requirements
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (United States)
Declarations of conformity
HP Color LaserJet CM1312
HP Color LaserJet CM1312nfi
Certificate of volatility
Country/region specific statements
Canadian DOC regulations
EMI statement (Korea)
Laser safety
Laser statement for Finland
Substances table (China)

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