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HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP service manual

CE503A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Theory of operation
Basic operation
Sequence of operation (product)
Sequence of operation (scanner)
Formatter-control system
Image Resolution Enhancement technology
Sleep delay
Control panel
PJL overview
Scanner interface
Engine-control system
DC controller PCA
Motors and fans
High-voltage power supply
Fuser control
Low-voltage power supply
Image-formation system
Print cartridge
Electrophotographic process
Laser/scanner system
Pickup, feed, and delivery system
Pickup-and-feed block
Fusing-switchback and delivery block
Jam detection
Tray 3 (1 x 500-sheet feeder)
Additional trays
Motor control
Paper-deck pickup and feed operation
HP stapling mailbox
Motor control
Stacker mode
Mailbox/job separator mode
Jam detection
Automatic delivery
Laser/scanner system
Document feeder/scanner assembly
Scanner subsystem
Document feeder/scanner motor and fan control
Fan timing sequence
Legal detection sensor
Image data path
Optical assembly operation
Document feeder/scanner paper path and sensors
Document feeder pickup mechanism
Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Electrostatic discharge
Required tools
Service approach
After performing service
Before performing service
Post-service test
Print cartridge
Staple cartridge (for models with a stapler/stacker)
Control panel
Transfer roller
Output bin and bin base assembly
Duplex accessory
Fuser-entrance guide
Remove the fuser-entrance guide
Remove the fuser
Tray 1 separation roller
Envelope feeder cover
Tray 1 pickup and feed rollers
Tray 2, 3, 4, or 5 pickup, feed, and separation rollers
Scanner filter cover and scanner filter
Interface formatter PCA
Hard drive
Remove the SSD
Remove the encrypted HDD
Installing a replacement hard drive
Fax accessory PCA
Document feeder tray extender
Document feeder pickup roller cover
Document feeder pickup roller
Document feeder pickup roller pad and spring
Covers and document feeder
Identification and location (product base)
Scanner rear cover
Tray 1 cover
Cassette-door-open detection switch
Left-rear corner cover
Front cover
Front-right cover
Front-upper cover
Image scanner right cover
Image scanner cable cover
Rear-right cover
Rear-left cover
Rear-top cover
Right-lower door
Document-feeder hinge cover
Document feeder
Image scanner left cover
Main assemblies
Registration assembly
Switchback upper guide assembly
Switchback assembly
Laser/scanner assembly
Cartridge sensor assembly
Environmental sensor
DC controller shield-plate assembly
DC controller
Tray 1 pickup assembly
Connector PCA
Feed motor (M101)
Drum motor (M102)
Fuser motor (M299)
Main fan (FN101)
Laser/scanner fan (FN102)
Cartridge front-side fan (FN103)
Low-voltage power supply fan (FN104)
Switchback fan (FN105)
Cartridge fan (FN301)
Interlock switch (SW101)
Output accessory detection switch (SW104)
Low-voltage power supply
Cassette lifter assembly
Lifter drive assembly
Engine power supply
Feed roller assembly
Pickup drive assembly
Cassette pickup assembly
Document feeder
Paper present flag
Document feeder scanner lid
Document feeder front cover
Document feeder rear cover
Document feeder jam-access cover
Document feeder tray assembly
Document feeder internal assembly
Document feeder PCA
Document feeder cable
Document feeder left hinge
Document feeder right hinge
Document feeder fan
Document feeder motor
Document feeder motor
Document feeder open sensor
Document feeder jam access plate
Base assembly
Scanner assembly
Scanner connector board (SCB) PCA
Scanner release assembly
Scanner 24 V and communication cable
Tub top
Interconnect board and size sensor
Inverter fan
Optical assembly
Motor assembly
Scanner fan
Optional 500-sheet paper feeder assembly
Rear cover (500-sheet paper feeder)
Right-front cover (500-sheet paper feeder)
Left cover (500-sheet paper feeder)
Right cover (500-sheet paper feeder)
Front cover (500-sheet paper feeder)
Pickup assembly (500-sheet paper feeder)
Lifter assembly (500-sheet paper feeder)
Lifter-drive assembly (500-sheet paper feeder)
Pickup motor assembly (500-sheet paper feeder)
Controller PCA (500-sheet paper feeder)
Optional paper feeder assemblies (1 x 500-sheet and 3 x 500-sheet)
Front door (optional paper feeder)
Rear cover (optional paper feeder)
Right-front cover (optional paper feeder)
Right door (optional paper feeder)
Left cover (optional paper feeder)
Right cover (optional paper feeder)
Rear-right cover (optional paper feeder)
Pickup assembly (optional paper feeder)
Lifter assembly (optional paper feeder)
Lifter-drive assembly (optional paper feeder)
Pickup motor assembly (optional paper feeder)
Controller PCA (optional paper feeder)
SSMBM front cover
SSMBM rear cover
SSMBM handle assembly
SSMBM top cover
SSMBM output bin 3
SSMBM output bin assembly cover
SSMBM output bin sensor PCA
SSMBM stapler assembly
SSMBM jogger assembly
SSMBM output bin solenoid
SSMBM output bin assembly
SSMBM stage top assembly
SSMBM stage assembly
SSMBM output bin 3 drive assembly
Problem solving
Solve problems checklist
Administration Menu Map
Current settings page
Troubleshooting process
Problem-solving flowchart
Determine the problem source
Power subsystem
Control-panel checks
Scanning subsystem
Tools for troubleshooting
Component diagnostics
Diagrams for troubleshooting
Internal print-quality test pages
Control panel menus
Print-quality troubleshooting tools
Interpret control-panel messages, status-alert messages, and event code errors
Event-log messages
Clear jams
Common causes of jams
Jam locations
Clear jams in the document feeder
Clear paper jams in the stapler (for models with a stapler/stacker)
Clear staple jams (for models with a stapler/stacker)
Clear jams from under the top cover
Clear jams in the output bin area
Clear jams in the right door
Clear jams in Tray 1
Clear jams in Trays 2, 3, 4, or 5
Clear jams in the lower right door (Trays 3, 4, or 5)
Clear jams in the fuser
Clear jams in the registration area
Change jam recovery
Paper does not feed automatically
Product feeds multiple sheets
Use manual print modes
Solve image-quality problems
Print quality examples
Clean the product
Clean the paper path
Clean the scanner glass
Solve performance problems
Solve connectivity problems
Solve direct-connect problems
Solve network problems
Service mode functions
Service menu
Product resets
Preboot menu options
Solve fax problems
Is your fax set up correctly?
Check fax accessory status
Fax feature is not operating
General fax problems
Problems with receiving faxes
Problems with sending faxes
Error codes
Fax error messages
Fax reports
Service settings
Firmware upgrades
Solve e-mail problems
Validate the LDAP gateway address
Validate the SMTP gateway address
Product updates
Determine the installed revision of firmware
Perform a firmware upgrade
Parts and diagrams
Order parts by authorized service providers
Customer-self repair parts
Order parts, accessories, and supplies
Supplies part numbers
Accessories part numbers
Service replacement parts
Related documentation and software
Fasteners used in this product
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Assembly locations
Base product (no optional trays or accessories)
Base product (with optional trays or accessories)
Covers (and upper plate assembly)
Product base
Upper plate assembly
Internal components
Internal components (1 of 5)
Internal components (2 of 5)
Internal components (3 of 5)
Internal components (4 of 5)
Internal components (5 of 5)
High-voltage power supply
Cassette assembly (Tray 2)
Paper pickup assembly
Reverse assembly
Paper feed roller assembly
Registration assembly
MP (Tray 1) pickup assembly
Duplex assembly
Fuser assembly
PCAs (product base)
Input devices
1x500-sheet feeder
1x500/3x500-sheet paper deck
Output devices
Stapler stacker multi-bin mailbox (MBM)
Document feeder and scanner
Document feeder (scanner lid)
Scanner assembly
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list
Service and support
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
HP's Premium Protection Warranty: LaserJet print cartridge limited warranty statement
Data stored on the print cartridge
End User License Agreement
Customer self-repair warranty service
Customer support
Product specifications
Environmental specifications
Physical specifications
Power consumption, electrical specifications, and acoustic emissions
Regulatory information
FCC regulations
Environmental product stewardship program
Ozone production
Paper use
Power consumption
Protecting the environment
Toner consumption
HP LaserJet print supplies
Return and recycling instructions
Material restrictions
Chemical substances
Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union
For more information
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Declaration of conformity
Declaration of conformity (fax models)
Certificate of Volatility
Types of memory
Safety statements
Canadian DOC regulations
Laser safety
Power cord instructions
Power cord statement (Japan)
VCCI statement (Japan)
EMC statement (China)
EMC statement (Korea)
EMI statement (Taiwan)
Laser statement for Finland
GS statement (Germany)
Substances Table (China)
Restriction on Hazardous Substances statement (Turkey)
Additional statements for telecom (fax) products
Additional FCC statement for telecom products (US)
EU Statement for Telecom Operation
New Zealand Telecom Statements
Industry Canada CS-03 requirements
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (US)
Japan Telecom Mark
Vietnam Telecom wired marking for ICTQC Type approved products

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