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HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 700 series repair manual

CF238A Repair Manual View Repair Manual

Table of Contents

Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Cautions during removal and replacement
Required tools
Service approach
Types of screws
After performing service
Before performing service
Parts removal order
Control-panel assembly
Intermediate transfer belt
Formatter PCA
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Reinstall the HDD
Secondary transfer roller
Document feeder mylar strips
Install replacement document feeder mylar strips
Document feeder foam reflector
Install a replacement document feeder foam reflector
Pickup, feed, and separation (rollers and pads)
Tray 1 (multipurpose tray) pickup roller
Tray 1 separation pad
Tray 2 pickup roller
Tray 2 separation roller
1 x 500 or 3 x 500 pickup, feed, and separation rollers
High capacity input feeder pickup, feed, and separation rollers
Document feeder pickup and feed roller assembly
Document feeder separation pad
Covers, doors, and whole unit replacement
Document feeder front cover
Document feeder hatch cover
Document feeder input tray bottom cover
Document feeder roller cover
Document feeder rear cover
Scanner left cover
Scanner right cover
Scanner front cover
Left cover
Rear cover
Right rear cover
Toner collection unit (TCU) access door
Right door assembly
Rear upper cover
Right upper cover
Scanner rear and FFC bezel cover
Stapler/stacker rear cover
Document feeder
Scanner assembly
Stapler/stacker assembly
Left upper cover
Front upper cover
Front right cover
Front door assembly
Top right cover
Output cover; non stapler/stacker model
Top cover
Top rear cover
Main assemblies
Document feeder paper present sensor
Document feeder hinge
Document feeder width sensor, paper-long and paper-short sensors
Document feeder tray extender
Sub-power supply assembly
Sub power supply fan FM5
Lifter-drive assembly
ITB front guide assembly
ITB rear guide assembly
Residual toner full sensor
Residual toner feed assembly
Paper delivery assembly
Laser scanner
Cartridge fan FM4
Fuser fan FM2
Formatter fan FM3
ITB motor M1
Drum motor M2
Developing motor M3
Fuser motor M4
Developing disengagement motor M6
Power-supply fan FM1
Power switch
Environment sensor
Scan control board (SCB)
Document feeder open sensor and flag
Image scanner memory board
Image (developing) high-voltage power supply (HVPS)
Interconnect PCA
DC controller PCA
Formatter cage
First-transfer high-voltage power supply
Second-transfer high-voltage power supply and holder
Driver PCA
Low-voltage power supply (LVPS)
Duplex drive assembly
Main drive assembly
Fuser drive assembly
Fuser gear assembly
Input devices
1x500-sheet paper feeder assembly
1x500- and 3x500-sheet paper deck (PD)
High capacity input feeder
Output devices
Parts and diagrams
Order parts by authorized service providers
Order parts, accessories, and supplies
Related documentation and software
Customer self-repair parts
Supplies part numbers
Service replacement parts
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Assembly locations
Base product (no optional trays or accessories)
Document feeder and scanner
500-sheet paper feeder
1x500-sheet paper deck
3x500-sheet paper deck
High capacity input (HCI) paper deck
Document feeder and scanner whole units
Document feeder assemblies
Scanner assemblies
Scanner controller board (SCB)
Stapler/stacker assembly
Stapler/stacker covers
Stapler/stacker components
Right door
Internal assemblies
Internal assemblies (1 of 8)
Internal assemblies (2 of 8)
Internal assemblies (3 of 8)
Internal assemblies (4 of 8)
Internal assemblies (5 of 8)
Internal assemblies (6 of 8)
Internal assemblies (7 of 8)
Internal assemblies (8 of 8)
1x500-sheet paper feeder
1x500-sheet paper feeder covers
1x500-sheet paper feeder components
1x500-sheet and 3x500-sheet paper deck
1x500-sheet and 3x500-sheet paper deck covers
1x500-sheet paper deck components
3x500-sheet paper deck components
High capacity input (HCI) feeder
HCI covers
HCI components (1 of 2)
HCI components (2 of 2)
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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