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HP DesignJet L25500 printer series service manual

CH956A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

1 Printer systems
Electrical system
Carriage Electronics
Ink Supply Station (ISS) Electronics
Substrate path
Ink Delivery System (IDS)
Scan Axis and Carriage
Service Station and Waste management
Heating system
Front Panel
2 Troubleshooting
Performing a service test on a failed assembly
Troubleshooting system error codes
Troubleshooting the printer
Firmware upgrade
Printer Education and Training
Performing the necessary service calibrations
Solving print quality problems
The printer continuously rejects printheads
The printer does not power on
Cover sensors are not working
The Cutter does not function
The line sensor has problems detecting media
Troubleshooting Media Jams/Printhead Crashes
Troubleshooting shutdowns
Energy shutdown
Paper Path
Printhead path
PWM shutdown
Velocity shutdown
Banding due to ink cartridge replacement while printing
Vacuum suction much lower at high altitudes
Troubleshooting a failure with the take-up reel (TUR)
Take-up reel LED status information
Checking the take-up reel is correctly installed
How the take-up reel works
Using the buzzer at power-up for troubleshooting problems
Using the Power-up Sequence to Troubleshoot
Troubleshooting OMAS problem
Corrective Actions for Power-Up Problems
Using the PCA LEDs to Troubleshoot
Using the Power Switch LEDs to Troubleshoot
Interconnect PCA
PrintMech PCA
Identifying faults from LED status
Heaters Control Assembly PCA (Petisa)
Where to check the power fuses
Checking the resistance values
Main Characteristics
Current Configuration
Current Information (1 of 2)
Current Information (2 of 2)
Printer Usage Information (1 of 3)
Printer Usage Information (2 of 3)
Event Logs
Printer Usage Information (3 of 3)
Calibrations Status
Connectivity Configuration
How to troubleshoot the 79:04 System Error
Possible causes
Troubleshooting based on symptoms
3 System Error Codes
System Error Codes and Warnings - Explanation
Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes
4 Service Tests, Utilities & Calibrations
Diagnostics - Self Test
Phone Support
Service Tests
Entering the Diagnostic Service Tests Menu
1. User Interface Menu
2. Electrical System Menu
3. Substrate Path
7. Service Station
8. Heating and Curing
9. Cover sensor test
Emergency Firmware Upgrade
Service Menu
Entering the Service Utilities Menu
1. Service Tests and Utilities Menu
2. Image Quality Plots
3. Inks On Substrate Test
5. Service Calibrations
5 Print Quality
How to Use the Image Quality Plots
2.2.1 Printhead Alignment Test Plot
2.4.1 Printheads Health Test Plot
2.3.2 Substrate Advance Test Plot
2.4.2 Advanced Printhead Health Test Plot
2.4.3 Plot for escalation only
2.5 Geometry Check
3.1 Inks on Substrate Test
2.6 Scan Axis check
Force Drop Detection
Substrate advance issues
6 Ink Supplies
What are Ink Supplies?
Ink Cartridges
Printhead Cleaning kit
General Information About the Ink Supplies
Printhead Cleaning Container
General Precautions When Handling Ink Supplies
Priming the Ink System
When Should You Replace the Ink Supplies?
”Obtaining Ink Cartridge Information”.
Obtaining Printhead Information
Ink Cartridge Status Messages
Ink Cartridge Status While Printing
Ink Cartridge Status While Replacing
Printhead Status Messages While Printing
Printhead Status Messages While Replacing
Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge and Printhead issues
Cannot insert an Ink Cartridge
Printhead Cleaning Cartridge Status Messages While Printing
Printhead Cleaning Cartridge Status Messages While Replacing
The Front Panel recommends replacing or reseating a Printhead
Cannot insert a Printhead
The Front Panel recommends replacing or reseating an Ink Cartridge
Warranty Information for Ink Supplies
A Printhead has damaged the substrate
Incorrect error messages displayed about the Cleaning Cartridge roller
Ink Cartridge
7 Parts and Diagrams
Printer Support
Front Covers
Top & Rear Covers
Electronics Module
Right Cover
Left Cover
Right Hand Assemblies
Left Hand Assemblies
Carriage Assembly
Dryer Assembly
Curing Assemblies
Curing Fans Assembly
Scan-Axis Assemblies
Drive Roller and Media-Axis Motor
Media Path Assemblies
Center Guide and Pinchwheel Assembly
Media Entry Assemblies
Take-Up Reel Assembly
Miscellaneous Parts
8 Removal & Installation
Service Part Order
Disassembly Order
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Required Tools
Safety Precautions
Screw Types
Opening the Window
Hinge Brakes
Right Cover
Right Trim
Left Cover
Left Trim
Left Curing Cover
Right Curing Cover
Rear Cover
Top Cover
Right Connector Cover
Left Connector Cover (42-inch)
Electronics Module Extension (60-inch only)
Window Lock Sensor Left
Window Lock Sensor Right
Top Cover Fans
Rear Fans
Front Panel
Primer Assembly
Primer Valves
Service Station
Web Wipe Assembly
Vacuum Fan
Aerosol Fan and Filter
Waste Ink Tube
Drop Detector
Ink Supply Tubes and Trailing Cable
ISS to Cartridge Cables
Cutter Assembly
Ink Supply Station (ISS)
Ink Supply Station PCAs (Upper and Lower)
APS Assembly
Encoder Strip and Encoder Sensor
Carriage PCA
Carriage Flex Cables
Carriage Assembly
Media Jam Sensor, cable & Carriage Reflector Assembly
Belt Assembly
Scan-Axis Motor
Media-Axis Motor
Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)
TOMAS: Temperature Optical Media Advance Sensor
Interconnect PCA
OMAS Controller Card
OMAS Cable
Sausalito PCI PCA
Memory Module
Main PCA Formatter
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Formatter Battery
Heaters Control Assembly
Heaters Control Assembly Fan
Circuit Breakers
AC Input Assembly
PrintMech PCA
Electronics Module
Line Sensor Assembly
Color Sensor Assembly
Color Sensor Actuator Assembly
Dryer Grill
Dryer (IR) Temperature Sensor
Dryer Heater
Curing Fans & Cover
Curing IR Temperature Sensor & Fan
Curing Heaters
Curing Module & Curing Fans Assembly
Output Platen
Curing Holders
Center Platen
Cartridge Tray
Input Roller
Output Roller
Printhead Maintenance Cartridge Door
Printhead Maintenance Cartridge Door Sensor
Media Sensor
Encoder Disc and Sensor
Media Lever Assembly
Media Lever Sensor
Pinchwheel Assembly
Individual Pinchwheel Rollers
Center Guide
Drive Roller
Right Rollfeed Module Assembly
Left Rollfeed Module Assembly
Take-Up Reel Motor
Take-Up Reel Left Hand Module
Take-Up Reel Deflector Supports
Take-Up Reel Sensors
Electronic Cables routing
9 Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Cleaning the Printer
Applying Oil to the Platen rollers
Lubricating the Carriage Assembly and rods
Level of Printer Usage
Scheduled Maintenance
10 Repacking instructions
Re-packaging instructions
Reuse the packaging material
Removing the Consumables
Re-installing the retention parts
Securing with adhesive tape
Covering the Printer
Special checks before turning-ON the printer
11 Safety Precautions
Electrical shock hazard
Fire Hazard
Heat Hazard
Mechanical Hazard
Burn hazard (heating and curing)
Lifting and handling
Scan Axis Encoder Strip hazard

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