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HP parts available for 33440AU HP LaserJet series ii 220/240v 8ppm printer

RA1-3828-000CN Arm - Paper sensing arm - For 'paper out' & 'manual feed' sensors
RG1-0905-000CN Cable - Cable assembly - From AC power module to DC power supply
RG1-0906-000CN Cable - Cable assy - From DC controller to high voltage power supply
RG1-0907-000CN Cable - Cable assembly - Large 7-pin (F) connector to small 7-pin (F) connector - 41.5cm (16.4in) long
RG1-0908-000CN Cable - Dual cable assembly with ferrites - One 7-pin (F) connector, two 5-pin (F) connectors, and one 4-pin (F) connector - 43.2cm (17in) long
RG1-0912-000CN Cable - Cable assembly - Large 4-pin (F) connector to small 4-pin (F) connector - 6.7cm (2.6in) long
RH2-5108-000CN Cable - Laser/scanner fiber optic cable - 42.5cm (16.8in) long
92295A Cartridge - Black toner (EP) cartridge
XD2-1100-502CN Clip - E-ring clip for HP Color LaserJet 1500 Series
RG1-0933-060CN Corona - Transfer Corona assembly - Square tube with wire wrapped around it
RG1-0967-000CN Coupler - Delivery coupler assembly - Two gear set
RA1-4038-000CN Cover - Fusing assembly cover (Black, plastic) - Covers fusing assembly when lid is closed
RF1-0977-040CN Cover - Top (Panel) cover - Has recess for 'face down' paper output
RG1-0945-000CN Delivery - Delivery assembly - Final drive rollers for top cover output
RG1-0934-000CN Drive Assembly - Feed drive assembly - Six gears mounted on a plate
RH7-1056-000CN Fan - Lower cooling fan - In bottom case of printer
RH7-1122-000CN Fan - Squirrel cage type fan assembly - 24VDC
RF1-2130-000CN Filter - Ozone filter - Square black filter in front of upper fan
RG1-1753-000CN Filter - Ozone filter kit - Replaces old style filter and housing
WD1-0224-000CN Fuse - Fuse - 6.3A, 125V max
33440-69003 Fuser Assembly - Fusing assembly (120V, 60Hz) - Bonds toner to paper by heat - Does NOT include fusing roller cleaning pad
33440-69009 Fuser Assembly - Fusing assembly (240V, 50Hz) - Bonds toner to paper by heat - Does NOT include fusing roller cleaning pad
RG1-0943-000CN Gear - Gear cluster (Drive) assembly
RS1-0114-000CN Gear - Dual gear - 27/18 tooth - In lower right of fusing assembly
33449-69006 Laser Scanner - Laser/scanner assembly
RH7-1048-000CN Motor - Main motor assembly
RA1-4167-000CN Mount - Left insulator mount (Clear)
RF1-1145-020CN Pad - Separation pad - Rectangular pad mounted on registration assembly
RG1-0966-030CN Pad - Fusing roller cleaning pad - Felt 'Wand' in fusing assembly
33440-69001 PC Board - Main logic (Formatter) board - Includes interface connectors-S2s
33440-69002 PC Board - DC controller board
RG1-0718-000CN PC Board - Paper control board - Includes solenoids for the paper pickup roller and the registration assembly - Also includes paper out sensor PS 301 and manual feed sensor PS 302
RG1-0936-110CN Power Supply - High voltage power supply assembly
RG9-0206-000CN Power Supply - AC power supply module assembly - 220/240VAC, 50Hz
XD9-0131-000CN Ring - Ring- E
RA1-3976-000CN Roller - Delivery (Exit) roller assembly - In fusing assembly
RG1-0931-060CN Roller - Pickup (feed) roller assembly - Feeds paper from input tray
RG5-0141-000CN Roller - Transfer charge roller (Black) - Held in place w/ blue clip
XA9-0267-000CN Screw - M3 screw - 6mm long
XA9-0342-000CN Screw - Screw Stepped 3
33440-69010 Service Parts - Rstrd Rg1-1395-000cn
5184-5210 Service Parts - LaserJet TNR II/D III/D
RF1-0662-140CN Service Parts - Order Rf1-0977-040cn
RG5-0044-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg5-0141-000cn
RG5-0044-050CN Service Parts - Order Rg5-0141-000cn
RS1-2097-000CN Spring - Spring Tension
RS1-2105-000CN Spring - Spring
RF1-0842-000CN Thermoswitch - Thermoprotect unit for fusing assembly
LaserJet series ii 220/240v 8ppm printer parts list
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