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HP parts available for C9F27A HP latex 210 61-in printer ( DesignJet l26100 printer)

CQ869-67048 Accessory - SPI Loading Accessory SERV
Q6651-60081 Accessory - Lubrication felts kit - For DesignJet printers
CH955-67084 Actuator - Shutter bump (actuator) - For Designjet printers
CQ111-67002 Air Pressure System - Air Pressurization System (APS) assembly - Includes pump, holder and relief valve - For 60-inch plotters
CQ869-67032 Base - SPI curing module without fans, Curing module base - Does not include the heaters or fans
CQ869-67072 Belt - Belt and tensioner assembly - For 60-inch plotters. Belt and tensioner - With metallic axis pulley
CH956-67043 Block - Barrier Block Service Kit
CH955-67114 Brace - Right-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
CH955-67115 Brace - Left-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
CQ869-67042 Brace - Foot brace assembly - For use with the Designjet L26500 printer series
CH955-67089 Bracket - Curing holder bracket - For use with 104-inch plotters
CQ869-67009 Bracket - Left side scan-axis bracket
Q1273-60086 Bracket - Right bracket assembly - Used to connect the right cover assembly
CQ869-67057 Brake - Window hinges - For use with the Designjet L26500 printer series
CH955-67099 Cable - Carriage Flex cables SERV. Carriage flex cables - For Designjet printers
CH956-67015 Cable - Top cover fan cable - For 60-inch plotters
CH956-67023 Cable - Curing fan cable - For 60-inch plotters
CH956-67033 Cable - Dryer fan cable - For 60-inch plotters
CH956-67034 Cable - Window lock sensor cable - For 60-inch plotters
CH956-67035 Cable - Cable plate bundle (cables) - For 60-inch plotters
CH995-67099 Cable - Carriage Flex cables SERV. Carriage flex cables - For Designjet printers
Q1273-60245 Cable - Ink supply station to cartridge cable connector one sold (assembly takes up to 6).
Q6651-60269 Cable - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) cable
CH955-67107 Cap - Left side spindle end cap
CQ869-67004 Carriage - SPI Carriage-w/o PCA SOL LS- a. Carriage assembly - Does not include the carriage PCA, encoder sensor, and color sensor.
CQ869-67075 Carriage - Carriage shutdown service kit - Includes carriage bushings, carriage felts, cleaning sponge, lubricant oil (10ml), gloves, bushing replacement procedure and carriage rail maintenance procedure for end user
CN705A Cartridge - HP 792 Black Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge - Print cartridge volume 775ml
CN706A Cartridge - HP 792 Cyan Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge - Print cartridge volume 775ml
CN707A Cartridge - HP 792 Magenta Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge - Print cartridge volume 775ml
CN708A Cartridge - HP 792 Yellow Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge - Print cartridge volume 775ml
CN709A Cartridge - 792 775ml lt cyan latex designJet ink, HP 792 DesignJet L26500 L28500 Cyan Ink Cartridge
CN710A Cartridge - HP 792 Light Magenta Latex Designjet Ink Cartridge - Print cartridge volume 775ml
CH955-67002 Clip - SRK and tube clips SERV
Q1273-60240 Control Panel - Control panel assembly - Includes cable and ferrite cores
CH955-67048 Cover - Top cover fan - Includes grill
CH955-67050 Cover - Top cover fan diffusor - Includes all fan diffusors - For Designjet printers
CH955-67091 Cover - Cable plate and cover - For Designjet printers
CQ869-67005 Cover - Left side cover - For use with Designjet printers
CQ869-67006 Cover - Right side cover - Does not include the right side door
CQ869-67016 Cover - Right side rollfeed housing cover
CQ869-67017 Cover - Curing covers - Includes the left and right side covers
CQ869-67028 Cover - Top cover - For use with the Designjet L26500 printer series
CQ869-67033 Cover - Curing fans cover - Does not include fans
CQ869-67041 Cover - Leg cover - For use with the Designjet L26500 printer series
CQ869-67044 Cover - SPI Connector cover Right SERV
CQ869-67034 Cross Brace - Cross-brace assembly - Brace that connects and supports the two stand legs
CH955-67007 Cutter - Cutter assy serv RoHS
Q6652-60124 Door - Rear door assembly - For the 60-inch DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CH956-67005 Encoder - Encoder strip Sensor service Encoder strip and sensor kit - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60123 Encoder - Drive roller encoder kit - HP Designjet plotter series models.
CH955-67062 Fan - Curing fan SERV
CH955-67078 Fan - Heater Control assembly cooling fan (Petisa)
CH955-67088 Fan - Rear dryer fan - Contains one fan // Dryer Fan SERV for HP DesignJet L25500 Series
CH955-67095 Fan - Vacuun FAN assembly SERV
CH956-67036 Fan - IR curing sensor fan - For 60-inch plotters
CQ869-67015 Foot - Foot assembly - For use with the Designjet L26500 printer series
Q1273-60242 Gear - Drive roller gear (overdrive gear) kit - Includes roller brake assembly
CH956-67030 Grille - Dryer grille - Located on the dryer module
CH956-67031 Grille - Curing grille - For 60-inch plotters
CQ869-67052 Guide - SPI Drain Tube Guide SERV
Q6652-60130 Guide - Center guide (media input) assembly - For 60-inch plotters
CH955-67052 Heater - Heaters control assembly (Petisa) - Includes cooling fan
CH956-67028 Holder - Curing resistors holders
CQ869-67049 Holder - SPI edge holder SERV
Q6651-60343 Holder - Quick reference guide holder
CH955-67013 Ink Supply Station - Upper Ink Supply Station (ISS) - Includes the cartridge trays
CH955-67014 Ink Supply Station - Lower Ink Supply Station (ISS) - Includes the cartridge trays ISS down row SERV
CQ869-67037 Ink System - Ink supply tubes - Includes the trailing cable - SPI SRK and TC SERV
CQ869-67007 Kit - Electronics module cables kit
CQ869-67039 Leg - Legs assembly - For use with the Designjet L26500 printer series
Q1273-60103 Lever - Input feed roller levers (two used)
Q6651-60319 Lever - Pinchwheel (media) lever assembly - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CH955-67070 Maintenance Kit - Cleaning maintenance kit - For DesignJet printers
CQ869-67014 Maintenance Kit - Service maintenance kit 2 - Includes the service station, line sensor, paper jam sensor, ink maintenance kit, and lubrication felts
CQ869-67055 Maintenance Kit - Service maintenance kit 1 - Includes the scan-axis motor, encoder strip and sensor, ink tubes assembly, trailing cable, belt and tension kit assembly, carriage assembly (w/o PCA), cutter, color sensor, line sensor, carriage PCA cover, and paper jam sensor
CQ869-67056 Maintenance Kit - Service maintenance kit 3 - Includes the drop detector ink funnel roller transmission, ink maintenance kit, lubrication felts, and line sensor
CH956-67007 Module - Electronics module extension - For 60-inch plotters
CQ869-67008 Module - Empty electronics module assembly
Q6651-60270 Module - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) module
CH955-67053 Motor - Web wiper motor assembly - Includes plate
CH955-67064 Motor - Rewinder motor and gears SERV
Q6652-60108 Motor - Media-axis motor - Drives the drive roller assembly - Includes the media advance drive mount and cable - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60128 Motor - Scan-axis motor assembly - For 60-inch plotters Designjet Z6100 Z6200 L25500 60 Inch Carriage Motor
CH956-67037 Mylar - Mylar strip - Located on the window - For 60-inch plotters
CH955-67009 PC Board - Interconnect PCA - Controls several motors and is also used as a connections board for some of the functionality that resides in the printmech board.
CH955-67021 PC Board - Engine PCA-Sausalito- 42 and 6, Sausalito PCI PCA - Main controller of the printer, it is responsible for all the processes performed in real-time and are the ultimate controllers of all electromechanical systems
CH955-67054 PC Board - Ink Service Station (ISS) PCA - For Designjet plotters
CQ869-67013 PC Board - Print mechanism PCA board - Mainly used to control motors and fans but it also controls the scan motor, paper motor, re-winder motor, ink valves, ink pressurizing pumps, top fans, dryer fans, curing fans, web-wipe, IR sensor, and the IR Fan
CQ869-67043 PC Board - Main PCA formatter - Includes processor, heatsink and fan
CQ869-67061 PC Board - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) PCA board
Q6651-60151 PC Board - Carriage PC board - For the DesignJet Z6100/L25500/L26500 Carriage PCA
Q6651-60338 PC Board - Carriage PC board - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CH956-67047 Pinchwheel - Complete pinchwheel assembly - For 60-inch plotters
Q6651-60066 Pinchwheel - Pinch wheels kit serv Pinchwheel kit - For Designjet plotters. Includes x14pcs male at 3.875" x13pcs female at 1" and x1pc female 1.625".
CH956-67004 Platen - Output platen - For 60-inch plotters
CQ869-67027 Platen - Center print platen assembly - Includes the attachment screw retainer
CH956-67048 Power Cord - Power cord bundle - For use with the 61-inch Designjet L25500 printer
CH955-67006 Power Supply - Power Supply Unit (PSU) - DesignJet L25500 printer series
C9F27A-Repair_DesignJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
CQ869-67078 Rod - Front Rod Oiler 64 Designjet L25500 / L26100 / L26500 Latex 260 printer series.
CH955-67065 Roller - Output roller support - Includes the pins
CQ869-67045 Roller - Entry roller - Located in front of the output platen
Q6652-60109 Roller - Paper drive roller assembly - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60114 Roller - Input feed roller assembly - For 60-inch plotters
CH955-67040 Rollfeed Assembly - Right side rollfeed module assembly
CQ869-67003 Rollfeed Assembly - Left side rollfeed module assembly
Q6706-60910 Screw - Take-up reel (TUR) thumbscrew - Located on the take-up reel receiver sensor housing assembly
CH955-67046 Sensor - Window lock sensor SERV
CH955-67066 Sensor - Temperature Optical Media Advance Sensor (TOMAS) assembly
CH955-67101 Sensor - Cal sol assy serv, Color sensor (SOL) assembly.
CH956-67018 Sensor - Dryer IR temperature sensor - For 60-inch plotters
CH956-67021 Sensor - IR curing sensor - For 60-inch plotters
CM765-67001 Sensor - Service door sensor assembly - Includes screws
CQ869-67020 Sensor - Paper jam sensor - Includes carriage reflector and cable
CQ869-67021 Sensor - SPI media presence sensor SERV
CQ869-67023 Sensor - Take-up reel (TUR) sensor module
CQ869-67060 Sensor - SPI Drop D & Funnel Trans SERV Drop detector sensor and funnel transmission
CQ869-67062 Sensor - Line sensor assembly - Includes line sensor holder and cable
Q1273-60082 Sensor - Pinchwheel (media) lever sensor
Q6651-60272 Sensor - Color sensor actuator - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
C9F27A-Manual_DesignJet Service Manual - Printer Service Manual - Includes troubleshooting, error messages, paper jams, parts and parts diagrams.
CQ109-67045 Service Parts - Broken bag fixing tool service plotter 6 and 8 inks included.
CQ869-67026 Service Station - Service station assembly - Includes the service station cable
CQ869-67030 Spindle - 3-inch spindle - For 61-inch plotters
CQ869-67031 Spindle - Take-up reel (TUR) spindle - For 61-inch plotters
CQ869-67036 Spindle - 2-inch spindle - For 61-inch plotters
Q6651-60341 Stop - Carriage stopper - Includes carriage stopper screw and media-axis motor bracket
CQ869-67066 Support - Take-up reel deflector support assembly
Q6651-60264 Support - Stand supports - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CH955-67104 Switch - Thermal switch curing serv
CH955-67111 Tool - Broken bag fixing tools 6 (if your plotter uses up to 8 inks order CQ109-67045).
CH955-67028 Tray - Cartridge trays - Located on the lower Ink Supply Station (ISS)
CH955-67025 Trim - Right side trim assembly
CQ869-67019 Trim - Left and right side curing trims
CQ869-40071 Tube - Waste tubes - Includes ink funnel
CQ869-67063 Tube - Waste tubes - Includes ink funnel
Q6652-60902 Tube - Take-up reel (TUR) tubes assembly - For 60-inch plotters
latex 210 61-in printer ( DesignJet l26100 printer) parts list
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