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Q3218A 9085mfp

HP 9085mfp (Q3218A)

85ppm black, 600 x 600 DPI, None, only optional with print controller kit accessory

MFG Part Number: Q3218A Unit Availability
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Plate for Q3218A HP 9085mfp

048610101KC Plate - Lock plate for HP 9085mfp Series
129H10220KC Plate - Fixed plate r for HP 9085mfp Series
129R46080KC Plate - Guide plate for HP 9085mfp Series
129R46081EKC Plate - Guide plate for HP 9085mfp Series
129U10090KC Plate - Paper exit stopper plate
129U10392KC Plate - Mounting plate/1
129U12130KC Plate - Hinge plate/upper
129U12131EKC Plate - Hinge plate/upper
129U12230KC Plate - Rear mounting plate
129U12231EKC Plate - Rear mounting plate
129U42090KC Plate - Shaft support plate/b
129U42091EKC Plate - Shaft support plate/b
129U42101KC Plate - Shaft support plate/c
129U42102EKC Plate - Shaft support plate/c
129U42141KC Plate - Staple slide plate/a
129U42142EKC Plate - Staple slide plate/a
129U42153EKC Plate - Staple slide plate/b
129U42160KC Plate - Staple slide plate /c
129U42210KC Plate - Wiring rotary plate/2
129U42211EKC Plate - Wiring rotary plate/2
129U42550KC Plate - Guide plate/1 for HP 9085mfp Series
129U42650KC Plate - Shaft holder mounting plate
129U42651EKC Plate - Shaft holder mounting plate
129U42850KC Plate - Wiring regulating plate
129U42851EKC Plate - Wiring regulating plate
129U43010KC Plate - Stopper bottom plate/front
129U43011EKC Plate - Stopper bottom plate/front
129U43020KC Plate - Stopper bottom plate/rear
129U43021EKC Plate - Stopper bottom plate/rear
129U46140KC Plate - Neutralizing plate
129U46141EKC Plate - Neutralizing plate
129U46150KC Plate - Earth plate for HP 9085mfp Series
129U-5130KC Plate - Paper regulating plate assy/1
129U-5131KC Plate - Paper regulating plate assy/1
129U-5160KC Plate - Staple rotary plate/upper assy
129U-5170KC Plate - Staple slide plate /d assy
129X10090KC Plate - Paper exit stopper plate
129X42680KC Plate - Stopper base plate
129X42910KC Plate - Paper regulating plate/front
129X42920KC Plate - Paper regulating plate/rear
129X48220KC Plate - Conveyance fulcrum plate/front
129X48480KC Plate - Sensor mt plate/b
129X-5050KC Plate - Driving tension plate assy
129X-5210KC Plate - Paper regulating plate/2 assy
12QR45310KC Plate - Solenoid mt plate
12QR-4820KC Plate - Tension plate assy
12QR-4821KC Plate - Tension plate assy
12QR48460KC Plate - Support plate/a
12QR48461EKC Plate - Support plate/a
12QR50072KC Plate - Guide plate/middle
12QR-5050KC Plate - Tension plate assy
12QR-5051KC Plate - Tension plate assy
13GA10200KC Plate - Fixing plate f40
13GAR71400KC Plate - Sb tension plate rl assembly
13JQ73050KC Plate - Bottom plate earth plate
13MP73030KC Plate - Base plate mounting plate/2
13PA46340KC Plate - Paper exit side plate/front
13PA46341EKC Plate - Paper exit side plate/front
13PA46350KC Plate - Paper exit side plate/rear
13PA46351EKC Plate - Paper exit side plate/rear
13PA46420KC Plate - Paper exit pressing plate/1
13PA46430KC Plate - Paper exit pressing plate/2
13PA46450KC Plate - Shaft holding plate
13PA-5360KC Plate - Mounting plate assy
13PA-5361KC Plate - Mounting plate assy
13SA73010KC Plate - Base plate protection casing
13SA73050KC Plate - Base plate fixing plate/f
13TA97220KC Plate - Model rating plate
13TN-1180KC Plate - Sb tension plate rl assembly
13TQ42060KC Plate - Shaft support plate
13TQ42100KC Plate - Slide plate /1 for HP 9085mfp Series
13TQ42190KC Plate - Rotary plate /c
13TQ42590KC Plate - Shaft holder mounting plate
13TQ-4430KC Plate - Regulating plate /f assy
13TQ-4440KC Plate - Regulating plate /rear assy
13TQ-5080KC Plate - Slide plate/2 assy
13TQ-5130KC Plate - Oscillate plate/1 assy
13TQ-5160KC Plate - Oscillate plate/2 assy
13TR42580KC Plate - Tension plate /3
13TR-4430KC Plate - Regulating plate/f assy
13TR-4440KC Plate - Regulating plate/rear assy
13TR48080KC Plate - Paper stopper bottom plate
13TR-5140KC Plate - Slide base plate assy
13TR-5150KC Plate - Tension plate/1 assy
13TR-5180KC Plate - Tension plate/2 assy
13TR73060KC Plate - Base plate support rubber
13VA10090KC Plate - Paper exit stopper plate
13VH10090KC Plate - Paper exit stopper plate
13VH10100KC Plate - Auxiliary plate
13VH12010KC Plate - Top plate for HP 9085mfp Series
20AA42021KC Plate - Waper up down plate
20AM12021KC Plate - Top plate for HP LaserJet 9040 9050 Series
25AA15231KC Plate - Belt guide plate
25AA-1670KC Plate - Belt tension plate assy
25AA48600KC Plate - Belt hold plate/a
25AA52060KC Plate - Belt holder plate
25AA52061KC Plate - Belt holder plate
25AA-5341KC Plate - Cord mt plate /b
25AA53471KC Plate - Cord mt plate/c
25AA53472KC Plate - Cord mt plate/c
25AAR70100KC Plate - Belt tension plate assy
25AAR70600KC Plate - Cord mt plate /b
25SA50280KC Plate - Mt plate/c for HP 9085mfp Series
25SA61070KC Plate - Rf plate for HP 9085mfp Series
25SA61140KC Plate - Panel fixed plate/front
25SA61150KC Plate - Panel fixed plate/rear
25SA61800EKC Plate - Sensor mt plate/b
25SA61800KC Plate - Sensor mt plate/b
25SA-6351KC Plate - Pulley fixed plate unit
25SA-6382KC Plate - Pulley support plate unit
318020540KC Plate - Developing m.t. plate
55FA61121KC Plate - Mirror mt plate/2
55FA-6310KC Plate - Mirror support plate assy/f
55FA-6320KC Plate - Mirror support plate caulking
55FA-6330KC Plate - Mirror support plate assy/r
55GA65190KC Plate - Cooling plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55TA12511KC Plate - Platen stopper plate right
55TA12521KC Plate - Platen stopper plate rear
55TA61030KC Plate - Glass stopper plate/right
55TA61050KC Plate - Glass fixed plate/right
55VA10090KC Plate - Electric mt plate/a
55VA10120KC Plate - Wiring mounting plate
55VA10150KC Plate - Wiring mounting plate/b
55VA10200KC Plate - Main body earth plate/rear
55VA-1071KC Plate - Side plate assy
55VA12122KC Plate - Front door mounting plate
55VA12260KC Plate - Hinge mounting plate/right
55VA12270KC Plate - Hinge mounting plate/left
55VA12280KC Plate - Magnet mounting plate/right
55VA12291KC Plate - Magnet mounting plate/left
55VA12380KC Plate - External mounting plate
55VA12530KC Plate - Lever mounting plate
55VA12570KC Plate - Switch plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA12630KC Plate - External holding plate/rear
55VA15130KC Plate - Shaft reinforce plate/c
55VA15240KC Plate - Shaft reinforce plate/e
55VA15241KC Plate - Shaft reinforce plate/e
55VA15490KC Plate - Drive support plate
55VA15563KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate
55VA-1820KC Plate - Tension plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA-1840KC Plate - Lock plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA-1990KC Plate - Tension plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA20071KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate
55VA20580KC Plate - Cleaner powering plate
55VA20590KC Plate - Separation fixing plate
55VA25040KC Plate - Spark preventing plate/f
55VA25050KC Plate - Spark preventing plate/r
55VA25080KC Plate - Charge control plate
55VA25210KC Plate - Charge cleaning base plate
55VA29070KC Plate - Release plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA30240KC Plate - Drive reinforce plate
55VA32040KC Plate - Reinforce plate
55VA32120KC Plate - Main body positioning plate
55VA32460KC Plate - Lever reinforce plate
55VA40062KC Plate - Paper stopper plate
55VA40390KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/a
55VA40400KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/o
55VA40450KC Plate - Pressing plate/c
55VA40471KC Plate - Paper feed up/down plate
55VA40630KC Plate - Wire adjusting plate
55VA40820KC Plate - Shaft holder plate
55VA40910KC Plate - Pressing plate/a
55VA41062KC Plate - Paper stopper plate
55VA42021KC Plate - Positioning plate/rear
55VA42031KC Plate - Wiring mounting plate
55VA42040KC Plate - Release plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA42050KC Plate - Adjusting plate
55VA42070KC Plate - Main body locking plate/a
55VA42300KC Plate - Positioning plate/front
55VA42410KC Plate - Tray locking plate
55VA-4270KC Plate - Adjusting plate
55VA43030KC Plate - By-pass feed side plate/front
55VA43041KC Plate - By-pass feed side plate/lower
55VA43061KC Plate - Paper lifting plate
55VA43100KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate
55VA43110KC Plate - Hinge plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA-4340KC Plate - Rock plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA43540KC Plate - Slide side plate/front
55VA43550KC Plate - Slide side plate/rear
55VA43561KC Plate - Paper guide side plate/front
55VA43580KC Plate - Hinge fixing plate
55VA43591KC Plate - Base plate mounting plate
55VA43600KC Plate - Sensor fixing plate
55VA44042KC Plate - Paper feed conveying plate/l
55VA44043KC Plate - Paper feed conveying plate/l
55VA44052KC Plate - Paper feed conveying plate/u
55VA44072KC Plate - Exit conveying plate/upper
55VA44120KC Plate - Hinge support plate/lower
55VA44130KC Plate - Hinge support plate/upper
55VA44170KC Plate - Door positioning plate
55VA44201KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate
55VA45120KC Plate - Conveyance mounting plate
55VA46040KC Plate - Transfer feeding plate
55VA46051KC Plate - Resist entrance plate
55VA46070KC Plate - Regist cleaning base plate/l
55VA46321KC Plate - Resist locking plate
55VA46323EKC Plate - Resist locking plate
55VA46511KC Plate - Resist guide plate/front
55VA46711KC Plate - Side fixing plate
55VA46741KC Plate - Side open/shut plate
55VA47031KC Plate - Adu open/shut plate/2
55VA47042KC Plate - Adu fixing plate/4
55VA47052KC Plate - Adu fixing plate/3
55VA47062KC Plate - Adu fixing plate/1
55VA47071KC Plate - Adu fixing plate/5
55VA47082KC Plate - Adu fixing plate/6
55VA47111KC Plate - Adu fixing plate/2
55VA47122KC Plate - Adu open-shut plate/3
55VA47200KC Plate - Carriage positioning plate/left
55VA47210KC Plate - Carriage positioning plate/righ
55VA47371KC Plate - Bottom plate lifting wire
55VA-4740KC Plate - Rock plate /10 for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA47530KC Plate - Paper exit open/shut plate
55VA47531KC Plate - Paper exit open/shut plate
55VA47540KC Plate - Fixing plate/1 for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA47551KC Plate - Fixing plate/2 for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA47600KC Plate - Spring fixing plate
55VA47710KC Plate - Bottom plate locking claw
55VA47721KC Plate - Bottom plate lifting plate/l
55VA47730KC Plate - Bottom plate lifting plate/r
55VA47790KC Plate - Wire mounting plate/right
55VA47800KC Plate - Wire mounting plate/left
55VA47880KC Plate - Bottom plate locking stay
55VA47970KC Plate - Wire fulcrum plate
55VA47990KC Plate - Bottom plate locking plate
55VA48040KC Plate - Resist cover plate
55VA48120KC Plate - Base plate right shield part
55VA48130KC Plate - Jum indicating plate
55VA49140KC Plate - Entrance powering plate
55VA49150KC Plate - Cam holding plate
55VA49160KC Plate - Transfer powering plate
55VA49170KC Plate - Separation powering plate
55VA49420KC Plate - Power source mounting plate
55VA53080KC Plate - Lamp light shield plate
55VA53150KC Plate - Fulcrum plate/front
55VA53160KC Plate - Fulcrum plate/rear
55VA53170KC Plate - Release plate/front
55VA53180KC Plate - Release plate/rear
55VA53181KC Plate - Release plate/rear
55VA53182KC Plate - Release plate rear
55VA53230KC Plate - Spring support plate
55VA53290KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/2
55VA53300KC Plate - Fuse mounting plate/upper
55VA53410KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/3
55VA53420KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/4
55VA53430KC Plate - Fuse mounting plate/lower
55VA53472KC Plate - Terminal mounting plate
55VA53641KC Plate - Pressing plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA53660KC Plate - Entrance support plate/f
55VA53670KC Plate - Entrance support plate/r
55VA53671KC Plate - Entrance support plate/r
55VA53730KC Plate - Terminal plate/1
55VA53742KC Plate - Terminal plate/2
55VA53770KC Plate - Paper exit pressing plate
55VA53791KC Plate - Fixing positioning plate
55VA53880KC Plate - Wiring holding plate
55VA-5431KC Plate - Holding plate unit assy
55VA55070KC Plate - Blade pressing plate
55VA55430KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/a
55VA55440KC Plate - Sensor mounting plate/b
55VA55461KC Plate - Cleaner earth plate c
55VA-5550KC Plate - Blade mounting plate
55VA-5580KC Plate - Sealing plate/r assy
55VA-5590KC Plate - Sealing plate/f assy
55VA-5680KC Plate - Toner sealing plate assy
55VA66540KC Plate - Write adjusting plate
55VA70032KC Plate - Switch mounting plate
55VA70060KC Plate - Ope.unit positioning plate
55VA73080KC Plate - Terminal fixing plate
55VA73110KC Plate - Terminal mounting plate
55VA73230KC Plate - Base plate earth plate/a
55VA73240KC Plate - Base plate earth plate/b
55VA73300EKC Plate - Wiring mounting plate
55VA73300KC Plate - Wiring mounting plate
55VA73400KC Plate - Cooling plate/1
55VAR71800KC Plate - Tension plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VAR71900KC Plate - Lock plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VAR72300KC Plate - Tension plate for HP 9085mfp Series
55VAR73500KC Plate - Adjusting plate
55VAR75800KC Plate - Blade mounting plate
56AA-7100KC Plate - Heater mounting plate assembly
56AAR73000KC Plate - Heater mounting plate assembly
56GA12090KC Plate - Front door pressure plate
56GA26080KC Plate - Spark preventing plate front
56GA26090KC Plate - Spark preventing plate rear
56GA26100KC Plate - Transfer powering plate
56GA26110KC Plate - Separation powering plate
56GA26200KC Plate - Fulcrum plate for HP 9085mfp Series
56GA-2750KC Plate - Transfer guide plate /a assy
56GA40200KC Plate - Paper feed holding plate /c
56GA40480KC Plate - Paper guide side plate /rear
56GA40960KC Plate - Base plate protection sheet
56GA41480KC Plate - Paper guide side plate /rear
56GA42420KC Plate - Adjusting plate /b
56GA46750KC Plate - Entrance open/shut plate
56GA47170KC Plate - Motor mounting plate /2
56GA47490KC Plate - Fixing plate /c
56GA49230KC Plate - Solenoid mounting plate
56GA49310KC Plate - Electrode fixing plate
56GA53320KC Plate - Fixing cleaning plate /1
56GA53541KC Plate - Motor mounting plate
56GA55310KC Plate - Drive reinforce plate
56GA-5610KC Plate - Guide plate assy
56GA-6201KC Plate - Original stopper plate assy
56GA-6400KC Plate - White base plate assy
56GA66560KC Plate - Fan mounting plate /right
56GAR71100KC Plate - Guide plate assy
56HK12510KC Plate - Platen stopper plate right
56HK12520KC Plate - Platen stopper plate rear
56UA40700KC Plate - Adjusting plate /b
57GA25080KC Plate - Charge control plate
9085mfp parts list
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