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Q3218A 9085mfp

HP 9085mfp (Q3218A)

85ppm black, 600 x 600 DPI, None, only optional with print controller kit accessory

MFG Part Number: Q3218A Unit Availability
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Spring for Q3218A HP 9085mfp

065046370KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
090053180KC Spring - Claw operation spring
129U42310KC Spring - Stopper spring for HP 9085mfp Series
129U45120KC Spring - Conveyance pressing spring
129U45430KC Spring - Hinge spring/c for HP 9085mfp Series
129U45440KC Spring - Hinge spring/d for HP 9085mfp Series
129U45480KC Spring - Belt tension spring
129U45510KC Spring - Hinge spring/b for HP 9085mfp Series
129U46270KC Spring - Conveyance pressing spring/2
129X42720KC Spring - Stopper spring /middle
129X42810KC Spring - Release spring for HP 9085mfp Series
129X42980KC Spring - Release spring/2
129X48450KC Spring - Pressing spring
129X48520KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
129X48710KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
129X48780KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
12AR-4560KC Spring - Belt pressure spring assy
12EJ15100KC Spring - Coupling spring
12QR15160KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
12QR45180KC Spring - Conveyance pressure spring
12QR45330KC Spring - Solenoid spring
12QR45340KC Spring - Hinge spring/a for HP 9085mfp Series
12QR45700KC Spring - Solenoid spring
12QR47140KC Spring - Paper exit pressure spring
12QR47230KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13FG40710KC Spring - Sensor pressing spring
13GA15200KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13GA15210KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13GA45960KC Spring - Pressure spring
13GA46240KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13GA46860KC Spring - Pickup spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13LH40221KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13LH46130KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13LH46140KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13LH46150KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13LH46180KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13LH46360KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13PA46390KC Spring - Solenoid release spring
13PA46440KC Spring - Spring/lower for HP 9085mfp Series
13TN45010KC Spring - Read roller lsb leaf spring 64
13TQ42110KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
13TQ43380KC Spring - Paper holding spring /1
13TQ43390KC Spring - Paper holding spring /2
13TQ43450KC Spring - Sensor pressing spring
13TR44090KC Spring - Conveyance pressing spring /1
13TR47130KC Spring - Solenoid spring
13XM52800KC Spring - Stopper spring /middle
25AA12980KC Spring - Lever spring for HP 9085mfp Series
25AA15380KC Spring - Paper feed locking spring
25AA20520KC Spring - Developing mt spring
25AA40460KC Spring - Lock spring/2 for HP 9085mfp Series
25AA41322KC Spring - Spring/a for HP 9085mfp Series
25AA44180KC Spring - Conveyance pressure spring
25AA47551KC Spring - Lift up spring rear
25AA53440KC Spring - Earth spring for HP 9085mfp Series
25AA55420KC Spring - Wire tension spring
25SA20150KC Spring - Spring ps collar
25SA50502KC Spring - Sensor spring/a
25SA66391KC Spring - Mirror fixing spring/2
25SA73490KC Spring - Earth spring/i for HP 9085mfp Series
40AA47160KC Spring - Paper detecting spring
496041950KC Spring - Connector cover spring (a)
496041960KC Spring - Connector cover spring (b)
540040321KC Spring - Pressure spring / middle
540040461KC Spring - Double feed reversal spring
540042372KC Spring - Spring protect collar/a
55FA61110KC Spring - Wire tension spring
55FU20140KC Spring - Drum fixed spring
55VA12750KC Spring - Earth spring/e for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA15570KC Spring - Paper exit tension spring
55VA20220KC Spring - Spring for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA20290KC Spring - Developing pressing spring
55VA20540KC Spring - Cleaner rock spring
55VA20690KC Spring - Pressing spring
55VA25060KC Spring - Charge spring/f
55VA25100KC Spring - Charge fixing spring/right
55VA25110KC Spring - Charge fixing spring/left
55VA25170KC Spring - Charge tension spring
55VA25240KC Spring - Charge detecting spring
55VA29140KC Spring - Solenoid release spring
55VA29150KC Spring - Release spring for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA30160KC Spring - Developing bias spring /rear
55VA32150KC Spring - Drive release spring
55VA32171KC Spring - Open/shut spring
55VA40310KC Spring - Reversing spring/b
55VA40420KC Spring - Lever spring for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA42240KC Spring - Lever spring for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA43270KC Spring - Pressing spring
55VA43280KC Spring - Bypass feed open-shut spring
55VA44220KC Spring - Lever locking spring/lower
55VA44230KC Spring - Lever locking spring/upper
55VA45070KC Spring - Connecting spring
55VA46150KC Spring - 8a jam spring/front
55VA46151KC Spring - 8a jam spring/front
55VA46160KC Spring - 8a jam spring/rear
55VA46430KC Spring - 8c jam spring/front
55VA46440KC Spring - 8c jam spring/rear
55VA46451KC Spring - Registration spring
55VA46490KC Spring - Registration spring
55VA47360KC Spring - Bottom plate locking spring
55VA47390KC Spring - Bottom plate lifting spring
55VA47611KC Spring - 10a guide spring/front
55VA47621KC Spring - 10a guide spring/rear
55VA47630KC Spring - 10a solenoid lifting spring (10 pcs)
55VA47760KC Spring - Adu handle spring
55VA47770KC Spring - Adu pressing spring
55VA49130KC Spring - Adu lock spring
55VA49131KC Spring - Adu lock spring
55VA49260KC Spring - Solenoid release spring
55VA53440KC Spring - Pressing spring
55VA53441KC Spring - Pressing spring
55VA53450KC Spring - Pressing spring
55VA53460KC Spring - Holding spring for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA53680KC Spring - Entrance pressing spring
55VA53840KC Spring - Entrance pressing spring/r
55VA55810KC Spring - Blade exchanging spring
55VA55820KC Spring - Blade stopper spring
55VA73160KC Spring - Terminal power spring/a
55VA73170KC Spring - Terminal power spring/b
55VA73370KC Spring - Earth spring/4 for HP 9085mfp Series
55VA97420KC Spring - Locking spring for HP 9085mfp Series
56AA17010KC Spring - Fixing coupling spring
56AA17011KC Spring - Fixing coupling spring
56AA17090KC Spring - Pressure spring
56AA17100KC Spring - Separation rocking spring
56AA17140KC Spring - Wire tension spring
56GA25110KC Spring - Charge cleaning spring
56GA26170KC Spring - Electrode cleaning spring
56GA26430KC Spring - Transfer guide spring
56GA29130KC Spring - Separation pressing spring
56GA44270KC Spring - Pressing spring /a
9085mfp parts list
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