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HP parts available for T3U52A HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M856x

RC5-0722-000CN Arm - Front door left arm
RM2-1364-000CN Base - Waste toner gear base assembly
RM2-1504-000CN Belt - Intermediate transfer belt
RC5-1055-000CN Cam - Coupling estrangement cam
CC543-69011 CardReader - SmartCard NIPERNet Solution - For U.S. Government NIPRNet Solution for CAC and PIV tokens - Requires the B5L28A HP Internal USB Ports accessory
F8B30-69001 CardReader - SmartCard SIPERNet Solution - For U.S. Government SIPRNet Solution, for SIPRNet tokens - Requires the B5L28A - HP Internal USB Ports accessory
3WT90-67901 Cartridge - Toner collection unit (TCU)
5851-7897 Cartridge - Black managed LaserJet toner cartridge
5851-7898 Cartridge - Cyan managed LaserJet toner cartridge
5851-7899 Cartridge - Yellow managed LaserJet toner cartridge
5851-7900 Cartridge - Magenta managed LaserJet toner cartridge
5851-7901 Cartridge - 659A standard-yield replacement black toner cartridge
5851-7902 Cartridge - 659A standard-yield replacement cyan toner cartridge
5851-7903 Cartridge - 659A standard-yield replacement yellow toner cartridge
5851-7904 Cartridge - 659A standard-yield replacement magenta toner cartridge
5851-7905 Cartridge - 659X high-yield replacement black toner cartridge
5851-7906 Cartridge - 659X high yield cyan original LaserJet toner cartridge
5851-7907 Cartridge - 659X high yield yellow original LaserJet toner cartridge
5851-7908 Cartridge - 659X high yield magenta original LaserJet toner cartridge
RM2-2476-000CN Case - Formatter case assembly
RC5-1805-000CN Cover - Forward left upper cover
RC5-1806-000CN Cover - Rear left upper cover
RC5-2621-000CN Cover - Upper option cover - C shaped plastic cover
RC5-2632-000CN Cover - Left rear cover - Plastic cover that protects the rear left side of the printer
RM2-1350-000CN Cover - Left cover lock assembly
RM2-2683-000CN Cover - Formatter cover assembly
RM2-1351-000CN Door - Left door assembly
RM2-1368-000CN Door - Front door assembly - Plastic door located on front of the printer where name plate is located
RM2-3434-000CN Door - Right door assembly
L41606-011 Drive Assembly - 500GB, 5400RPM secure encrypted drive
L42243-021 Drive Assembly - 500GB, 5400RPM FIPS/CCC, 7MM - Higher level of security
L42244-031 Drive Assembly - 500GB FIPS/CCC/TAA, 7MM - For use in US government contracts
RM2-1391-000CN Drive Assembly - Fuser drive assembly
RM2-1604-000CN Drive Assembly - Lifter drive assembly - Motor (M10)
RM2-1614-000CN Drive Assembly - Main drive assembly
W2004-67901 Drum - 660A Original LaserJet replacement imaging drum
RK2-2276-000CN Fan - Cooling fan (FM1) - Provides air to the right side of the printer
RK2-2416-000CN Fan - Low voltage power supply fan (FM1)
RK2-2416-010CN Fan - Fan
RK2-9148-000CN Fan - Chassis cooling fan assembly
4YL16-67901 Fuser Assembly - Fuser Assembly - For 110 VAC operation - Bonds toner to paper with heat
4YL17-67901 Fuser Assembly - Fuser Assembly - For 220 VAC operation - Bonds toner to paper with heat
RC5-1656-000CN Guide - PC board cable guide
RL2-2091-000CN Guide - Cartridge guide
RM2-1343-000CN Guide - Cartridge upper guide assembly
RM2-2690-000CN Guide - Duplexing reverse guide assembly
RM2-1340-000CN Hardware - Black pre-exposure assembly
RM2-1605-000CN Hardware - Auto close assembly
RM2-1763-000CN Hardware - Toggle rear assembly
RM2-1764-000CN Hardware - Toggle front assembly
RC5-0770-000CN Hinge - Left door upper hinge
RC5-0801-000CN Hinge - Left hinge - For the left door assembly
RM2-1366-000CN Link - Right waste toner feed link assembly
RM2-1367-000CN Link - Left waste toner feed link assembly
RM2-1389-000CN Link - Front pressure link assembly
RM2-1390-000CN Link - Rear pressure link assembly
5851-6581 Memory - 2GB DDR3 x32 144-pin 800MHz SODIMM - Optional DIMM for expanding the memory
E5K48-67902 Memory - 1GB DDR3 x32, 144-Pin, 800MHz SODIMM - Optional DIMM for expanding the memory
RK2-6027-000CN Motor - Developing disengagement motor (M6)
RM2-1456-000CN Motor - Fuser motor (M4) assembly
RM2-1612-000CN Motor - Main motor (M1) assembly
RM2-1613-000CN Motor - Main motor (M2) assembly
B5L28-67902 PC Board - Internal USB Ports
B5L32-60002 PC Board - PC board- eMMC 16GB
RM2-9601-000CN PC Board - Upper high voltage power supply PC board assembly
RM2-9610-000CN PC Board - Power switch PC board assembly
RM2-9618-000CN PC Board - Main connecting PC board assembly
RM2-9620-000CN PC Board - Environment sensor PC board assembly
RM2-9622-000CN PC Board - Connecting PC board assembly
RM2-9623-000CN PC Board - Second transfer H.V.T PC board assembly
RM2-9624-000CN PC Board - Lower high voltage power supply PC board assembly
RM2-9921-000CN PC Board - Duplexing controller PC board assembly
RM2-9930-000CN PC Board - DC controller PC board assembly
RM3-7351-000CN PC Board - Memory PC board assembly
B5L31-67902 PC Board Interface - Foreign interface harness - Optional port for connecting third party devices
RM2-3908-000CN Pickup Assembly - Paper pickup assembly
RM2-2473-000CN Power Supply - Low voltage power supply assembly
RM2-2474-000CN Power Supply - Low voltage power supply assembly
RM2-1356-000CN Rail - Black cartridge rail assembly
RM2-2479-000CN Rail - Cartridge rail assembly
RM2-2480-000CN Rail - Second cartridge rail assembly
RM2-1501-000CN Sensor - Registration density sensor assembly
RC5-1681-000CN Spacer - Drawer holder spacer
T3V28-67901 Stand - Optional stand
RM2-1436-000CN Switch - Size detect switch assembly - Connectors (J17) (SW5) (SW6)
RM2-1520-000CN Tool - Waste toner auger service kit
RM2-1399-010CN Transfer Assembly - Secondary transfer roller assemly
RL2-2563-000CN Tray - Reverse tray gray semi-circle plastic tray
RM2-1394-000CN Tray - Tray 2 cassette assembly
T3V29-67901 Tray Assembly - Optional 2 x 550-sheet paper tray and stand to support the printer
T3V30-67901 Tray Assembly - Optional 2,700-sheet paper tray and stand to support the printer
0960-3659 Wireless PC Board - Wireless PCA board module - 2.4GHz/5GHz
3JN69-61001 Wireless PC Board - HP Jetdirect 3100w BLE/NFC/ wireless accessory - Wi-Fi direct accessory for touch and Bluetooth printing from mobile devices
J8031-61001 Wireless PC Board - USB wireless print server kit
Color LaserJet Enterprise M856x parts list
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