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HP DesignJet 650c printer model b e/a0-size Supplies

Part Description
1500-0855 HP Designjet 600, 650C Motor Belt (Small belt).Y axis drive belt.
1500-0856 Carriage belt for HP DesignJet 36inch size plotters.
51631M Color InkJet cut sheet paper - A0 size (84.1cm x 118.9cm) - 100 sheets per package
51640A 40 Black InkJet Print Cartridge - Has ink level indicator - Prints approximately 1120 pages based on 5% density on a 8-inch by 10-inch print area (USA)
51640AA Ink Crtg 40A Black AP
51640AE 40 Black Hewlett Packard cartridge 40A Black EUR
51640AL Ink Crtg 40A Black LAR
51642M Cartridge for DesignJet-C1633A, DesignJet 600, DesignJet 650, DesignJet 200 E size
51650C Cyan (Blue) ink cartridge - Has ink level indicator (USA)
51650CA Ink Crtg 50C Cyan AP
51650CE Ink Crtg 50C Cyan EUR
51650CL Ink Crtg 50C Cyan LAR
51650M Magenta (Red) ink cartridge - Has ink level indicator (USA)
51650MA Ink Crtg 50M Magenta AP
51650ME Ink Crtg 50M Magenta EUR
51650ML Ink Crtg 50M Magenta LAR
51650Y Yellow ink cartridge - Has ink level indicator (USA)
51650YA Ink Crtg 50Y Yellow AP
51650YE Ink Crtg 50Y Yellow EUR)
51650YL Yellow Print Crtg, LAR
C6247A DesignJet cleaning kit - Includes cleaning solution and 20 cleaning rags
C2858-60021 Cutter mechanism assembly - Auto cutter for rollfeed paper
5182-7317 Maintenance kit
C2065A 4MB, 80nS, 36-bit SIMM memory module - For HP Plotters, LaserJet IIISi, 4/4M, 4Si/MX and other models.
C2066A 8MB, 80nS, 36-bit SIMM memory module - For HP LaserJet IIISi, 4/4M, 4Si/MX
D3578-69001 32MB, 70nS, 36-bit parity SIMM memory module
C3545-60001 Adobe's PostScript (level two) SIMM module
0957-2340 Wall mount power supply module - 120VAC input 60Hz power supply AC DC 15W UNIVERSAL ADAPTER Power module (wall mount)- Input voltage 100-240 VAC - Output voltage 12 VDC, 15 watts output, 1.0A - for Jet Direct power and other accessories.
0957-2481 Pwra brk uni 12vdc 15w
C4700-60042 Paper drive (platen) roller assembly - Long gear driven roller - Includes roller and mark encoder

HP DesignJet 650c printer model b e/a0-size Parts


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