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HP DesignJet H35500 Commercial Printer Supplies

Part Description
CH971-90710 Carriage drive timing belt - Located between the carriage drive motor and the carriage drive shaft
CH971-91530 Drive belt - Used for the service station wiper motion
CH116-60001 HP Designjet 788 Cyan ink profiler
CH116A HP Designjet 788 Cyan Ink
CH117-60001 HP Designjet 788 Magenta ink profiler
CH117A HP Designjet 788 Magenta Ink
CH118-60001 HP Designjet 788 Yellow ink profiler
CH118A HP Designjet 788 Yellow Ink
CH119-60001 Designjet 788 black ink profiler cartridge
CH119A HP Designjet 788 Black Ink
CH120-60001 Designjet 788 1-liter light cyan ink cartridge
CH120A HP Designjet 788 Light Cyan Ink
CH121-60001 HP Designjet 788 light magenta cartridge
CH121-60003 HP Designjet 788 light magenta cartridge
CH121A HP Designjet 788 Light Magenta Ink
CH971-90854 Grease kit - Used to lubricate gritroll bearings, media drive worm gear, and up/down threads of the media hold-down roller
CH971-91493 Master printhead - Does not include any thermistors - Used on any location of the printer - For use with Scitex FB950 and any model of the Designjet H series
CH971-57013 Track Roller Table Piranha 23 Rlr Black
CH971-57693 Custom tool - Assists removing and installing the main drive belt connection to the carriage
CH971-91631 Service tools kit - Kit includes the head height gauge, squeeze bottle (for flush), lint-free cloths, luer caps, and the carriage belt - For use with Scitex FB950 and the Designjet H-series
CH971-55984 Head height gauge tool - This go/no-go gauge is used to set the printhead height to 0.085-inches above the surface of the media

HP DesignJet H35500 Commercial Printer Parts


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