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Information for: J3258-61021 

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J3258-61021 - Return defective for $22.00 refund.

External JetDirect LAN interface module with EtherTwist (10Base-T) connector

  • MFG: HP - Hewlett Packard
  • Condition: New OEM
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $104.50

  • Works On
    This part works on the following printers: J3258-61021

      Printer Model   HP Parts HP Care Pack  
      LaserJet II      33440A -    
      LaserJet IID      33447A -    
      LaserJet III      33449A -    
      LaserJet IIID      33459A -    
      LaserJet IIP      33471A -    
      LaserJet IIIP      33481A -    
      LaserJet IIISi      33491A -    
      DesignJet-C1633A      C1633A -    
      LaserJet 4      C2001A -    
      LaserJet 4L      C2003A -    
      LaserJet 4P      C2005A -    
      LaserJet IIP Plus      C2007A -    
      LaserJet 4Si      C2010A -    
      LaserJet 4Si MX      C2011A -    
      LaserJet 4ML      C2015A -    
      LaserJet 4M      C2021A -    
      LaserJet 4 Plus      C2037A -    
      LaserJet 4M Plus      C2039A -    
      LaserJet 4MP      C2040A -    
      DesignJet 600 - D-size      C2847A -    
      DesignJet 600 - E-size      C2848A -    
      DesignJet 650C - D-size      C2858A -    
      DesignJet 650C - E-size      C2859A -    
      LaserJet 5se      C3082A -    
      LaserJet 5Si HM      C3124A -    
      LaserJet 4V      C3141A -    
      LaserJet 4MV      C3142A -    
      LaserJet 5P      C3150A -    
      LaserJet 5MP      C3155A -    
      LaserJet 5Si      C3166A -    
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