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21D5700 Multifunction X5270 Printer

Lexmark Multifunction X5270 (21D5700)

MFG Part Number: 21D5700

Cartridge parts for 21D5700 Lexmark Multifunction X5270 Printer

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18C0031 Cartridge - #31 yeild color photo
18C0032 Cartridge - Lexmark 32 Black Ink Cartridge (18C0032)
18C0033 Cartridge - Lexmark 33 Color Ink Cartridge (18C0033)
18C0034 Cartridge - Lexmark 34 Black Ink Cartridge (18C0034), High Yield
18C0035 Cartridge - Lexmark 35 Color Ink Cartridge (18C0035), High Yield
18C0533 Cartridge - Lexmark 32 Black Ink Cartridges (18C0533), 2/Pack
18C0534 Cartridge - 2-#33 yeild color inks

Multifunction X5270 Printer parts list
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