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C2620A DeskJet 500Q Printer

HP DeskJet 500Q (C2620A)

MFG Part Number: C2620A

Gear parts for C2620A HP DeskJet 500Q Printer

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02276-40017 Gear - Idler gear - 18 tooth - Between transmission and cam gear
02276-40020 Gear - Idler gear - 33 tooth - Between transmission and cam gear
02276-40022 Gear - Pivot gear - Transmits motion from pivot to transmission gears
02276-40024 Gear - Cam gear - Controls movement of pressure plate for picking and kicking operations
02276-40055 Gear - Cluster gear - Provides gear reduction between paper motor and drive rollers
02276-40064 Gear - Transmission gear - Transmits motion of pick trigger to initiate paper pick or kick cycle
02276-40116 Gear - Pinion gear - 17 tooth - Controls movement of follower

DeskJet 500Q Printer parts list
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