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C4530A 2000c/2000cxi printer

HP 2000c/2000cxi printer (C4530A)

MFG Part Number: C4530A

Retainer parts for C4530A HP 2000c/2000cxi printer

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C4530-00006 Retainer - Retainer-Felt
C4530-00091 Retainer - Carriage shaft retainer - Metal spring which holds carriage shaft in place
C4530-40021 Retainer - Retainer-Spring
C4530-40250 Retainer - Retainer-Roller
C4530-40288 Retainer - Carriage belt retainer
C4530-40290 Retainer - Encoder retainer (snubber)

2000c/2000cxi printer parts list
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