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C5870A DeskJet 720C Printer

HP DeskJet 720C (C5870A)

MFG Part Number: C5870A

Spring parts for C5870A HP DeskJet 720C Printer

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C2145-00033 Spring - ESD spring - Installed between ESD blade and carriage PC board
C2145-60040 Spring - X Bias Spring Assy
C4557-00009 Spring - Separator spring - Provides pressure between separator assembly and the center drive roller
C4557-00011 Spring - Drawer spring - Holds input drawer in place
C4557-00012 Spring - Right wing spring - Applies pressure to right wing during paper output
C4557-00017 Spring - Belt tension spring - Provides tension for carriage belt
C4557-00018 Spring - Encoder spring - Provides tension for encoder strip
C4557-00026 Spring - Cap spring - Provides upward pressure on the sled cap assembly to seal the parked print cartridges
C4557-00029 Spring - Left wall spring (front) - Holds left wall assembly in position
C4557-00030 Spring - Left wall spring (rear) - Provides pressure against media
C4557-00031 Spring - Paper length adjuster spring - Provides tension for paper input length adjuster
C4557-00033 Spring - Link spring - Provides tension to shaft of pick cam gear
C4557-00035 Spring - Paper pusher spring - Maintains alignment in paper tray
C4557-00042 Spring - EMI spring - Provides grounding point between upper paper guide hanger and EMI shield
C4557-20003 Spring - Rear roller spring - Flexible axle for rear roller
C4557-20007 Spring - Pinch spring - Provides tension on upper paper guide
C4557-20009 Spring - Latch spring - Provides friction for the knob on the rear cleanout door assembly
C4557-20020 Spring - Envelope spring - Holds envelopes in position for picking
C4557-20024 Spring - Shifter spring - Provides tension on the pivot
C4557-20028 Spring - EOR tension spring - Maintains tension on wear strip
C5870-20002 Spring - Paper stacker (kicker) spring
C6409-00017 Spring - Wing torsion spring - Provides pressure on the wing during paper output
C6455-00011 Spring - Spring, Length Adjust
C8952-00010 Spring - Spring, X-Bias

DeskJet 720C Printer parts list
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