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Your Plate RC1-1603-000CN is #1

HP parts picture diagram for RC1-1175-000CN, RC1-1342-000CN, RC1-1572-000CN, RC1-1573-000CN, RC1-1603-000CN, RC1-1605-000CN, RC1-1642-020CN, RL1-0215-000CN, RL1-0216-000CN, RM1-0438-000CN, RM1-0440-000CN, RM1-0445-000CN, RM1-0446-000CN, RM1-0485-000CN, RC1-1515-000CN
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    Right joint plate - Top right rear metal cover support - Part: RC1-1603-000CN

    Right damper unit - Round white pivot point for right side front door - Provides friction for front door opening - Part: RC1-1573-000CN

    Transfer contact assembly - Electrical contact assembly for ITB (Image Transfer Belt) - Part: RM1-0445-000CN

    Wire harness guide - Protects wire harness that goes through lower right front corner of printer - Part: RC1-1342-000CN

    Tension spring - Provides tension for pickup gear assembly on right side - Part: RC1-1515-000CN

    Front left hinge stop - Metal stop on left front frame bottom for front door hinge - Part: RL1-0215-000CN

    Front right hinge stop - Metal stop on right front frame bottom for front door hinge - Part: RL1-0216-000CN

    High voltage cable - From high voltage PC board to DC controller board - Part: RM1-0485-000CN

    Screw cover - Clear plastic cover with three bubbles to protect screw heads - Peel off backing adhesive for mounting - Part: RC1-1605-000CN

    Left front swing rail - White plastic left inside swing rail - Part: RC1-1642-020CN

    Interlock switch arm - Located at top right corner of printer frame - Part: RC1-1175-000CN

    Right swing guide assembly - Black plastic guide on lower right side - Part: RM1-0438-000CN

    Electrical connector for fuser assembly - Located on lower left side of printer frame - Includes cable from DC controller board - Part: RM1-0440-000CN

    Developing contact assembly - Large black plastic frame on left side with multiple contact springs - Part: RM1-0446-000CN

    Left damper unit - Round white pivot point for left side front door - Provides friction for front door opening - Part: RC1-1572-000CN


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