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HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology service manual

C5912A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Product information
Product walkaround
Front view
Back view
Single output bin
Optional finishers
Turn the device on and off
Use the control panel
Control-panel layout
Home screen
Buttons on the touchscreen
Control-panel Help system
Supported paper
Recommended paper
Guidelines for using specialty papers
Recommended paper for specific types of documents
Supported paper types for each tray
Supported paper sizes for each tray
Capacity of each tray and bin
Service approach
How to use this manual
Service call flow
Initial activities
Final activities
Repair activities
Battery disposal
Handling and disposing of service parts and consumables
Fluorescent lamps
Remote support and embedded Web server (EWS)
The embedded Web server (EWS)
Configurable Service Links
Other Settings
Protected Service Mode (PSM)
Safety notes
Service toolkit
MFP serial number explanation
Country/region code
Count value
Hidden code
Serial number location
Copier Diagnostic Field Tool (CDFT)
Two CDFT versions
Options available in CDFT-L, CDFT-E, Service Assist Mode, and Protected Service Mode (PSM)
Start using CDFT
Troubleshoot the MFP and accessories
Use the Event Log
Use the subsystems menu
Troubleshoot image quality
Use service assist mode
Perform Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Access the embedded Web server (CDFT-L only)
Reset the PM counter for a PM item
View the estimated remaining life of a Printer Maintenance (PM) item
Manage and maintain firmware
Manage non-volatile memory (NVM)
Use CDFT to perform an RFU
Calibrate the MFP
Engine Calibrations 1
Pen Health Gauge
Engine Calibrations 2
Scanner and ADF calibrations
Print a test page
View, print, and edit service information
Edit service information
Print service information
View service information
Set the remote access password (CDFT-E only)
Set the finisher stapler 2 paper-size setting
Set the HP 4000-sheet input tray paper size
Set the scanner default media size
Managing and maintenance
Maintenance and replacement strategy
Service intervals
Gaining access to preventive maintenance data
EWS (embedded Web server)
Hardware maintenance
General procedures
Preventive maintenance kits
ADF Feed sensor (SN404)
ADF Timing sensor (SN406)
ADF contact glass
ADF pick rollers
ADF hinges
Tetris sensor (SN58)
Cooling fan filters
Drum screen
Horizontal transport drive rollers
Scanner chamber filter
Accumulator wheel shaft assembly
Carriage felt oiler
IDO curler output transmission (belts and pulleys)
Carriage drive belt
Carriage encoder sensor/PCA
Carriage encoder strip
Drop detect assembly
Drum jam sensors (Drum 1 sensor (SN33) and Drum 2 sensor (SN34))
Tray 1 pick roller
Tray 5 pick rollers
Aerosol duct kit
Charcoal filter
Input tray pick roller
Aerosol filter
Drum spittoon
Scanner exposure lamp
Web wipe
Maintenance log
How to complete the maintenance log
Maintenance log page
Startup Menu service functionality
Administrator tools
How to use the Startup Menu
Service tools
Non-volatile memory (NVM) backup and restore
Machine NVM backup
NVM restore
Non-volatile memory (NVM) resets and initializations
Memory architecture
Memory-management tools
Firmware upgrade
How to update the firmware
Other methods to transfer the RFU file
Retrofit tags
Retrofit tag installation, placement, and orientation
Event trends
Event types
Purpose of event trending
Calibrations and adjustments
ADF adjustments
ADF Duplex Center Line Front and Back adjustments
ADF Leading Edge adjustment
ADF Vertical Magnification adjustment
ADF Center Line Simplex adjustment
ADF Scan Start Position adjustment
Scanner adjustments
Scanner Center Line adjustment
Scanner Leading Edge adjustment
Scanner Vertical Magnification adjustment
Media calibrations
Media Gloss calibration
Media Side Edge calibration
Drum calibrations
Drum Position calibration
Carriage calibrations
Carriage encoder strip adjustment
Carriage Stopping Accuracy calibration
Carriage-to-carriage alignment
Control Panel calibrations
LCD touchscreen
Pen calibrations
Automatic Pen Alignment (APA) calibration
Pen Density Compensation calibration
Drop Detect Beam calibration
New Pen Servicing routine
Drop Detect routine
Pen Cleaning routine
Tray 1 calibrations
Tray 1 Paper-Width Guide calibration
Tray 2, 3, and 4 adjustments
Tray 2, 3, and 4 pick arm alignment
Tray 5 calibrations
Separator force
Stack height
Pick force
Top-of-form sensor (SN22) and Tetris sensor (SN58) calibrations
Tetris sensor (SN58) calibration
Top-of-form Position calibration
First Nozzle Position calibration
Removal and replacement
General cautions during removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Electrostatic discharge
General procedures
Drive rollers
Pinch roller assembly
Wires and cables
Carriage extraction
Pen care
Print zone
MFP casters
Front doors
Carriage plate cover
Upper inner cover
Standard input tray (Trays 2, 3, and 4) covers
Front Door Lock solenoid (SOL4)
Lower inner cover
Web wipe access case parts
Left case parts
Right case parts
Rear case parts
Top case parts
Automatic document feeder (ADF)
ADF assembly
ADF covers and trays
ADF originals cover
Separation roller
Pick roller
Lower separation roller
ADF Feed clutch (CL401)
Scanner assembly
Platen glass
ADF contact glass
Scanner exposure lamp
Scanner mirrors
Image scan unit (ISU) cover
Image scan unit assembly
Scanner motor (M501)
Scanner sensors
Scanner PCAs
Scanner chamber filter
Rear wire assembly
Front wire assembly
Control panel
Control panel assembly
Control panel PCAs
Keypad assembly and button assembly
Power switch assembly
LCD and touchscreen
Control panel lamp
Trays 2, 3, and 4
Right-side lower panel
Trays 2, 3, and 4 assembly
Trays 2, 3, and 4
Paper-length guide
Media-length guide actuator tape
Paper-width guide
Paper-width sensor flag
Pick arm assembly
Pick roller
Trays 2, 3, and 4 Transport motor (M18)
Exit roller shaft
Right lower panel handle
Paper-exit sensor flag
Trays 2, 3, and 4 distribution PCA
Trays 2, 3, and 4 Controller PCA (A23)
Trays 2, 3, and 4 sensors
Trays 2, 3, and 4 LEDs
Tray 1
Tray 1 assembly
Tray 1 Pick solenoid (SOL1)
Tray 1 upper case part
Tray 1 handle
Tray 1 latch
Tray 1 pick shaft
Input tray
Input tray extension
Paper-width guide
Tray 1 Width sensor (SN24) assembly
Tray 1 sensors
Tray 1 LED (LED12)
Right-side middle panel
Vertical assembly
Tray 1 drive arm
Tray 1 guide
Vertical motor (M6)
Vertical latch assembly
Vertical drive rollers
Vertical sensors
Right-side Middle Panel LED (LED13)
Horizontal assembly
Horizontal jam access guide
Horizontal motor (M7)
Horizontal latch assembly
Horizontal drive rollers
Horizontal sensors
Horizontal Latch LED (LED1)
Input, duplex, output (IDO)
IDO removable module (IDO RM)
IDO covers
IDO duplexer door
Pinch roller assembly
Pinch roller guide assembly
Input paper guide
IDO motors
Drive roller
IDO belts
IDO curler
Input guide assembly
IDO handle 2 assembly
IDO media eject
Duplex inner short damper
IDO decurler assembly
Decurler cam shaft assembly
Duplex upper outer guide
IDO door
IDO printer interface
IDO Media Thickness encoder (EN14)
IDO sensors
Drum spittoon
Drum screen
Drum guide
Drum motor (M3)
Drum encoder PCAs
Drum encoder disk
Vacuum poppet valves
Drum Illumination 1 LED (LED8) and Drum Illumination 2 LED (LED9)
Vacuum fan assembly
Vacuum supply housing
PSU exhaust duct assembly
PSU recirculation duct
Carriage handle
Aerosol manifold and hose
Carriage encoder strip
Carriage drive belt
Carriage idler pulleys
Carriage 1 motor (M1) and Carriage 2 motor (M2)
Carriage magnets
Carriage felt oilers
Pen-to-paper spacing (PPS)
Carriage PCAs
Carriage sensors
Carriage LED (LED10)
Ink delivery system (IDS)
Ink supply
IDS assembly
Air pressure system (APS) assembly
IDS relief valve
Air pump assembly
IDS sensors
Aerosol filter
Aerosol filter box
Aerosol door
Aerosol fan (AERO)
Aerosol duct assembly
Aerosol fan (AERO) cover
Aerosol duct wipes
Dryer assembly
Dryer heater assembly
Dryer fan (FAN5)
Dryer assembly right
Dryer assembly left
Dryer slider lever
Dryer sensors
Dryer LED (LED6)
Service station
Service station assembly
Web wipe cartridge guide
Cap assembly
Web Drive motor (M5)
Web wipe material lift assembly
Web Advance encoder (EN11)
Web Wipe Material Lift motor (M4)
Drop detect assembly
Service station sensors
Pen cooling fans assembly
Web wipe
Web wipe cartridge
Web wipe
Web wipe encoder assembly
Formatter electronics
Formatter assembly
Formatter access door
Coprocessor hard disk
Formatter hard drive
Formatter fan
Formatter PCAs
Formatter battery
Power and control electronics
Power supply assembly
Motion PCA (A2)
Power Distribution PCA (A1)
Main Engine PCA (A5)
Electronics Bay Cooling fan (FAN4)
Main Engine Backplane PCA (A4)
Main Engine PCA Cooling fan (FAN2)
Tray 5
Ball slide extension
Latch assembly
Elevator transmission
Elevator cables
Elevator tray
Feed roller assembly
Upper separator slip clutch assembly
Lower separator encoder PCA
Lower separator encoder disk
Tray 5 pick rollers
Pick arm assembly
Media hold down assembly
Tray 5 Pick clutch (CL101)
Tray 5 Separator clutch (CL102)
Tray 5 Distribution PCA (A101)
Upper media path guide
HP Multifunction Finisher
Doors and covers
Stack holder assembly
Job support assembly
Input paper path assembly
Stapler 1 assembly
Stapler 2 assembly
Finisher Diverter solenoid (SOL211)
Finisher Main PCA (A200)
Troubleshooting tools
How to test voltages
Protected Service Mode (PSM)
Connector pin 1 reference
How to test a stepper motor
Problem conditions
General MFP problems
Pen problems
Navigation LED does not light
ADF and scanner problems
Control panel problems
Power supply (PS1) problems
MFP door problems
Boot-up problems
MFP paper path problems
CDFT-L direct connection problems
Fax problems
Remote Firmware Update (RFU) problems
Tray 5 problems
Finisher problems
Coprocessor electronics problems
Main Engine PCA (A5) LED error codes
Print-quality problems
Image-quality problems
Ink and media problems
Text and Image processing problems
Image placement problems
Color appearance problems
Copy-qualty problems
Streaks on copies
Vertical bands on copies
Color spots or stains
Skewed copies
Image misregistration
Image not centered
Blurred or fuzzy images
Color misregistration
Horizontal lines or bands
Slow change in copy density
Damage to the original
Vertical magnification defect
Horizontal magnification defect
Background on copies
Inaccurate color on copies
Wrong colors
Copy density too light/dark
Moire problems
Distorted image
Control panel messages
Calibration messages
MFP door open messages
MFP media messages
MFP tray messages
Tray 5 messages
Finisher messages
Hardware fault trees
00.06C1: Front Door LED (LED7) not lit
A0.02E1: Tray 1 empty
A0.02E2:Tray 1 empty
A0.02E3: Tray 1 empty
A0.03A1: Failed to pick from Tray 1, and then recovered
A0.06C1: Tray 1 LED (LED12) not lit
A0.1301: No pick Tray 1
A1.0102: Tray 2 Pick motor (M19) stall
A1.0103: Tray 3 Pick motor (M20) stall
A1.0104: Tray 4 Pick motor (M21) stall
A1.01A2: Failed to pick from Tray 2, and then recovered
A1.01A3: Failed to pick from Tray 3, and then recovered
A1.01A4: Failed to pick from Tray 4, and then recovered
A1.01C1: Trays 2, 3, and 4 Transport motor (M18)
A1.02C1:Tray 2, 3, and 4 Ambient Temperature sensor (SN41)
A1.02C3: Tray 2, 3, and 4 Humidity sensor (SN42)
A1.02E1: Tray 2 empty
A1.02E2: Tray 3 empty
A1.02E3: Tray 4 empty
A1.02E4: Tray 2 low
A1.02E5: Tray 3 low
A1.02E6: Tray 4 low
A1.02EC: Tray 2 open
A1.02ED: Tray 3 open
A1.02EE: Tray 4 open
A1.02EF: Close right-side lower panel
A1.06C1: Right-side Lower Panel LED (LED18) not lit
A1.06C2: Tray 2 LED (LED15) not lit
A1.06C3: Tray 3 LED (LED16) not lit
A1.06C4: Tray 4 LED (LED17) not lit
A1.0701: Trays 2, 3, and 4 Controller PCA (A23) failure
A1.07A1: Trays 2, 3, and 4 Controller PCA (A23) voltage out-of-range
A1.1302: Paper jam at Tray 2
A1.1304: Paper jam at Tray 4
A2.0101: Tray 5 Pick motor (M101) stall
A2.0102: Tray 5 Elevator motor (M102) stall
A2.0201: Tray 5 Elevator Upper Limit sensor (SN108) failed
A2.0202: Tray 5 Stack Height sensor (SN104) failed
A2.02C2: Elevator does not go all the way to the bottom
A2.02E1: Reattach Tray 5
A2.02E3: Close Tray 5 top-left panel
A2.02E4: Close Tray 5 top door
A2.02E5: Tray 5 overfilled
A2.02E6: Tray 5 empty
A2.06C1: Tray 5 Top Door LED (LED102) not lit
A2.06C2: Tray 5 Top-left Panel LED (LED101) not lit
A2.1301: Paper jam at Tray 5 Media 1 sensor (SN101)
A2.1302: Paper jam at Tray 5 Media 2 sensor (SN103)
B0.0101: Vertical motor (M6) stall
B0.02E1: Close right-side upper panel
B0.02E2: Close right-side middle panel
B0.06C1: Right-side Middle Panel LED (LED13) not lit
B0.1301: Paper jam at Vertical Transport 1 sensor (SN35)
B0.1302: Paper jam at Vertical Transport 2 sensor (SN28)
B0.1303: Paper jam at Vertical Transport 3 sensor (SN25)
B0.1304: Paper jam at Vertical transport 4 sensor (SN26)
B1.0101: Horizontal motor (M7) stall
B1.02E1: Close upper paper path
B1.02E2: Wrong media type
B1.06C1: Horizontal Latch LED (LED1) not lit
B1.1301: Paper jam at Transparency sensor 1 (SN1)
B1.1302: Paper jam at Horizontal Transport 2 sensor (SN3)
B1.1303: Paper jam at Horizontal Transport 3 sensor (SN2)
B1.1304: Paper jam at Horizontal Transport 4 sensor (SN5)
B2.0101: IDO Input 1 motor (M8) stall
B2.0102: IDO Input 2 motor (M10) stall
B2.0103: IDO Curler motor (M15) stall
B2.0104: IDO Media Eject motor (M13) stall
B2.0105: IDO Duplex motor (M12) stall
B2.0106: IDO Output motor (M11) stall
B2.02E1: Close left-side lower panel
B2.02E2: Close left-side middle panel
B2.02E3: Close left-side upper panel
B2.0301: Able to open locked left-side upper panel
B2.03C1: IDO Diverter solenoid (SOL2)
B2.03C2: Cannot open left-side upper panel
B2.06C1: Left-side Middle Panel LED (LED3) not lit
B2.06C2: Output Bin LED (LED14) not lit
B2.06C3: IDO Curler LED (LED2) not lit
B2.06C4: Left-side Upper Panel LED (LED5) not lit
B2.1301: Paper jam at IDO Input Staging 2 sensor (SN10)
B2.1302: Paper jam at IDO Media Thickness encoder (EN14)
B2.1303: Paper jam at IDO Input Staging 1 sensor (SN7)
B2.1304: Paper jam at IDO Input Media sensor (SN8)
B2.1305: Paper jam at IDO Output Media sensor (SN9)
B2.1306: Paper jam at IDO Output 1 sensor (SN15)
B2.1307: Paper jam at IDO Output 2 sensor (SN12)
B2.1308: Paper jam at IDO Duplex Staging sensor (SN11)
B2.1309: Paper jam at IDO Duplex Media sensor (SN16)
C0.0101: Vacuum 1 motor (VAC1) failed to start after three attempts
C0.0102: Vacuum 2 motor (VAC2) failed to start after three attempts
C0.0103: Vacuum 3 motor (VAC3) failed to start after three attempts
C0.0104: Vacuum 4 motor (VAC4) failed to start after three attempts
C0.0105: Vacuum 5 motor (VAC5) failed to start after three attempts
C0.0106: Aerosol fan (AERO) failed to start after three attempts
C0.01A1: Vacuum 1 motor (VAC1) failed to start on the first or second attempt but started by the thi ...
C0.01A2: Vacuum 2 motor (VAC2) failed to start on the first or second attempt but started by the thi ...
C0.01A3: Vacuum 3 motor (VAC3) failed to start on the first or second attempt but started by the thi ...
C0.01A4: Vacuum 4 motor (VAC4) failed to start on the first or second attempt but started by the thi ...
C0.01A5: Vacuum 5 motor (VAC5) failed to start on the first or second attempt but started by the thi ...
C0.01A6: Aerosol fan (AERO) failed to start on the first or second attempt but started by the third ...
C1.0101: Drum motor (M3) stall
C1.01A1: Drum motor (M3) requires higher than normal power (PWM) to operate
C1.06C1: Drum Illumination 1 LED (LED8) not lit
C1.06C2: Drum Illumination 2 LED (LED9) not lit
C1.06C3: Noise in the drum drive area
C2.0201: Dryer Temperature sensor (SN36) problem
C2.06C1: Dryer LED (LED6) not lit
C2.0901: Dryer fan (FAN5) problem
C2.09A1: Dryer fan (FAN5) RPM too low
C2.0C01: Dryer heater (HTR1) problem
C4.0101: Web Drive motor (M5) stall
C4.0102: Web Wipe Material Lift motor (M4) stall
C4.0201: Spit web not detected
C4.0202: Change web wipe supply
C4.02A1: Low Web wipe supply
C4.0501: Web Advance encoder (EN11) stall
C7.0B06: IDS system will not pressurize
C7.0B07: IDS system will not depressurize
C7.0B08: IDS leak detected
C7.0B10: Black ink supply is empty
C7.0B11: Black ink supply has failed
C7.0B12: Black ink supply is missing
C7.0B13: Black ink supply is non-HP
C7.0B20: Cyan ink supply is empty
C7.0B21: Cyan ink supply has failed
C7.0B22: Cyan ink supply is missing
C7.0B23: Cyan ink supply is non-HP
C7.0B30: Magenta ink supply is empty
C7.0B31: Magenta ink supply has failed
C7.0B32: Magenta ink supply is missing
C7.0B33: Magenta ink supply is non-HP
C7.0B40: Yellow ink supply is empty
C7.0B41: Yellow ink supply has failed
C7.0B42: Yellow ink supply is missing
C7.0B43: Yellow ink supply is non-HP
C7.0B50: Bonding Agent supply is empty
C7.0B51: Bonding Agent supply has failed
C7.0B52: Bonding Agent supply is missing
C7.0B53: Bonding Agent supply is non-HP
C7.0BA0: Magenta ink supply has expired
C7.0BA1: Black ink supply is low
C7.0BA2: Black ink supply has expired
C7.0BA3: Bonding Agent supply has expired
C7.0BA4: Bonding Agent supply is low
C7.0BA5: Yellow cartridge low warning
C7.0BA6: Yellow ink supply has expired
C7.0BA7: Cyan ink supply is low
C7.0BA8: Cyan ink supply has expired
C7.0BA9: Magenta ink supply is low
D1.06C1: Carriage LED (LED10) not lit
D4.0705: Motion PCA (A2) power not good
Image-quality fault trees
Initial actions for image-quality troubleshooting
Print-quality fault trees
Print-quality defect classifier
Vertical bands (process direction banding)
Carriage indexing
Text and edge quality
Color plane misregistration
Mottle and coalescence
Slow density change
Horizontal bands
Image area damage
Blank page
Image location and skew
Stains, spray, and drops
Color consistency
Text and line width
Image linearity
Image size
Density too light or too dark
Stackability and offsetting in output tray
Media damage
Immediate durability and handleability
Immediate highlighter durability
Color inaccuracy
Wrong colors
Color transitions
Wrong fonts
Object placement
Missing or wrong data
Media cockle
Media curl, stacking in tray
Copy-quality fault trees
Copy defect classifier
Image misregistration
Image not centered
Skewed copies
Distorted image
Vertical magnification
Horizontal magnification
Slow-changing density
Density too dark or too light
Wrong colors on copies
Inaccurate colors on copies
Streaks on copies
Vertical bands on copies
Horizontal bands on copies
Moire patterns
Background copies
Color spots and stains on copies
Blurred or fuzzy copies
Color misregistration
Damaged originals
Event Log codes
Event Log code format
Event Log error and warning codes

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