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HP DesinJet T790/T1300/T2300 eprinter series service manual

CR648B Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Using the Touch Control Panel (MFP only)
Using the Touch Control Panel
Service Key Combinations
Product Troubleshooting trees (MFP)
Product Troubleshooting Tree
Scanner Troubleshooting Tree
Scanner CIS Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting system error codes
Performing a service test on a failed assembly
Performing the necessary service calibrations
Cover sensors are not working
Solving scan/print-quality problems
The line sensor has problems detecting paper
The product continuously rejects printheads
The product does not power on
The Touch Control Panel is blank
Troubleshooting Printer paper jams and printhead crashes
The basket was damaged during the product setup
Troubleshooting Scanner paper jams (MFP only)
Paper-handling troubleshooting
Ink-supplies troubleshooting
Introduction to ink supplies
Ink cartridge levels, information and replacement
Printhead information, replacement and alignment
Ink cartridge and printhead status messages
Solving ink-supply problems
Maintaining and cleaning the printheads
Connectivity troubleshooting
Embedded LAN connectivity troubleshooting
Internet communication failures
USB device connectivity troubleshooting
EIO Jetdirect card connectivity troubleshooting
USB host features
Special firmware upgrades
System Error Codes
Reporting a system error to HP support
Understand System Error Codes
Product logs
What to do if the Touch Control Panel is blank
Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes
System Error Code Brief Descriptions
System Error Codes - Full Descriptions
Appendix A: How to troubleshoot SE 79:04
Possible causes
Troubleshooting based on symptoms
Appendix B: Emergency firmware upgrade with USB flash drive
Appendix C: Obtaining the product log and the diagnostics package
Appendix D: How to check the display list memory for an HP-GL/2 job
Diagnostics Menu
Auto-Diagnostics Test
Initialization Self Test
Phone Support
Diagnostic Tests and Utilities
Entering the Diagnostics Menu
Scan Axis Test
Paper Drive Test
Electronics Module Test
Carriage Assembly Test
Sensors Test
Rewinder Test
Ink Delivery System (IDS) Test
Service Station Test
I/O Information Utility
Enable I/O Interfaces Utility
Unit Information Utility
EEROM Reset Utility
Touch Control Panel Lock Reset
Hard Disk Recovery Utility
File System Check
Service Menu
Service Utilities
Entering the Service Utilities Menu
Turn Drive Roller
Purge Tubes
Reset Life Counters
Diagnostic Print
Set Date and Time
Enable/Disable Firewall
Disk Wipe DoD 5220.220M
Enable/Disable Sleep Mode
Hard Disk Recovery Utility
Show/Hide Touch Control Panel Information
Enable/Disable Port 280
File System Check
I/O Tests
Rewinder Adjust
Disable Upper Roll Cover
Enable Upper Roll Cover
Scanner Validation
Special Cutter Mode
Adjustment scanner Y-Axis scale
Service Calibrations
Entering the Service Calibrations Menu
Paper Advance Calibration
Drop Detector Calibration
Line Sensor Calibration
Calibrate Sheet Sensor
Calibrate the Scanner
Parts and Diagrams
Product Support
Center Covers Front (1 of 3)
Center Covers Front (2 of 3)
Center Covers Front (3 of 3)
Roll Covers
Center Covers (Rear)
Right Cover
Left Cover
Right Hand Assemblies
Left Hand Assemblies
Carriage Assembly
Scan-Axis Assemblies
Paper Path Assemblies (Front)
Paper Path Assemblies (Rear)
Roll Supports
Scanner Parts (1 of 3)
Scanner Parts (2 of 3)
Scanner Parts (3 of 3)
Tools 1
Tools 2
Miscellaneous Parts
Removal and Installation
Customer Self Repair parts
Service Calibration Guide to Removal and Installation
Belt Assembly
Bin Assembly
Bi-stable Springs
Bumpers, Left and Right
Engine Cables Kit
Interconnect Cables Kit
Carriage and Cutter Assembly
Carriage Bushing, Rear
Carriage Cover and Carriage Latch
Carriage Rail Oiler
Carriage PCA
Center Support
Scanner Piston Gas (MFP only)
Scanner Bumper (MFP only)
Right Collar Cover (MFP only)
Front Cover
Front Top Cover Assembly (MFP only)
Front Top Cover
Drop Detector
EE Box
Encoder Disk and Encoder Sensor
Encoder Strip
Encoder Strip, spring and attachment nut
Freewheel Assembly
Right Front Trim
Full Bleed Foam
Hard Disk Drive
Left Ink Cartridge Door
Right Ink Cartridge Door
Left Ink Supply Station
Ink Supply Tubes & Trailing Cable
Ink Supply Tubes Support Rail
Interconnect PCA
Left Collar Cover (MFP only)
Left Cover
Left Front Trim
Left Scanner Cover (MFP only)
Scanner Latch and Hook Assembly (MFP only)
Line Sensor
Media Advance Drive
Media Lever
Media Lever Position Sensor
Media Output Assembly
Out-of-paper Sensor
Left Panel
Pen to Paper Space (PPS) Solenoid
Pinch Arm Assembly
Pinchwheel Assembly
Print Zone Overdrive
Power Supply Unit
Real-time Clock Battery
Rear Cover (MFP only)
Rear Cover
Rear Deflectors
Right Cover
Right Scanner Cover (MFP only)
Roll Cover Bumpers, Lower
Roll Cover, Lower
Roll Cover, Upper
Left Roll Guide
Right Roll Guide
Roll Support, Lower Left
Roll Support, Lower Right
Roll Support Sensor, Lower Left
Roll Support Sensor, Upper Left
Roll Support, Upper Left
Roll Support, Upper Right
Scan-axis Motor
Service Station
Single-sheet Sensor
Spittoon, Left
Starwheel Assembly
Starwheel Lifter, Left
Starwheel Lifter, Right
Starwheel Motor
Wall Spacers
Scanner Position Sensor (MFP only)
Torsion Damper (MFP only)
CIS Element (MFP only)
Scanner Exit Media Sensors (MFP only)
Pressure Rollers (MFP only)
Scanner Entry Media Sensors (MFP only)
Scanner Controller Board (MFP only)
Scanner Motor Assembly (MFP only)
Taco Sensor (MFP only)
Touch Control Panel
Window Position Sensor
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Cleaning the Drive Roller and Overdrive
Cleaning the Product
General Cleaning
Cleaning the Encoder Strip
Cleaning the Glass Plate
Belt Swelling
Carriage Assembly Lubrication
Level of Product Usage
Moisture on the Product
Noisy Carriage Bushing
Preventive Maintenance Kits
Preventive Maintenance Kit #1 for 24-in models (CQ305–60017)
Preventive Maintenance Kit #1 for 44-in models (CH538-67024)
Preventive Maintenance Kit #2 (CH538-67040)
CSR Installation Flyers
Cutter assembly
Freewheel assembly
Freewheel assembly (screwdriver)
Left side panel (T1200)
Pinch arm assembly
Pinch arm assembly (screwdriver)
Roll cover upper bumpers
Roll cover upper bumpers (screwdriver)
Foot Extension
Front Deflector
Rear Deflector Mylar
Glass Plate
Latch Handle Cover

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