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Q7545A LaserJet 5200tn Printer

HP LaserJet 5200tn Printer (Q7545A)

35ppm black, 1200 x 1200 DPI, Ethernet, Parallel, USB 2.0

MFG Part Number: Q7545A Unit Availability
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HP LaserJet 5200 printer series service manual

Q7545A Service Manual View Service Manual

Table of Contents

Product information
Quick access to printer information
Printers at a glance
HP LaserJet 5200 Series printers
Features at a glance
Control-panel overview
Printer software
Printer drivers
Additional drivers
Opening the printer drivers
Software for Macintosh computers
Software for networks
Selecting print media
Supported media sizes
Supported media types
Installation and configuration
What is in the box
Model and serial numbers
Site requirements
Physical specifications
Space requirements
Input/Output (I/O) configuration
Parallel configuration
USB configuration
Network configuration
Connecting to a network or a computer
Installing printer memory
To install printer memory
Checking DIMM installation
Installing CompactFlash cards
Checking CompactFlash installation
Enabling memory (Windows only)
Managing supplies
Approximate print-cartridge replacement intervals
Managing the print cartridge
Checking supply levels
Replacing supplies and parts
Changing the print cartridge
Life expectancy of consumable parts
Supply replacement guidelines
Cleaning the printer
Cleaning the paper path using the printer control panel
Cleaning the printer manually
Cleaning spilled toner
Theory of operation
Engine control system
Motors, fans, and solenoids
Power-on sequence
Laser/scanner system
Cassette (tray 2) pickup mechanism
Jam detection
Multipurpose-tray (tray 1) pickup mechanism
Image-formation system
Image-formation process
Latent-image formation block
Development block
Transfer block
Drum-cleaning block
Fixing block
Print cartridge
Print-cartridge activation
Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Service approach
Types of screws
After performing service
Before performing service
Parts removal order
Customer self-repair parts
Tray 1 pickup roller
Tray 2 pickup roller
Tray 2 separation pad
Tray 3 retard roller
Tray 3 pickup and feed rollers
CompactFlash cards
Control-panel overlay
External doors, covers, and panels
Lower back cover
Right cover
Face-up bin
Top cover
Left cover
Left front cover
Face-down cover
Right front cover
Tray 2
Right lower cover
Cartridge door unit
DC controller cover
Control panel
Internal assemblies
Cassette-paper pickup unit
Face-down delivery unit
Main motor
Fuser motor
Main fan
Sub fan
Registration unit
Transfer roller
Paper-feed unit
Printed circuit assemblies (PCAs)
DC controller
High-voltage power supply
Low-voltage power supply PCA
Duplexer left cover
Duplexer right cover
Duplexer top cover
Duplexer back cover
Duplexer feed motor
Duplexer fan
Duplexer PCA
500-sheet feeder
500-sheet feeder front cover
500-sheet feeder left cover
500-sheet feeder left front cover
500-sheet feeder right front cover
500-sheet feeder right cover
500-sheet feeder rear dust cover
500-sheet feeder paper-pickup unit
500-sheet feeder lifter drive unit
500-sheet feeder drive unit
500-sheet feeder drive PCA
500-sheet feeder pickup motor
Basic troubleshooting checklist
Factors that affect printer performance
Troubleshooting flowchart
Step 1: Does READY appear on the control-panel display?
Step 2: Can you print a configuration page?
Step 3: Can you print from a program?
Step 4: Does the job print as expected?
Step 5: Does the printer select the trays?
Solving general printing problems
Control-panel message types
Control-panel messages
Replacement-parts configuration
DC controller (new or previously installed in another printer)
Formatter (new)
Formatter and DC controller
Guidelines for using paper
Printing special pages
Data collection
General paper-path troubleshooting
Paper-path checklist
Jams in tray 1
Jams in tray 2 or the optional 500-sheet feeder
Common causes of jams
Jam locations
Jam recovery
Clearing jams
Clearing jams from the input-tray areas
Clearing jams from the print-cartridge area
Clearing jams from the output-bin areas
Clearing jams from the optional duplexer
Solving repeated jams
Troubleshooting print-quality problems
Image-defect examples
Print-quality problems associated with jams
Print-quality problems associated with media
Print-quality problems associated with the environment
Light print (entire page)
Light print (partial page)
Gray background
Loose toner
Toner smear
Misformed characters
Repeating defects
Repeating image
Curl or wave
Page skew
Vertical white lines
Wrinkles or creases
Scattered lines
Tire tracks
White spots on black
Blurred print
Random image repetition
Interface troubleshooting
AUTOEXEC.BAT standard configurations
Communication checks
Printer Job Language (PJL) commands
Changing printer-control-panel configuration settings
Changing control-panel settings
Show address
Tray-behavior options
Sleep Delay
Clearable warnings
Auto continue
Cartridge low
Cartridge-out response
Jam recovery
RAM disk
Fuser modes
Using the control-panel menus
To use the menus
Show Me How menu
Retrieve Job menu
Information menu
Paper Handling menu
Configure Device menu
Printing submenu
Print Quality submenu
System Setup submenu
I/O submenu
Resets submenu
Diagnostics menu
Service menu
Tools for troubleshooting
Using the configuration page
Using the embedded Web server
Configuration pages
Print the supplies status page
Print the usage page
Print the file directory page
Print the PCL font list page
Print the PS font list page
Embedded HP Jetdirect LEDs
Heartbeat LED
Printer resets
Cold reset
NVRAM initialization
Perform the self test
Save + Restore
Service menu (service PIN codes)
Test pages
Engine-test page
Formatter-test page
Troubleshooting network printing problems
Troubleshooting common Windows problems
Troubleshooting common Macintosh problems
Troubleshooting Linux problems
Troubleshooting common PostScript problems
General problems
Parts and diagrams
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Types of screws
Accessories and supplies
Related documentation and software
External panels and covers
Internal components
Paper-feed assembly
Face-up delivery assembly
Face-down delivery assembly
Cassette (tray 2)
Cassette (tray 2) paper-pickup assembly
500-sheet feeder cassette (tray 3)
500-sheet feeder, cassette, external panels and covers
500-sheet feeder internal components
500-sheet feeder paper-pickup assembly
500-sheet feeder drive assembly
500-sheet feeder lifter-drive assembly
500-sheet feeder PCA
Duplexing PCA assembly
Duplexing-feed drive assembly
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list
Printer specifications
Electrical specifications
Power-consumption specifications
Acoustic specifications
Operating-environment specifications
Product warranty
Hewlett-Packard Limited Warranty Statement
Availability of support and service
HP maintenance agreements
Next-Day Onsite Service
Regulatory statements
FCC regulations
Declaration of conformity
Safety statements
Canadian DOC regulations
EMI statement (Korea)
Laser safety
Power cord statement (Japan)
VCCI statement (Japan)
Laser statement for Finland

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