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About Lexmark and HP printer picture diagrams

This HP Partshere Service Diagram and photo page was created in the hopes that we can better help our customers visualize, troubleshoot, and order correct hp printer parts. Please use this page as a reference tool to assist you in making your decision as you search for your HP part number(s) image. Among other search tools that Partshere offers, i.e., SmartSearch, Multi Search, and, now Picture Search is a nice compliment to our web site, we hope you find this new tool handy. This feature will allow you to see a picture of your part, please see your search options description below.

About search by keyword:

Search by keyword was designed for those who do not know a part number of their printer, but know the keyword name they are searching, example: Fuser, Roller, etc. (these are listed on step 3). Further, search by keyword is a unique feature because often times part numbers will change but actual picture for that keyword will not. Please begin this search in sequence: Step1 to select the category of your printer. Step2 you can select your actual printer model. Step3 select your keyword or the name of the part you are looking for.

About search by part number:

This search feature is designed for those of you who know your part number. To start your picture/diagram search, type your part number on the empty search box and click on search. If you do not get search results, than try searching by keyword.


For HP printer service diagrams, schematics, photos, images, or picture from, Partshere does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, or process disclosed. All images posted are for reference only and verification of accuracy and reliability is up to the customer, person(s), individual, or company doing the search. Any part order that is followed by the picture image or information is on this site is held to Partshere terms and conditions. Content on this site is subject to copyright laws. Images from this site may not be copied or posted on other sites without the "Partshere" watermark background.

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