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01-8000 Scitex FB7500 Printer

HP Scitex FB7500 (01-8000)

MFG Part Number: 01-8000

Cable parts for 01-8000 HP Scitex FB7500 Printer

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000-50-15-042 Cable - Tie Wrap Cable 100mm Nylon (100 Pcs)
000-50-15-096 Cable - Tie Wrap Cable L=203mm Max D=55mm Nylon
09-0121 Cable - Galil Interface Cables Kit Xp5100
09-0123 Cable - Sbb Head Cables Kit
100-00-00-140 Cable - Fiber Optic Assy For Service
10-0951 Cable - Cables Chain Assy Type Pkk 220 L=2.6m
23-0321 Cable - Cable Sensor Water Level
23-0435 Cable - Cable Power To Motor W Rohs
23-0455 Cable - Cable Main Start /Stop Switch
23-0501 Cable - Main Data Cable Rohs
23-0525 Cable - Pneumatic Piston Inputs Cable
23-0531 Cable - Communication Cable Rs485
23-0539 Cable - Pneumatic Pistons Control Cable Rohs
23-0545 Cable - Cable,Print Heads Data(Qty=4)
23-0547 Cable - Pneumatic Piston Input Cable
23-0776 Cable - Communication Cable Rs485
23-0932 Cable - Ink Pumps Valves Control Cable #2.
23-0937 Cable - Cable Rf Short Uv System
23-0947 Cable - Ink Level Sensor Cable.
23-0969 Cable - Ink By Pass Valve Cable Assy
23-0988 Cable - F300 Cable High Flex Grade H.V 12m
23-1116 Cable - Lh6 Blower Cable 14m (570586)
23-5404 Cable - Cable Power Iec M/F 3.0 Meter Black
CC903-50218 Cable - Cable Main Start /Stop Switch
CC903-50254 Cable - Collector Motor Cooling Fan Power Cable
CC903-50277 Cable - 24v Dc In To Temperature Converter Cable
CC903-50394 Cable - Safety Bumper Switch & Cable
CC903-50565 Cable - Cable Power To Motor Y
CC903-50566 Cable - Cable Power To Motor W
CC903-50590 Cable - Uv1 Control Cable
CC903-50641 Cable - Pilot Light&Pushbutton Cable
CC903-50958 Cable - Y&W Pistons Console Side Sensors Cable
CW903-50244 Cable - Safety X Contactor Control Cable
CW903-50393 Cable - Motion & Bumper Sensors Cable
CW903-50409 Cable - Collector Control Cable #2
CW903-50410 Cable - Light Tower Cable
CW903-50536 Cable - Driver X To Contactor K6 Cable
CW903-50565 Cable - Cablepower To Motor Y
CW903-50566 Cable - Cable,Power To Motor W
CW903-50590 Cable - Uv1 Control Cable
CW903-50592 Cable - Uv2 Control Cable
CW903-50876 Cable - Cable Pneumatic Valve Control
CW903-50949 Cable - Cable, adapter to back light curtain tx
CW903-50961 Cable - Cable, service safety zone sensor
CW903-51051 Cable - Cable Collector Control #2
CW903-67508 Cable - H340 Hv/Irradiator Hi-Flex Cable, 12m
CW903-67510 Cable - H341 Hv/Irradiator Hi-Flex Cable, 12m
CW980-00228 Cable - Cablesensor Water Level
CW980-00233 Cable - Print Signals Cable-Rohs
CW980-00234 Cable - Main Data Cable-Rohs
CW980-00235 Cable - Communication Cable-Rohs
CW980-00241 Cable - Pneumatic Pistons Control Cable-Rohs
CW980-00245 Cable - Communication Cable Rs485
CW980-00251 Cable - Ink Pumps&Valves Control Cable #2.
CW980-00252 Cable - Ink Level Sensor Cable.
CW980-00408 Cable - Ink By-Pass Valve Cable Assy(Qty=4)
CW980-00438 Cable - Pneumatic Piston Input Cable(Qty=2)
CW980-00484 Cable - Lh6- Blower Cable, 14m (570586)
CW980-00604 Cable - Cable,Print Heads Data(Qty=4)
CW980-00704 Cable - Safety Bumper Switch & Cable
CW980-00714 Cable - Safetyy&W Piston Sensor Cables Sp
CW980-00733 Cable - Xp Limit Switch Cables For X Beam Sp
CW980-00739 Cable - Collector Buzzer Light Tower Cables Sp
CW980-00914 Cable - K6&K7 Control Cables#1 Sp
P203C10231 Cable - Cable Gland Pg 29 14 25mm W/O Nut

Scitex FB7500 Printer parts list
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