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C5877A deskjet 890cse printer

HP deskjet 890cse printer (C5877A)

MFG Part Number: C5877A

Spring parts for C5877A HP deskjet 890cse printer

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C2128-00002 Spring - Kicker spring - Provides tension for the kicker
C2128-00006 Spring - Separator spring - Provides pressure between the separator assembly and the center drive roller
C2145-00017 Spring - Lever arm spring - Provides tension between the lever arm and the pressure plate lifter
C2145-00018 Spring - Encoder spring - Provides tension for the encoder strip and grounds the carriage rod to the carriage plate
C2145-00024 Spring - Preloader spring - Provides tension for the preloader bearing arm
C2145-00029 Spring - Paper catch spring - Provides tension for length adjustment
C2145-00031 Spring - Latch spring - Provides tension for tray latch
C2145-00032 Spring - Width spring - Provides friction for paper width adjuster
C2145-00033 Spring - ESD spring - Installed between ESD blade and carriage PC board
C2145-00043 Spring - Clamp spring - Provides tension for the ink cartridge locking clamps
C2145-00044 Spring - Carriage rod spring
C2145-00046 Spring - Pivot spring - Provides tension for the pivot
C4602-00012 Spring - Bias spring - Provides down pressure on the clutch actuator arm

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