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Lexmark and HP New Oem and refurb parts
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Lexmark parts available for 5021-010 Lexmark Color_Laser C510TN Printer

56P1684 Bracket - Assembly marker sensor (OPC) (includes bracket)
11A6199 Cable - Cable 50-foot serial
1427498 Cable - Cable High-Speed Bidirectional Parallel (20 ft)
56P1604 Cable - Cable operator panel
56P1620 Clutch - Clutch paper feed
56P1621 Clutch - Clutch registration
56P1622 Clutch - Clutch fuser
56P1623 Clutch - Clutch transfer roller
56P1624 Clutch - Clutch cleaning roller
56P1611 Cover - Cover cleaning roller
56P1612 Cover - Cover assembly top
56P1613 Cover - Cover right
56P1614 Cover - Cover left
56P1615 Cover - Cover inner front
56P1618 Cover - Cover I O board
56P1659 Cover - Rear cover assembly
56P1628 Developer - Drive assembly developer
56P1664 Drawer - 530-Sheet Drawer complete assembly C510
56P1663 Duplexer - Duplex Unit complete assembly C510
56P1644 Fan - Fan power supply (includes top cover and rear cover assembly interlock switches)
56P1671 Fan - Fan assembly laser unit
56P1626 Feeder - Waste toner feeder
56P1417 Flash Card - 16MB Flash Card
56P1418 Flash Card - 32MB Flash Card
56P1427 Flash Card - Optra Forms 32MB Flash card
56P1428 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16MB Flash card
56P1625 Gear - Gear assembly main drive
56P1633 Guide - Right tray guide
56P1654 Guide - Paper guide (C) assembly (includes registration sensor OHP sensor tray empty sensor)
56P1419 Hard Drive - Hard disk with adapter 20+GB
56P1424 Hard Drive - Optra Forms Hard Disk with adapter (20+GB)
56P1661 Harness - Harness Parts Packet
56P1629 Holder - Assembly waste toner holder
7372640 Kit - Relocation packaging kit
56P1657 Lamp - Lamp erase
56P1688 Lens - Laser unit lens cover assembly
56P0698 Memory - 64MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P1619 Motor - Motor assembly main
56P1627 Motor - Motor developer
12G1833 Network - MarkNet X2011e Ethernet 10 100BaseTX 1 port
56P1432 Network - MarkNet X2012e Ethernet 10 100BaseTX 10Base2 1 Port
56P1433 Network - MarkNet X2031e Ethernet 10 100BaseTX 3 Port
56P1668 Panel - Operator panel
12G7229 PC Board - Riser Card Assembly
56P1438 PC Board - Japanese Font Card
56P1617 PC Board - Board I O
56P1639 PC Board - Board engine controller
56P1673 PC Board - ImageQuick Card C510
56P1674 PC Board - Bar Code Card, C510
56P1675 PC Board - Lexmark PrintCryption Card C510
11A9095 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight US Canada Latin America (LV)
12G7008 Power Cord - Power cord US
56P1640 Power Supply - Power supply high voltage
56P1641 Power Supply - Power supply 110 V low voltage
56P1642 Power Supply - Power supply 220 V low voltage
56P1643 Power Supply - Bracket 110 V power supply
56P1650 Power Supply - Bracket 220 V power supply
56P1632 Printhead - Laser unit assembly (printhead)
56P2715 RIP Server - Board Network RIP
56P1607 Roller - Roller cleaning
56P1655 Roller - Roller paper feed
56P1662 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
56P1631 Sensor - Sensor toner
56P1648 Sensor - Sensor toner present
56P1434 Service Parts - MarkNet X2030t Token Ring 4 16 3 PORT
56P1435 Service Parts - External Serial Adapter
56P1637 Service Parts - Auger waste toner
56P1638 Service Parts - Agitator waste toner
56P1651 Service Parts - Transfer unit
56P1679 Service Parts - Assembly registration
56P1683 Service Parts - Assembly toner retract
56P1667 Shield - Shield INA
99A1611 Shield - Shield Ethernet (blank)
99A2432 Shield - Shield parallel
56P1685 Strap - Support strap
56P1665 Tray - 530-Sheet Tray complete assembly C510
56P1669 Tray - 250-Sheet Tray complete assembly C510
56P1670 Tray - 250-Sheet Legal Tray complete assembly C510
Color_Laser C510TN Printer parts list
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