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HP parts available for CM107A HP Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer

14-0200 Bearing - Bearing Fag 2212 2rs Tv
CW980-00425 Bearing - Ball Bearing 6002-2z (15x32x9)(Qty=8)
CW980-00017 Bottle - Cmb Oil,Blasogrind Hc 5grig Bottle 5 L
CC903-50507 Cable - Cable Em Relay Jumper
CC903-50944 Cable - Light Curtain RX Cable Front
CC903-50946 Cable - Light Curtain RX Cable Back(Console)
CC903-50960 Cable - Back One Beam TX Cable(Service)
CW903-50569 Cable - Pumps Switching Relay Control Cable
CW903-67356 Cable - Light Tower & Cable Assy
CW961-00030 Cable - Cable Uv2 Set/Reset
CW980-00393 Cable - Cables Between Stations & Es
CW980-00895 Cable - Tension Home Cable
CX961-00070 Cable - Cable Y Driver Motor Control/Inhibit
CX961-00080 Cable - Cable W Driver Motor Control/Inhibit
CX990-00170 Coupler - Coupling Quick Male Thread G1/8 (Qty=4)
10-1945 Filter - Oil filter assembly
15-0105 Filter - Fltr Type Uv Inkjet 5um M 1/4 Cpc Fitngs
16711 Filter - Oil filter assembly
CW980-00383 Filter - Cmb Flter Uv 5um M 1/4cpc Con Blk(Qty=8)
CW903-62451 Gasket - Lh6 - Rf Gasket For Field, I6
10-1972 Generator - Vacuum generator assembly
CW903-67343 Motor - Motor Pump Assy
CW903-67485 Relay - Relay-Dpstno30a 240 Vac Coil-585242
12-0069 Screw - Screw Ph.Cr.R.Head M6x12 Din 7985 A A2
12-0072 Screw - Screw Socket Hex Cap M3x6 Din 912 A2
12-0328 Screw - Screw Shc M3x10 Din 912 A2
12-0367 Screw - Screw Shc M8x60 Din 912 St.Zinc Pl.
12-0368 Screw - Screw Shc M5x12 Din 7984 A2
12-0429 Screw - Screw Shc M5x10 Din 912 A2
380A58190 Screw - Screw S.H.C M8x40 Din 912 A2
P380A59180 Screw - Screw Shc M10x35 Din 912 A2
CC903-50957 Sensor - Cbl Xp5 Y&W Pistons Service Side Sensor
000-14-00-023 Service Parts - Fitting Plug Blanking 6mm
000-61-10-072 Service Parts - Screw Shc M4x12 Din 912 A2
000-61-20-006 Service Parts - Nut Hex M4 Din 934 A2
000-61-20-016 Service Parts - Nut Hex M3 Din 934 A2
0360-3140 Service Parts - Con Tb 600v 20a 26-12awg Gray
0960-3456 Service Parts - Color Spectrophotometer Exact Standard
0960-3463 Service Parts - Spectrophotometer
10-1004 Service Parts - W Drive Assy.
12-0120 Service Parts - Nut Hex M10 Din 934 St.Zinc Pl.
15-0591 Service Parts - Low Pressure Gauge 0 400mbar 63 14 Back
15-0737 Service Parts - Fitting Swivel Elbow Push-In 1/8 6/4
1990-4104 Service Parts - Light Curtain Cat4 Hand 30mm L=1200mm
1990-4105 Service Parts - Light Curtain Cat4 Hand 30mm L=750mm
20-0065 Service Parts - Assy. Galil Interface Board
22-7208 Service Parts - Cmb F300- Uv Lamp D Bulb(Qty=2)
23-0452 Service Parts - Power To Dc Ps Data
25-3505 Service Parts - Ps Module 35v/4.5a +/ 12v/3.2a
26-5139 Service Parts - Con Tb Female 2 Pos 5.08mm Awg12 28 Grn
344000486 Service Parts - Fitting Tee Equal D=6 Mm Epdm
5189-6468 Service Parts - Tube Spiral Polyurethane Blue 4x2 4500mm
5189-6525 Service Parts - Fitting Male Adaptor Union 8mm 1/8
5851-0471 Service Parts - Nut, Extrusion, Clamping M6 C32-63
90-0095 Service Parts - Drill Bit 5mm Hss
CC903-10116 Service Parts - Generic Profile Dvd
CC903-50951 Service Parts - Cbl Xp5 Uv Safety Control
CC903-50955 Service Parts - Cbl Xp5 Single Beam Rx (Console)
CC903-60975 Service Parts - Support Rack
CC903-62555 Service Parts - Spectra Print Head Adapter (Correct Res)
CC903-62866 Service Parts - Cmb Nova Head Module Assembly
CW145-05581 Service Parts - Gf_Uv_Ex_Shutter_Assy_Left
CW145-05582 Service Parts - Gf_Uv_Ex_Shutter_Assy_Left
CW903-50567 Service Parts - Cable, Power To Motor Z
CW903-62298 Service Parts - Assy, Board Smart I/O
CW903-62363 Service Parts - Board Overflow Assy
CW903-62516 Service Parts - Right Uv Shutter With Festo Assy
CW903-62555 Service Parts - Spectra Print Head Adapter (Qty=4)
CW903-62866 Service Parts - Cmb Nova Head Module Assembly
CW945-00940 Service Parts - Support Rack
CW954-00350 Service Parts - Elite 8000 Pc And Image Sp
CW980-00018 Service Parts - Tube Nylon Pa12 For Uv 4x2.7 L=15m Blk
CW980-00019 Service Parts - Tube Nylon Pa12 For Uv 6x4 L=15m Cayn
CW980-00020 Service Parts - Tube Nylon Pa12 For Uv 6x4 L=15m Blk
CW980-00024 Service Parts - Tube Nylon Do=8 Mm Di=6 Mm Clear L=10m
CW980-00026 Service Parts - Tube,Polyurethane 8x5.5mm 10m Clear
CW980-00028 Service Parts - Tube Polyurethane Od/Id=6x4mm 10m Blue
CW980-00030 Service Parts - Tube,Polyurethane O.D/I.D=6x4mm 10m Blk
CW980-00032 Service Parts - Tube,Polyurethane,6x4mm 10m Yellow
CW980-00034 Service Parts - Tube,Nylon,Do=10 Mm Di=8 Mm L=10m White
CW980-00036 Service Parts - Tube Nylon Od/Id=6x4mm L=10m Black
CW980-00060 Service Parts - Tube Polyuretane 8/5mm L=10m Black
CW980-00067 Service Parts - Cmb Tube Transid=4od=6 Mmpolyur-Inkl=20m
CW980-00286 Service Parts - REGULATOR MINIATURE 1/8in 0-8.5 BAR
CW980-00288 Service Parts - Fiber Optic Assy For Service
CW980-00485 Service Parts - Cmb F300- Uv Lamp D Bulb(Qty=2)
CW980-00888 Service Parts - MULTIROLL 3 inch CORE ADAPTOR ASSY(QTY=2)
CW980-00987 Service Parts - Cmb/Csr Sparrow 11 Pha(Qty=5)
CW980-00991 Service Parts - T-Slot Nut 8 St/Pa M6 (Item) (Qty=15)
CW980-00999 Service Parts - MONITOR,ELITEDISPLAY E221 21.5 inch ,+WEBCAM
CX143-09050 Service Parts - Piston Right Bracket
CX145-16950 Service Parts - Loader Top Panel-8, Assy
CX145-18860 Service Parts - Gasspring 10/22 400n With End Fitting
CX145-18950 Service Parts - Gas Spring 8/19 350n With End Fitting
CX189-02910 Service Parts - Rm_Calibration_Tool_Assy
CX190-03350 Service Parts - Drop 1 Cooler Upgrade Set
CX190-03370 Service Parts - Ink Beams Sealing Jig
CX990-00360 Service Parts - Hp Scitex Xp5500 Uptime Kit
P313D00030 Service Parts - Ref. Mark Actuator (Epoxy)
P344B33000 Service Parts - Plug 1/8 Npt Male
CW980-00422 Strip - Cmb Mesh Stripe 75mmx50m (Qty=10)
26573 Vacuum - Vacuum generator assembly
CW903-62678 Vacuum - Cmb Tube Vacuum Xp5xxx Assy(Qty=16)
CW980-00043 Vacuum - Vacuume Tube Gray Id=25 L=5m
000-61-30-021 Washer - Washer Flat 8 Din 125a St.Zinc Pl.
000-61-30-022 Washer - Washer Flat 6 Din 125a St.Zinc Pl.
12-0047 Washer - Washer Flat 3 Din 125a A2
Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer parts list
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