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HP parts available for CQ893A HP DesignJet t520 36-in eprinter
DesignJet t520 36-in eprinter parts list
CQ893-67016 Belt - AmpXL 36 Belt SV
CQ890-67021 Cable - Cables Service assembly - Includes encoder rewind FFC, ink door FFC, pick motor encoder FFC, control panel FFC, power button FFC, paper feed sensors FFC, and bundle-24 assembly FFC
CQ893-67011 Carriage - AmpXL 36 Carriage assembly w/b and lube
C1Q10A Cartridge - 711 Designjet Printhead Replacement Kit
CZ126S Cartridge - 711 12-Ml Intro Cyan Ink Cartridge order CZ134A
CZ127S Cartridge - 711 12-Ml Intro Magenta Ink Cartridge order CZ135A
CZ128S Cartridge - 711 12-Ml Intro Yellow Ink Cartridge order CZ132A
CZ129A Cartridge - HP 711 38-Ml Black Ink Cartridge
CZ130A Cartridge - HP 711 29-Ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
CZ131A Cartridge - HP 711 29-Ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
CZ132A Cartridge - HP 711 29-Ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
CZ133A Cartridge - HP 711 80-Ml Black Ink Cartridge
CZ134A Cartridge - HP 711 3-Pack 29-Ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
CZ135A Cartridge - HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Mag Ink Cartridge EMEA
CZ136A Cartridge - HP 711 3-Pack 29-Ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
CQ890-67026 Control Panel - Control panel assembly - Includes front panel PCA power button cable and ribbon cable incorporated and assembled.
CQ890-67082 Control Panel - AmpXL Control Panel Text_and_Gloss SV
CQ890-67011 Cover - Case right cover - Plastic cover that protects the right end side of the Designjet
CQ890-67012 Cover - Case left cover - Plastic cover that protects the left end side of the Designjet
CQ890-67046 Cover - AmpXL Ink Door Cover Textured
CQ890-67084 Cover - AmpXL Left Cover Textured SV
CQ890-67085 Cover - Right cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the right side of the printer
CQ890-67086 Cover - AmpXL Ink Door Cover Textured
CQ890-67017 Cutter - Cutter assembly - Includes cutter body, cutter extrusion lead cover and cutter bridge.
CQ890-67091 Cutter - Cutter Y margin new Extract Li
CQ890-67033 Disk - Encoder disk
CQ890-67041 Gear Assembly - Right gear train assemlby;Part CQ890-67041 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CQ890-67077
CQ890-67077 Gear Assembly - Right gear train assemlby
CQ893-67009 Hub - Spindle hubs
CQ890-67057 Kit - Labels kit - Includes ink supply label, serial label, nameplates, and ink supply labels
CQ890-67006 Motor - Carriage motor - Includes flier
CQ890-67036 Motor - AmpXL Paper motor SV
CQ890-67020 PC Board - Feed index encoder sensor PCA - Includes encoder PCA, index plus cable, output tray sensor plus cable, and top cover sensor
CQ890-67022 PC Board - Interconnect PC board Designjet Plotter T520 / T120 series.
CQ890-67023 PC Board - Main logic PC board - Includes the PC board HP Designjet T520 24 inch Eprinter / HP Designjet T520 36 inch Eprinter.
CQ890-67088 PC Board - PCA - Bundle New CAPs SV
CQ890-67097 PC Board - Main PCA Board AXL MPCA and Bundle Pro kit.
CQ890-80251 PC Board - Main logic PC board - Includes the PC board HP Designjet T520 24 inch Eprinter / HP Designjet T520 36 inch Eprinter.
CQ890-67060 Pinch Assembly - Pinch wheels assembly
CQ890-67025 Power Supply - Power supply assembly for Hewlett Packard unit.
CQ890-67089 Power Supply - AmpXL 5V Power Supply SV
CQ893A-Repair_DesignJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
CQ890-67001 Sensor - Carriage line sensor assembly kit - Includes T-6 screwdriver
CQ890-67028 Sensor - Ink cartridge door cover sensor
CQ890-67032 Sensor - Out-Of-Paper sensor - AmpXL OOPS Sensor flag w/tape SV
CQ890-67076 Sensor - AmpXL OOPS Sensor flag w/tape SV
CQ893-67018 Sensor - Output tray sensor - Does not include FFC cable
CQ893A-Manual_DesignJet Service Manual - Printer Service Manual - Includes troubleshooting, error messages, paper jams, parts and parts diagrams.
CQ890-67045 Service Station - Service station assembly
CQ890-67044 Spitton - Left side spittoon assembly
CQ890-67037 Support - 36-inch left roll support with rewinder and cover
CQ890-67038 Support - Right roll support with cover and dampers
CQ890-67054 Tool - Stand hardware tool kit - Includes all screws and tools to repair and mount the stand
CQ893-67001 Trailing Cable - AmpXL 36Trailing cable SV
CQ890-67019 Tray - Pull out paper tray - Out put paper tray extension
CQ890-67047 Tray - Multi-sheet paper tray extension - Located on the the accessory tray
CQ890-67007 Tray Assembly - Multi-sheet accessory paper tray assembly
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