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HP parts available for L2Y22A HP DesignJet t930 36-in postscript printer

CN538A Adapter - 3-in Core Adapter
Q6675-60053 Adapter - 3-in Core Adapter
L2Y23-67006 Arm - Stacker Arms assembly - For the DesignJet T930 series
L2Y21-67006 Beam - T9XX/T15XX/T25XX Rear Beam SV kit
CR357-60267 Belt - Carriage belt - Long belt that moves the carriage assembly
CR357-67021 Belt - Carriage belt - Long belt that moves the carriage assembly
CR357-67021BM Belt - 20Pack - T920/Tx500 Belt
5066-9633 Cartridge - 727 Mercury Plus Introductory Kit
B3P07A Cartridge - 727 Introductory Cyan Designjet Ink Cartridge
B3P08A Cartridge - 727 Intro Magenta Designjet Ink Cartridge
B3P09A Cartridge - 727 Intro Yellow Designjet Ink Cartridge
B3P11A Cartridge - 727 Intro Photo Black Designjet Ink Cart
B3P12A Cartridge - 727 Intro Gray Designjet Ink Cart
B3P19A Cartridge - 727 130ml Cyan Ink Cartridge (B3P19A), High Yield
B3P20A Cartridge - 727 130ml Magenta Ink Cartridge (B3P20A), High Yield
B3P21A Cartridge - 727 130ml Yellow Ink Cartridge (B3P21A), High Yield
B3P22A Cartridge - 727 130-ml Matte Black Designjet Ink Cartridge
B3P23A Cartridge - 727 130ml Photo Black Ink Cartridge (B3P23A), High Yield
B3P24A Cartridge - 727 130ml Gray Ink Cartridge (B3P24A), High Yield
C1Q12A Cartridge - 727 300-ml matte black designjet ink cartridge; compatible with designjet
F9J76A Cartridge - 727 300-ml cyan designjet ink cartridge
F9J77A Cartridge - 727 300-ml magenta designjet ink cartridge
F9J78A Cartridge - 727 300-ml yellow designjet ink cartridge
F9J79A Cartridge - 727 300-ml Photo Black DesignJet Ink Cartridge
F9J80A Cartridge - 727 300-ml photo black designjet ink cartridge
CR355-67001 Cover - Top roll cover
L2Y21-67007 Cover - Rear cover assembly - For the T930, T1530 series only
L2Y21-67015 Cover - Protective Cover Left SV
L2Y21-67002 Door - Front panel side ink door assembly - For the T930, T1530, T2530 series
L2Y21-67008 Encoder - T9XX/T15XX/T25XX Linear Encoder SV kit
CR357-67028 Ink Delivery System - Front panel ink service station
CR357-67029 Ink Delivery System - Ink service station
B9E24-67041 Kit - MRY series Screws kit
L2Y21-67004 Kit - T9XX 320G HDD SV kit
L2Y21-67005 Kit - T9XX Stacker Assy SV kit
L2Y21-67009 Kit - T9xx/T15xx/T25xx Pm Kit-1
CR357-67009 Motor - Media advance transmission motor
CR357-67015 Motor - Valves module motor
B9E24-67023 PC Board - Crypto Asic SIM chip PCA assembly - Mounts on the engien PCA - For the T3500 series
CR357-67081 PC Board - Carriage PC board assembly
CR357-67081B PC Board - SPS-T920/Tx500 Carriage PCA
CR357-80163 PC Board - Carriage PC board assembly
L2Y24-67001 Platen - Cutter platen assembly
AA27250L Power Supply - Power supply unit assembly
CR357-67046 Power Supply - Power supply unit assembly
B3P06A Printhead - 727 Designjet Printhead
CR357-67098 Rail - Secound starwheel rail - For the T930, T1530, T2530 series
L2Y22A-Repair_DesignJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
CR357-67050 Reservoir - Jester plus riser/reservoir
L2Y21-67014 Roller - GRIT ROLLER ASSY Mry/Aeneas 36in
CR357-60236 Sensor - Line sensor - Includes FFC cable
CR357-67020 Sensor - Line sensor - Includes FFC cable
L2Y22A-Manual_DesignJet Service Manual - Printer Service Manual - Includes troubleshooting, error messages, paper jams, parts and parts diagrams.
CR357-67025 Service Station - Service station with drop detector
CR357-67094 Stand - T9x0/Tx500 Stand Assembly. Basket output tray assembly (updated to include T9x0/Tx500 Stand) Where paper rest after it has been printed
L2Y22-67001 Support - T930 PS Support label kit
CR357-67099 Tool - E-Box Fan assembly - For the T930, T1530, T2530 series
DesignJet t930 36-in postscript printer parts list
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