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Lexmark and HP New Oem and refurb parts
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HP parts available for L4R41A HP Latex 370 Printer

G2W18-67009 Cable - 3liter Cables Serv
G2W18-67016 Cable - Accessory Port Cable Serv
G0Y79B Cartridge - 871B 3L Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y79C Cartridge - 871C 3000–ml Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge (EMEA)
G0Y79D Cartridge - 871A 3000–ml Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge (Americas)
G0Y80B Cartridge - 871B 3L Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y80C Cartridge - 871C 3000-ml Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge (EMEA)
G0Y80D Cartridge - 871A 3000-ml Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge (Americas)
G0Y81B Cartridge - 871B 3L Yellow Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y81C Cartridge - 871C 3000–ml Yellow Latex Ink Cartridge (EMEA)
G0Y81D Cartridge - 871A 3000–ml Yellow Latex Ink Cartridge (Americas)
G0Y82B Cartridge - 871B 3L Black Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y82C Cartridge - 871C 3000–ml Black Latex Ink Cartridge EMEA
G0Y82D Cartridge - 871A 3000–ml Black Latex Ink Cartridge (Americas)
G0Y83B Cartridge - 871B 3L Lt Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y83C Cartridge - 871C 3000–ml Light Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge (EMEA)
G0Y83D Cartridge - 831A 3000–ml Light Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge (Americas)
G0Y84B Cartridge - 871B 3L Lt Mag Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y84C Cartridge - 871C 3000–ml Light Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge (EMEA)
G0Y84D Cartridge - 871A 3000-ml Light Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge (Americas)
G2W18-67010 Cover - 3liter Top Cover Serv
G2W18-67011 Cover - 3liter Left Foot Cover Serv
G2W18-67002 Ink Delivery System - 3liter C Color Ink Line Serv
G2W18-67003 Ink Delivery System - 3liter K Color Ink Line Serv
G2W18-67004 Ink Delivery System - 3liter Lc Color Ink Line Serv
G2W18-67005 Ink Delivery System - 3liter Lm Color Ink Line Serv
G2W18-67006 Ink Delivery System - 3liter M Color Ink Line Serv
G2W18-67007 Ink Delivery System - 3liter Pt Color Ink Line Serv
G2W18-67008 Ink Delivery System - 3liter Y Color Ink Line Serv
CQ869-67082 Latch - Backplate Latch Serv
B4H70-67103 Maintenance Kit - Latex 310 330 and 360 service maintenance kit SMK1 64 SERV. encoder strip sensor ink supply tubes trailing cable carriage assembly carriage pca cover scan axis motor assembly belt and tensioner kit cutter assembly (Latex 360) SMK3.
B4H70-67105 Maintenance Kit - Service maintenance kit 3 - Includes line sensor front rod oilerspit roller motor lubrication felts pressure sensor plastic rear bushing rear lubricant felts carriage protector assembly and curing air cleaning kit
CQ871-67001 PC Board - Interconnect PC board - For use with plotters
G2W18-67001 PC Board - PC board assembly
G2W18-67015 Pressure Assembly - 3–liter install purging pressure
G2W18-67012 Reservoir - ink sump reservoir
B4H70-67156 Resistor - Air Curtain With Resistors No Fan
G2W18-67014 Screw - 3liter Screws Fasteners Serv
B4H70-67019 Sensor - Encoder Strip and Sensor 64 Serv kit
B4H70-67025 Sensor - Line sensor assembly
B4H70-67106 Service Parts - Sol Assy Serv
B4H70-67138 Service Parts - Srk 64 Ink supply tubes and trailing cable - Includes setup printhead kit SRK and TC SERV
B4H70-67158 Service Parts - HP Latex 300 Series 64in SMK1
B4H70-67160 Service Parts - HP Latex 300 Series 54in SMK3
Latex 370 Printer parts list
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