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 EXCH Core Return Agreement

-Keep Defective-
Means to keep your bad part; this bad part is also known as exchange part, exch, or core.  Please keep in mind that returning a defective part is optional and not all parts require or have option for a core return.  Benefits of returning a defective part is a refund to your credit card for the amount or value of the core, which is usually shown in the core section of your part number detail page.

-Return Defective-
As a service to our customers, we sell parts with option to “return defective”, also known as “Exchange”, or core return. Part numbers labeled with “-EXCH” require return of defective to have your core credit refunded to your credit card. After ordering EXCH items you can log into your account and click on “core RMA link”.  You have 15days to return your defective part(s). Therefore, special attention regarding prompt return of your defective part (also referred to as core) is required. As you buy these parts, you have an option to purchase parts that require exchange (return of your defect), or you may purchase the "no exchange / outright" part, which does not require return of core unit.  Once again, all customers purchasing parts that require "exchange" will be allowed up to 15 days to return these parts. There will be no exception to our deadline. Partshere will automatically credit the core value shown once core is received and confirmed.

Please be reminded that fuser cores with missing parts, or damaged beyond repair are not acceptable exchange items; we reserve the right to refuse to exchange such items. If you want to exchange an item, do not attempt to repair it; the item must be sent to us in "as is" condition. All items are inspected for physical damage and to ascertain that they have been sent to us "as is" condition. Partshere will automatically render an item unacceptable for exchange if item has been tampered with, missing parts, broken beyond repair, and/or wrong part returned. Please make sure you understand our policy and follow our return shipping instructions.

Please return merchandise by following these steps 1 - 6.
Exchange core or defective part(s) Return Shipping Instructions below
1. Unpack new equipment, and then pack the defective equipment in the original box.
2. Place the packing slip inside box, and then place this sheet back inside box.
3. Seal the box; mark the RMA number outside the box for reference.
4. Ship back via your common carrier.
5. Return all packing material of the new box with the core
6. Only return core to our RMA address of
You agree to the terms and condition of our Core Return Agreement Form. To agree, please continue with your order. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.



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