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10G0300 Laser T632 Printer

Lexmark Laser T632 (10G0300)

MFG Part Number: 10G0300

Lexmark parts list for 10G0300 Lexmark Laser T632 Printer

56P1325 Arm - Pick arm assembly (500-sheet) 200/210/400/410
56P1352 Arm - MPF pad/separator arm assembly
99A0062 Bracket - Bracket, level sensor
13A0296 Cable - Cable, Twinax
13A0297 Cable - Cable, Coax 9 pin-to-BNC
56P1382 Cable - Int. card/autocomp card cable (paper low/out sensors)
56P1383 Cable - Cable, autoconnect bottom
56P1384 Cable - Cable, main drive motor
56P1385 Cable - Cable, front harness (HVPS/input sensor/toner sensor)
56P1386 Cable - Cable, laser
56P1387 Cable - Cable, HSYNC
56P1389 Cable - Cable, deflector
56P1390 Cable - Cable, system board to fuser board
56P1399 Cable - Smart cartridge contact assembly w/cable
56P1401 Cable - Cable, autoconnect top, 200/210/400/410
56P1405 Cable - Cable, AC fuser lamp to LVPS
56P1443 Cable - Printhead assembly (includes all cables), 200/210
12A7362 Cartridge - Yields up to 21000 pages Black Toner Cartridge High Yield
12A7365 Cartridge - Black Toner Cartridge Extra High Yield Yields up to 32000 pages
12A7460 Cartridge - Black Return-Program Toner Cartridge. Yields up to 5000 pages
12A7462 Cartridge - Lexmark Black Toner Cartridge (12A7462), High Yield, Return Program
12A7465 Cartridge - toner cartridge - black - 32,000 pages @ 5% coverage
12A7468 Cartridge - Lexmark Black Toner Cartridge for Label Applications (12A7468), High Yield, Return Program
12A7469 Cartridge - Lexmark Black Toner Cartridge for Label Applications (12A7469), Extra High Yield, Return Program
24B2540 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge High Yield, 21,000 pages
24B2541 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Extra High Yield, 32,000 pages
56P1100 Cartridge - Cartridge, empty shipping
56P1300 Cover - Cover, fuser wick assembly
56P1302 Cover - Cover assembly, laser assembly, 500-sheet output, 200/210/400/410
56P1303 Cover - Upper front cover with Lexmark logo
56P1307 Cover - Cover, right side 500-sheet output, 200/210/400/410
56P1309 Cover - Cover assembly, lower front
56P1341 Cover - Cover, INA flat (blank)
56P1348 Cover - Fuser cover assembly
56P1358 Cover - Cover, clear bezel, 200/210
56P2126 Cover - Cover, left door, 500 2-slot, 200/210/400/410
99A2074 Cover - Cover assembly, redrive cap
56P1336 Deflector - Deflector, inner, 200/210/400/410
99A2092 Deflector - Deflector Assembly, MPT
56P1329 Door - Door assembly, redrive 500-sheet
99A0655 Door - Door assembly, front
56P1328 Drive Assembly - Redrive assembly, 500 in/500 out, 200/210/400/410
56P1318 Duct - Duct, main cap
99A2016 Duct - Duct, left stacker
56P1360 Fan - Fan, main w/cable
56P1408 Fan - Cartridge fan
56P1316 Flag - Flag, output paper level, 200/210/400/410
56P1323 Flag - Flag, paper out 500-sheet tray, 200/210/400/410
99A1613 Flag - Flag, output paper level
56P1417 Flash Card - 16MB Flash Card
56P1418 Flash Card - 32MB Flash Card
56P1427 Flash Card - Optra Forms 32MB Flash card
56P1428 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16MB Flash card
56P1320 Frame - Right side frame assembly
56P1321 Frame - Left side frame
56P1347 Frame - Frame, EP module, 200/210/400/410
56P1366 Fuse - Fuse, for 110 V ac LVPS 10 a/250V (fuse F2), 200/210/400/410
56P1367 Fuse - Fuse, for 220 V ac HVPS 3.15 a/250V (fuse F1), 200/210/400/410
56P2542 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly w/115V lamp, 000/010/200/210
56P2543 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly w/100V lamp, 000/010/200/210
56P2544 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly w/220V lamp, 000/010/200/210
56P2162 Gear - Gear, bevel with grease packet and washer
56P1330 Gearbox - Gearbox, w/motor, 000/010
56P1332 Gearbox - Gearbox, w/motor, 000/010, 200/210
99A0394 Grease - Grease Nyogel 744
99A2445 Guard - Guard, gear
99A2017 Guide - Guide, extension
56P1419 Hard Drive - Hard disk with adapter 20+GB
56P1424 Hard Drive - Optra Forms Hard Disk with adapter (20+GB)
56P1305 Hinge - Hinge, upper front cover
99A1797 Idler - Idler pulley, belt tension
12G9707 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12G9720 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12G9782 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
40X4308 Kit - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
56P1409 Kit - 120v usage kit for IBM1352
56P1413 Kit - T630, T632 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V
56P1753 Kit - Kit, operator panel overlay-English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Spanish
56P1754 Kit - Kit, operator panel overlay-Dutch, French, German, and Italian
56P1757 Kit - Kit, operator panel overlay-Polish, Russian, and Turkish
56P1758 Kit - Kit, operator panel overlay-WW English and Spanish
56P2542 Kit - Fuser assembly w/115V lamp, 000/010/200/210
7371454 Kit - Relocation kit, 250/250-sheet printer
7371455 Kit - Relocation kit, 500/250-sheet printer
99A0392 Kit - Kit, door switch spring and bumper
56P1362 Lamp - Lamp, 115V, 000/010/200/210
56P1363 Lamp - Lamp, 220V, 000/010/200/210
56P1308 Latch - Latch, upper cover
99A1149 Mailbox - 5-Bin Mailbox, complete assembly
56P1412 Maintenance Kit - T630, T632 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
56P1413 Maintenance Kit - T630, T632 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V
12G9328 Manual - T63x Service Manual
56P1444 Network - Card assembly, communications, non-network
56P1445 Network - Card assembly, communications, network
56P3082 Network - System board assembly (non-network), 200 includes 56P1444
99A0120 Pad - Restraint Pad
99A2077 Pad - Pad, machine mounting
99A2078 Pan - Pan, motor drip
56P1310 Panel - Operator panel assembly 110V
56P1311 Panel - Operator panel assembly 220V
56P0557 PC Board - Card assembly, tray
56P1339 PC Board - Interconnect board assembly 2 slot, 200/210/400/410
56P1350 PC Board - Board, input tray (ITC)
56P1406 PC Board - Card assembly, paper wt/paper low/out sensor
56P1436 PC Board - RS-232 Serial Interface Card
56P1437 PC Board - Parallel 1284-B interface card
56P1850 PC Board - Bar Code Card T63x
56P1864 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation T63x
56P2182 PC Board - ImageQuick Card
99A1806 PC Board - Card assembly, 2000 option control
99A0121 Plate - 250-sheet tray wear plate
99A2020 Plate - Transfer plate assembly
1339539 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Israel
1339545 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Argentina (HV)
1339549 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Brazil (HV)
1339551 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Brazil (LV)
1339552 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Japan
1339554 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Japan
1339557 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Korea
1342514 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, Canada, Latin America (LV)
1342530 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Europe, Middle East, Indonesia, Africa (HV)
1342534 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Chile (HV), Italy, Uruguay
40X0255 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle Argentina Paraguay Uruguay
40X0283 Power Cord - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Japan
40X0284 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Taiwan
43H5248 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, Canada, Latin America (LV)
43H5546 Power Cord - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, PR China (HV)
56P1371 Power Supply - LVPS, 110 V ac, 200/210/400/410
56P1374 Power Supply - HVPS, 220 V ac, 200/210/400/410
56P1375 Power Supply - Power supply, high voltage
56P1741 Print Server - MarkNet N2100t Token Ring internal print server
99A2093 Restraint - Restraint, back 500-sheet tray
40X4308 Roller - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
99A0070 Roller - Pick roll assembly
99A0179 Roller - Transfer roll assembly
56P1361 Sensor - Toner sensor assembly
56P1398 Sensor - Sensor, MPF cable
56P1402 Sensor - Narrow media sensor
56P1403 Sensor - Sensor, exit
56P3313 Sensor - Narrow media sensor
99A2071 Sensor - Sensor, MPF paper out
56P0159 Service Parts - Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS
56P1327 Service Parts - Alignment assembly, paper feed
56P1346 Service Parts - Parts packet (reference adjust)
56P1357 Service Parts - Transfer roll assembly
56P1415 Service Parts - Wiper assembly, wet
56P1742 Service Parts - MarkNet N2101e Ethernet 10/100BaseTX internal print server
56P2109 Service Parts - Wax Wiper
99A1150 Service Parts - High-Capacity Output Stacker, complete assembly
99A1173 Service Parts - StapleSmart Finisher, complete assembly T63x
99A1792 Service Parts - Stacker, assembly paper path upper
99A0272 Shaft - Drive Shaft 250-sheet
99A0447 Shaft - 550- 500-sheet drive Shaft
99A2081 Shaft - Parts packet, developer drive shaft, coupler gear #55
99A2517 Shaft - Shaft assembly, upper exit
56P1342 Shield - Shield, inner assembly, 2 slot, 200/210/400/410
56P1344 Shield - Shield, outer 2 slot, 200/210/400/410
56P2404 Shield - Shield, INA flat non-network
56P2405 Shield - Shield, INA flat network
56P1315 Shroud - Shroud, fan, 200/210/400/410
56P2407 Solenoid - Multipurpose feeder frame assembly with solenoid
56P2540 Spring - Bellcrank spring - 500-sheet tray
99A0063 Spring - Switch Activate Spring
99A0275 Spring - Power Takeoff Spring
99A1929 Spring - Bellcrank spring - 250-sheet paper tray
99A2019 Spring - Spring, cartridge hold down
99A0292 Strip - Wear strips
56P2797 Support - Support, paper assembly
99A2018 Support - Support, left lower stacker
56P1395 Switch - Switch, cover closed w/cable assembly
99A2502 Switch - Switch, stapler access door assembly
99A2485 Tray - 400-sheet (UAT) Tray
56P1409 USAGE KIT - 120v usage kit for IBM1352

Laser T632 Printer parts list
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