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10Z0102 C782dtn Printer

Lexmark C782dtn (10Z0102)

MFG Part Number: 10Z0102 38ppm black, 35ppm color, 1200 x 1200 DPI, 0

Lexmark parts list for 10Z0102 Lexmark C782dtn Printer

40X1646 Arm - Duplex actuator arm assembly
40X1741 Arm - Pick arm lift bellcrank
40X2014 Arm - Diverter arm
40X2763 Bar - Bar Code Card, C780n, C782n
40X1672 Bearing - Bellcrank detent bearing
40X1677 Belt - Vacuum transport belt assembly
40X1689 Belt - Redrive belt 300 T
40X1602 Bracket - Top front support bracket
40X1686 Bracket - Bracket mounting anchor (2)
40X1698 Bracket - Media size sensing bracket
40X1717 Bracket - MPF support bracket
40X1981 Bracket - Front attach bracket
40X1989 Bracket - Level sensor bracket
40X1647 Cable - Ground cable
40X1648 Cable - Cable tie (6) Pack
40X1649 Cable - Cable tie Pad
40X1671 Cable - Cable tie (6) Pack
40X1692 Cable - S2 XPAR NMS MPF cable assembly (with sensors)
40X1733 Cable - Pick motor extension and paper level sensing cable
40X1769 Cable - Operator panel USB cable
40X1781 Cable - LVPS assembly with cable
40X1785 Cable - Ground cable
40X1786 Cable - Cable clip
40X1798 Cable - Fuser fan assembly with cable
40X1801 Cable - Operator panel cable
40X1802 Cable - Fuser and yellow cartridge motor cable
40X1803 Cable - Cyan and magenta cartridge motor cable
40X1804 Cable - ITU and black cartridge motor cable
40X1805 Cable - Laser cable - black magenta
40X1806 Cable - Laser cable - cyan yellow
40X1807 Cable - Oiler motor driver cable
40X1809 Cable - HVPS control cable - transfer
40X1810 Cable - HVPS control cable - developer
40X1811 Cable - Options bottom media size sensing cable assembly
40X1812 Cable - Second transfer voltage cable assembly
40X1854 Cable - MPF motor sensor cable Operator Panel USB Cable
40X2766 Cards - Lexmark PrintCryption Card, C780n, C782n
10B3100 Cartridge - Waste toner cartridge
40X1762 Cartridge - Cartridge contact assembly complete
40X1824 Cartridge - Cartridge drive assembly C77x C78x
C780A2C Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield, 6,000 pages
C780A2K Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield, 6,000 pages
C780A2M Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield, 6,000 pages
C780A2Y Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield, 6,000 pages
C780H1CG Cartridge - Lexmark Cyan Toner Cartridge (C780H1CG), High Yield, Return Program
C780H1KG Cartridge - Lexmark Black Toner Cartridge (C780H1KG), High Yield, Return Program
C780H1MG Cartridge - Lexmark Magenta Toner Cartridge (C780H1MG), High Yield, Return Program
C780H1YG Cartridge - Lexmark Yellow Toner Cartridge (C780H1YG), High Yield, Return Program
40X1700 Clip - System board shield support with clips
40X1885 Clip - Tray wear clip
40X1978 Clutch - Clutch Assembly
40X1604 Cover - Left front light shield cover
40X1607 Cover - Front cover backplate assembly
40X1614 Cover - Front cover
40X1615 Cover - Front cover rear pivot cover
40X1618 Cover - Front lower left cover
40X1620 Cover - Right front cover
40X1621 Cover - Front lower right cover
40X1622 Cover - Right rear cover
40X1628 Cover - Top cover assembly
40X1629 Cover - Front right handle cover assembly
40X1630 Cover - Front left handle cover assembly
40X1638 Cover - Redrive cap cover
40X1644 Cover - Rear cover
40X1653 Cover - Left upper pivot cover
40X1654 Cover - Left lower cover
40X1655 Cover - Left lower pivot cover
40X1657 Cover - Left upper cover assembly
40X1710 Cover - MPF gear cover
40X1711 Cover - MPF door cover
40X1713 Cover - Frame bias latch cover
40X1715 Cover - MPF support bracket cover
40X1984 Cover - Front control board cover
40X1986 Cover - Rear cover
40X1987 Cover - Rear support cover
40X1996 Cover - Right cover
40X1997 Cover - ESD brush cover
40X1913 Deflector - 500-Sheet option deflector
40X1988 Deflector - Diverter gate deflector
40X1825 Developer - Developer HVPS board C78x
40X1611 Door - Front access door support
40X1619 Door - Paper path access door
40X1634 Door - Lower right door assembly
40X1656 Door - Waste container door
40X1658 Door - Lower jam access door assembly
40X1690 Door - Redrive door assembly
40X1841 Door - MPF door assembly C78x
40X1842 Drawer - Envelope Drawer complete assembly C772 C782
40X1669 Drive Assembly - Web oiler index drive assembly
40X1684 Drive Assembly - Redrive assembly
40X1823 Drive Assembly - ITU drive assembly C77x C78x
40X1853 Drive Assembly - MPF drive assembly
40X1640 Duct - Fuser top duct
40X1641 Duct - Fuser bottom duct
40X1642 Duct - Fuser wall duct
40X1650 Duct - Fuser left duct
40X1652 Duct - Redrive belt cover duct
40X1662 Duct - RIP fan duct
40X1796 Fan - VTB fan gap cover
40X1799 Fan - RIP fan 92 mm
40X1800 Fan - VTB fan 60 mm
40X1673 Flag - MPF paper out flag
40X1990 Flag - Output paper level (full) flag actuator
40X1455 Flash Card - 64MB Flash Card
40X2764 Forms Card - Forms Card, C780n, C782n
40X1661 Fuser Assembly - Fuser drive assembly
40X1742 Gear - #58 gear
40X1606 Guide - Paper tray guide
40X1663 Guide - Left side guide assembly
40X1664 Guide - Right side guide assembly
40X1746 Guide - Rear ITU guide
40X1770 Guide - Front ITU guide
40X1623 Handle - Front access door handle
40X1701 Handle - Nip relief handle
40X1685 Hinge - Upper door hinge
40X1708 Hinge - Door hinge restraint
40X1703 Housing - Buckler housing
40X1704 Housing - Rib housing
40X1808 Housing - Friction buckler and buckler housing
40X1730 Interlock - Tray interlock bellcrank
40X1731 Interlock - Tray interlock bracket
12G9782 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
40X0343 Kit - C78x Image Transfer Unit Maintenance Kit
40X1756 Kit - Waste toner container
40X1831 Kit - C78x Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X1833 Kit - C78x Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V
40X1616 Label - Top paper jam label C772 C782
40X1643 Latch - Fuser latch slide
40X1687 Latch - Lower right door latch
40X1688 Latch - Lower left door latch
40X1712 Latch - Frame bias latch
40X1720 Latch - Back restraint latch
40X1754 Latch - Waste container latch
40X1991 Latch - Output bin tray latch
40X1627 LCD - Clear LCD lens
40X1737 Lever - ITU coupler retract lever
40X0343 Maintenance Kit - C78x Image Transfer Unit Maintenance Kit
40X1826 Maintenance Kit - C77x, C78x Image Transfer Unit Maintenance Kit
40X1831 Maintenance Kit - C78x Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X1832 Maintenance Kit - C78x Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
40X1833 Maintenance Kit - C78x Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V
12G9688 Manual - C770, C772, C780, C782 Service Manual
40X1702 Motor - Registration motor assembly kit
40X2013 Motor - Output expander DC motor board
40X1874 Overlay - Operator panel bezel with overlays C782
40X1601 Pad - Machine pad
40X1727 Pad - Restraint pad
40X1626 Panel - Operator panel assembly
40X1821 Panel - Operator panel bezel with overlays, C782
40X1670 PC Board - Web oiler driver board assembly
40X1699 PC Board - Media size sensing board assembly
40X1793 PC Board - Transfer HVPS board
40X1817 PC Board - System board, network, C78x
40X1829 PC Board - System board network C78x
40X2765 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe, C780n, C782n
40X4683 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation, C780n, C782n
40X5589 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS TNe C780n C782n
40X5788 PC Board - Bar Code Card C780n C782n
40X5789 PC Board - Forms Card C780n C782n
40X5802 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation C780n C782n
40X1679 Plate - Transfer plate assembly
40X0277 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, Brazil
40X1767 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Europe, Middle East, Africa
40X1794 Power Supply - High voltage power supply Standoff
40X5790 Printer - Lexmark PrintCryption Card C780n C782n
40X1778 Printhead - Printhead assembly C77x C78x
40X1828 Printhead - Printhead assembly, C77x, C78x
40X1631 Retainer - 250 output flag and retainer
40X0070 Roller - Pick tire pick roll assembly (2 per package)
40X1678 Roller - Second transfer roll
40X1743 Roller - Cartridge support roller
40X1632 Screw - Screw Type 484 Parts Packet
40X1633 Screw - Screw Type 323 Parts Packet
40X1635 Screw - Screw Type 324 Parts Packet
40X1639 Screw - Screw type 102 Parts Packet
40X1676 Screw - Screw type 232 Parts Packet
40X1691 Screw - Screw type 312 322 412 423 Parts Packet
40X1780 Screw - Screw type 121 Parts packet
40X1797 Screw - Screws Parts packet
40X1696 Sensor - Media size sensing assembly
40X1729 Sensor - Sensor paper out low
40X1732 Sensor - Paper level sensing assembly
40X1777 Sensor - Output options autoconnect and Bin Sensor C78x
40X1852 Sensor - Paper out sensor MPF
40X3265 Sensor - Bin full sensor
40X1508 Service Parts - 128MB DDR-DRAM
40X1609 Service Parts - Detent link
40X1610 Service Parts - Front hold down bellcrank
40X1612 Service Parts - Detent bellcrank
40X1674 Service Parts - Web oiler assembly
40X1709 Service Parts - MPF feed assembly C77x
40X1716 Service Parts - MPF autocompensator pick assembly
40X1718 Service Parts - Side restraint
40X1719 Service Parts - Back restraint
40X1736 Service Parts - MPF side restraint
40X1747 Service Parts - BOR front cam
40X1748 Service Parts - BOR rear cam
40X1749 Service Parts - Parts packet ITU loading - yellow
40X1750 Service Parts - Parts packet ITU loading - cyan
40X1752 Service Parts - Parts packet ITU loading - black
40X1753 Service Parts - Black terminal contact assembly
40X1756 Service Parts - Waste toner container
40X1757 Service Parts - Magenta terminal contact assembly
40X1758 Service Parts - Lift BOR assembly
40X1759 Service Parts - Cyan terminal contact assembly
40X1760 Service Parts - Rear hold down bellcrank
40X1761 Service Parts - Yellow terminal contact assembly
40X1765 Service Parts - Pick roll tires (2)
40X1840 Service Parts - MPF feed assembly C78x
40X1849 Service Parts - Parts packet (2xx 4xx) ITU loading - magenta
40X1980 Service Parts - Output expander complete assembly C772
40X1995 Service Parts - Output expander assembly mechanical linkage
40X1682 Shaft - MPF pick shaft
40X1979 Shaft - F R backup shaft assembly
40X1999 Shaft - Lower exit shaft assembly
40X2007 Shaft - Exit shaft assembly
40X2011 Shaft - Shaft bearing Parts packet
40X1605 Shield - Front right light shield
40X1739 Shield - ITU light shield assembly
40X1782 Shield - System board outer shield
40X1783 Shield - System board inner shield assembly
40X1784 Shield - INA blank flat shield
40X1982 Shield - Output option card shield
40X1603 Spring - Paper path access door spring
40X1608 Spring - Detent link spring
40X1613 Spring - Bellcrank detent spring
40X1636 Spring - Rear hold down spring
40X1645 Spring - Fuser latch slide spring
40X1660 Spring - Jam access spring
40X1697 Spring - Media size sensing spring
40X1706 Spring - Frame bias spring
40X1707 Spring - MPF support bracket spring
40X1725 Spring - Tray bias spring
40X1734 Spring - Bellcrank lift spring
40X1744 Spring - Contact spring terminal
40X1745 Spring - ITU bias spring
40X1755 Spring - Waste container latch spring
40X1787 Spring - Jam access door spring
40X1814 Spring - Aligner arm spring
40X2000 Spring - Upper diverter spring
40X2009 Spring - Swing arm spring
40X2010 Spring - Output tray spring
40X1768 Strap - Reference edge nip release strap
40X1722 Strip - Wear strip
40X1723 Tray - Tray bias bellcrank assembly
40X1724 Tray - Pick assembly 500-tray
40X1728 Tray - 500-Sheet tray complete assembly C77x C78x
40X1843 Tray - Envelope tray assembly C772 C782
40X1992 Tray - Output expander tray
10B3100 Waste - Waste toner cartridge

C782dtn Printer parts list
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