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12B0102 Laser W820DN Printer

Lexmark Laser W820DN (12B0102)

MFG Part Number: 12B0102

Lexmark parts list for 12B0102 Lexmark Laser W820DN Printer

12G4202 Actuator - Actuator, 1 FULL STACK
12G4203 Actuator - Actuator, 2 FULL STACK
12G4188 Assembly - Assembly, Mailbox
12G4205 Assembly - Assembly, tray 1
12G4208 Assembly - Assembly, Tray Even
12G4210 Assembly - Assembly, Tray ODD
12G4221 Assembly - Assembly, Bracket
12G4166 Bearing - Bearing Transport, Exit
12G4179 Bearing - Bearing
12G4288 Bearing - Bearing, Guide
12G4120 Belt - Belt, Synchronous
12G4171 Belt - Belt, Synchronous
12G4175 Belt - Belt, Synchronous
12G4207 Belt - Belt, drive
12G4068 Bracket - Bracket, Cable
12G4115 Bracket - Bracket, Foot
12G4142 Bracket - Brake Bracket Assembly
12G4146 Bracket - Brake Bracket Assembly
40X0880 Bushing - Bushing 6 mm
12G4058 Cable - Cable, Registration
12G4096 Cable - Cable assembly, operator panel
12G4097 Cable - Cable assembly, Main
12G4098 Cable - Cable assembly, Tray 1 Rear
12G4099 Cable - Cable assembly, Tray
12G4100 Cable - Cable assembly, Bottom
12G4101 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex
12G4102 Cable - Cable assembly, Output
12G4103 Cable - Cable assembly, Registration
12G4104 Cable - Cable assembly, paper size
12G4105 Cable - Cable assembly, INTERLOCK
12G4106 Cable - Cable assembly, DC Rear
12G4107 Cable - Cable assembly, motor
12G4108 Cable - Cable assembly, HVPS
12G4122 Cable - Cable assembly HCF
12G4156 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex
12G4377 Cable - Cable, Printhead
12B0090 Cartridge - Lexmark 12B0090 Black Toner Cartridge
12G4067 Cartridge - Contact assembly, Cartridge
12G4113 Caster - Caster, S
12G4369 Clip - Parts Pack, E-Clip Kit
12G4055 Clutch - Clutch assembly, Registration
12G4160 Clutch - Clutch assembly, Duplex
12G4169 Clutch - Clutch assembly, Friction
12G4177 Clutch - Clutch Duplex, One-way
12G4091 Controller - Controller, Box Assembly
56P3806 Controller - Board assembly Controller (ESS PWB), Network W820, X820e
12G4000 Cover - Cover Printer, Top
12G4002 Cover - Cover, Connector
12G4004 Cover - Cover, Fuser
12G4006 Cover - Cover Printer, Front
12G4008 Cover - Cover, Printer Inner Front
12G4013 Cover - Cover, Printer Inner LH
12G4014 Cover - Cover, Printer RH
12G4015 Cover - Cover assembly, Printer Rear Upper
12G4016 Cover - Cover Printer, Rear Lower
12G4042 Cover - Cover, MP Feeder Front
12G4043 Cover - Cover, MP Feeder Rear
12G4045 Cover - Cover, MP Feeder Top
12G4048 Cover - Cover assembly, Printer Lower Left
12G4050 Cover - Cover assembly, Printer Left
12G4054 Cover - Cover, CAP
12G4060 Cover - Cover, Printer Upper Left
12G4109 Cover - Cover, Left HCF
12G4110 Cover - Cover, Front Bottom
12G4111 Cover - Cover, Right
12G4112 Cover - Cover, Rear
12G4117 Cover - Cover, Foot
12G4139 Cover - Cover assembly, LH
12G4143 Cover - Cover
12G4150 Cover - Cover
12G4152 Cover - Cover, Duplex
12G4153 Cover - Cover, Duplex R
12G4154 Cover - Cover, Duplex F
12G4194 Cover - Cover, Front
12G4196 Cover - Cover, Left
12G4200 Cover - Cover assembly, Actuator
12G4212 Cover - Cover, Lower Rear
12G4222 Cover - Cover, Lower
12G4077 Drive Assembly - Drive assembly, Exit
12G4078 Drive Assembly - Drive assembly, Main
12G4081 Drive Assembly - Connector, Fuser Drive
12G4009 Duct - Duct, Air
12G4005 Fan - Fan, Fuser
12G4084 Fan - Fan, Power Unit
12G4095 Fan - Fan, ESS Cooling
12G4029 Feeder - Feeder assembly Paper
12G4044 Feeder - Feeder, MP Feeder
12G4133 Feeder - Feeder, HCF Assembly
12G4181 Feeder - Feeder assembly, Envelope
99A1683 Flash Card - Optra Forms 2 MB Flash DIMM
99A1684 Flash Card - Optra Forms 4 MB Flash DIMM
99A1685 Flash Card - Optra Forms 8 MB Flash DIMM
99A1686 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16 MB Flash DIMM
12G4079 Flywheel - Flywheel, Main Drive assembly
12G4080 Frame - Frame assembly, Fuser Exit
12G4184 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly, LV, W820
12G4185 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly, HV, W820
12G4168 Gear - Gear, 14
12G4170 Gear - Gear, 20/25
12G4173 Gear - Gear, 18
12G4178 Gear - Gear, 21
12G4022 Guide - Guide, Tray 1
12G4032 Guide - Guide, Paper Feed Out
12G4035 Guide - Guide, Tray 2
12G4038 Guide - Guide, Paper Exit
12G4057 Guide - Guide, Registration
12G4124 Guide - Guide assembly, Front TR4
12G4129 Guide - Guide, Front RT
12G4136 Guide - Guide, Paper
12G4180 Guide - Guide assembly, Duplex
12G4204 Guide - Transport, Guide assembly
12G4216 Guide - Guide, Paper
12G4198 Handle - Handle, Mailbox
99A2488 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, with Control Board 5.0+ GB
12G4225 Harness - Harness, Sensor
12G4226 Harness - Harness, Drive Motor
12G4007 Hinge - Hinge, Cover
12G4051 Hinge - Hinge, Cover RH
12G4052 Hinge - Hinge, Cover LH
12G4012 Kit - Kit,Tray 2 Mounting
12G4018 Kit - Kit, Paper Tray Cables
12G4028 Kit - Kit, Sensor Actuator
12G4030 Kit - Kit, Tray 1 Clutch
12G4031 Kit - Kit, Feed Roll (Qty 6)
12G4037 Kit - Kit, Tray 2 Clutch
12G4040 Kit - Kit, Tray 2 Exit Gear
12G4041 Kit - Kit, Feed Drive Repair
12G4059 Kit - Kit, Bearing
12G4118 Kit - Kit, HCF Mounting
12G4123 Kit - Kit, HCF Drive Gear
12G4130 Kit - Kit, Tray 3 Clutch
12G4131 Kit - Kit, Gear Take Away 3
12G4132 Kit - Kit, Retard Take Away 3
12G4134 Kit - Kit, Paper Pickup
12G4135 Kit - Kit, Retard Take Away TR4
12G4137 Kit - Kit, Take Away TR 5
12G4138 Kit - Kit, Retard Take Away TR 5
12G4144 Kit - Kit, Tray 4 CableS
12G4147 Kit - Kit, Tray 5 CableS
12G4151 Kit - Kit, Slide Bar
12G4368 Kit - Parts Pack, Clamp Kit
12G4370 Kit - Kit Repack, Printer
12G4373 Kit - Kit Repack, HCF
12G4374 Kit - Kit Repack, Finisher
12G4193 Label - Label, Mailbox
12G4165 Latch - Latch assembly, Duplex
12G4182 Maintenance Kit - W820 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
12G4183 Maintenance Kit - W820 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
12G3663 Manual - W820 Service Manual
12G3781 Manual - W820 Finisher Service Manual
12G3782 Manual - W820 Options Service Manual
56P0695 Memory - 8MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P0696 Memory - 16MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P0698 Memory - 64MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
99A1757 Memory - 2MB Flash DIMM
99A1758 Memory - 4MB Flash DIMM
99A1759 Memory - 8MB Flash DIMM
99A1774 Memory - 16MB Flash DIMM
12G4020 Motor - Motor assembly, Paper Tray
12G4074 Motor - Motor assembly, Offset
12G4119 Motor - Motor, Feed Assembly
12G4127 Motor - Motor assembly, Tray 4, 5
12G4161 Motor - Motor assembly, Duplex
12G4227 Motor - Motor, Drive
12G4344 Motor - Motor, MD11
12G1695 Network - MarkNet N2001e Ethernet 10/100BaseTX internal print server
12G4003 Panel - Operator Panel Assembly
12G4192 Panel - Panel, Mailbox
12G4085 PC Board - Card assembly, AC Driver, 110V
12G4086 PC Board - Card assembly, AC Driver, 220V
12G4088 PC Board - Card assembly, I/O
12G4092 PC Board - Board assembly, Engine (MCU PWB) 120V W820, X820e
12G4121 PC Board - Card assembly, HCF
12G4159 PC Board - Card Assembly, Duplex
12G4187 PC Board - Card assembly, Riser Card
12G4223 PC Board - Card assembly, Mailbox
12G4379 PC Board - Board assembly, Engine (MCU PWB) 220V W820, X820e
56P0161 PC Board - RS-232-C Serial/Parallel 1284-C Interface Card
56P1119 PC Board - Bar Code Card, W820
56P1235 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation W820
56P2535 PC Board - ImageQuick Card W820
56P2711 PC Board - Board assembly Controller (ESS PWB), Network W820, X820e
56P3300 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation W820, X830e, X832e
56P3836 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe W820, X830e, X832e
56P4531 PC Board - Lexmark PrintCryption Card W820
12G4070 Plate - Plate, Contact C
12G4071 Plate - Plate, Contact D
11A9095 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight US Canada Latin America (LV)
1339517 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, US, CA Latin America, Peru
1339518 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Australia, New Zealand (HV)
1339520 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Europe, Middle East, Indonesia, Africa (HV)
1339524 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Italy, Chile, Uruguay (HV)
1339528 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, UK, Ireland, Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore
1339530 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Israel (HV)
1339531 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, Switzerland (HV)
1339532 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. South Africa, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia
1339533 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, Italy, Chile, Uruguay (HV)
1339534 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, Denmark (HV)
12G4082 Power Supply - PWR Supply, 110V
12G4083 Power Supply - PWR Supply, 220V
12G4087 Power Supply - HVPS
12G4376 Power Supply - PSLV-R2 Power Supply
12G4061 Printhead - Printhead
12G4174 Pulley - Pulley, 20
12G4047 Roller - Roller assembly, Pinch
12G4056 Roller - Roller assembly, Registration
12G4062 Roller - Transfer Roller
12G4063 Roller - Contact assembly, Transfer Roller
12G4167 Roller - Roller assembly, Duplex Exit
12G4172 Roller - Roller assembly, Transport
12G4176 Roller - Roller assembly Exit, Transport Wait
12G4206 Roller - Roller assembly, Exit 1
12G4220 Roller - Pinch Roll Assembly
12G4149 Screw - Screw M3
12G4191 Screw - Thumbscrew
12G4375 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
12G4021 Sensor - Sensor, photo
12G4049 Sensor - Sensor, photo
12G4065 Sensor - Sensor assembly, Toner
12G4076 Sensor - Sensor assembly, Exit Lower
12G4164 Sensor - Sensor, photo
12G4201 Sensor - Sensor jam, Bin 10
12G4215 Sensor - Sensor
12G4218 Sensor - Sensor, LED
12G4285 Sensor - Sensor, Guide
12G4001 Service Parts - Stop, Paper
12G4023 Service Parts - Stop, Tray F
12G4024 Service Parts - Stop, Tray R
12G4034 Service Parts - Exit assembly, High Paper Retard
12G4072 Service Parts - Transport assembly
12G4090 Service Parts - Transformer, 220 V Machine ONLY
12G4114 Service Parts - Caster
12G4116 Service Parts - Foot assembly, Adjuster
12G4128 Service Parts - Stop, Link Tray 4
12G4148 Service Parts - Transport assembly
12G4155 Service Parts - Transport, Duplex Assembly
12G4186 Service Parts - Damper assembly, Paper
12G4304 Service Parts - Feed Assembly
40X0248 Service Parts - Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS
56P0159 Service Parts - Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS
56P9934 Service Parts - MarkNet N2000t 4/16 Token Ring internal print server
12G4064 Slider - Slider, Exit
12G4073 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, Exit Lower
12G4211 Solenoid - Solenoid, Gate 1-9
12G4213 Solenoid - Spring, solenoid
12G4241 Solenoid - Gate Solenoid
12G4025 Spacer - Spacer, L
12G4027 Spring - Spring, Torsion
12G4033 Spring - Spring, Extension
12G4066 Spring - Spring, Sensor
12G4214 Spring - Spring, Gate IN
12G4011 Strap - Strap, Cover Support
12G4163 Strap - Strap assembly, Support
12G4199 Strap - Strap, Left Cover
12G4140 Support - Support, Cover LH
12G4162 Support - Support assembly, duplex
12G4010 Switch - Switch, interlock Assembly
12G4019 Switch - Switch assembly, Paper Size
12G4069 Switch - Interlock switch assembly
12G4075 Switch - Switch assembly, Exit Lower
12G4089 Switch - Switch, interlock
12G4125 Switch - Switch assembly, Paper Size TR 3
12G4126 Switch - Switch assembly, Paper Size TR4, 5
12G4219 Switch - Switch, interlock Assembly
56P0947 Switch - Switch, Door Open
12G4017 Tray - Tray assembly, paper
12G4026 Tray - Link Stop, Tray 1
12G4036 Tray - Link Stop, Tray 2
12G4039 Tray - Exit assembly, Tray 2 Paper
12G4046 Tray - Tray Assembly, MPF
12G4141 Tray - Tray assembly
12G4145 Tray - Tray assembly

Laser W820DN Printer parts list
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