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13N1100 Color_Laser C920N Printer

Lexmark Color_Laser C920N (13N1100)

MFG Part Number: 13N1100

Lexmark parts list for 13N1100 Lexmark Color_Laser C920N Printer

56P9641 Actuator - Actuator, front cover open switch
40X1075 Assembly - Assembly, paper-feed base
40X1086 Assembly - Assembly, paper feed expansion
40X1088 Assembly - Assembly, turn guide switch option
40X1101 Assembly - Assembly, HCF/FIN D-Sub
40X1112 Assembly - Assembly, drive link
40X1117 Assembly - Assembly, RFID
56P9627 Bearing - Bearing, roller
56P9814 Bearing - Bearing, release
40X1052 Belt - Belt, power supply
40X1095 Belt - Belt, timing S3M:177
56P9822 Belt - Belt, timing
56P9823 Belt - Belt, timing
40X1165 Box - Box, RIP
40X1143 Bracket - Bracket, front upper
40X1148 Bracket - Bracket, rear upper
56P9621 Bracket - Bracket, fan holder
40X1070 Bushing - Bushing, pressure
40X1103 Bushing - Bushing, turn guide
56P9697 Bushing - Bushing
40X1042 Cable - Cable assembly, feeder
40X1044 Cable - Cable assembly, sensor board
40X1048 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex connector
40X1049 Cable - Cable, fuser drawer
40X1050 Cable - Cable, fuser drawer (230V only)
40X1055 Cable - Cable assembly, Motor Interface
40X1073 Cable - Cable assembly, 36 pin RIP harness
40X1074 Cable - Cable assembly, 30 pin RIP harness
40X1089 Cable - Cable assembly, paper feed type 2
40X1091 Cable - Cable assembly, expansion paper level
40X1092 Cable - Cable assembly, expansion lift motor
40X1098 Cable - Cable assembly, paper-feed type 1
40X1099 Cable - Cable assembly, paper tray lift motor
40X1100 Cable - Cable assembly, cassette bottom sensor
40X1102 Cable - Cable assembly, finisher
40X1113 Cable - Cable, registration clutch
40X1114 Cable - Cable, carrying clutch
40X1115 Cable - Cable, registration sensor
40X1116 Cable - Cable, MPF clutch
40X1118 Cable - Cable, RFID
40X1120 Cable - Cable, belt relay
40X1157 Cable - Cable, power switch
40X1172 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex connection
40X1180 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex drawer
40X1255 Cable - Cable, USB
40X1256 Cable - Cable, operator panel
40X1367 Cable - Parallel cable packaged (3 m)
40X1368 Cable - USB cable packaged (2 m)
40X3483 Cable - HCF Interface Cable
56P9606 Cable - Cable assembly, RSPFG
56P9607 Cable - Cable assembly, LFG
56P9644 Cable - Cable assembly, drive unit sensor
56P9696 Cable - Cable assembly, belt thermistor
56P9702 Cable - Cable, belt up/down sensor
56P9715 Cable - Cable high voltage power supply board
56P9733 Cable - Cable assembly, HCPF interface
56P9738 Cable - Cable assembly, conditioning joint (230 V only)
56P9740 Cable - Cable, conditioning resistor
56P9747 Cable - Cable assembly, power MAC
56P9749 Cable - Cable assembly, power RIP
56P9775 Cable - Cable assembly, size sensor
56P9777 Cable - Cable assembly, upper optional drawer
56P9778 Cable - Cable assembly, lower optional drawer
56P9806 Cable - Cable assembly, paper detection
56P9807 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex interface
11K3188 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield, 3 x 5000 Staples
C9202CH Cartridge - Cyan Yields up to 14000 pages
C9202KH Cartridge - Lexmark C9202KH Black Toner Cartridge
C9202MH Cartridge - Lexmark C9202MH Magenta Toner Cartridge
C9202YH Cartridge - Lexmark C9202YH Yellow Toner Cartridge
40X1106 Clip - Retainer clip
40X1037 Clutch - Clutch, belt up/down
40X1040 Clutch - Clutch, registration
40X1067 Clutch - Clutch, MPF
40X1080 Clutch - Torque limiter clutch
40X1081 Clutch - Clutch, roller 6 x 10 x 14
40X1082 Clutch - Clutch, paper feed
40X1087 Clutch - Clutch, paper feed
40X1150 Clutch - Clutch, drive unit
40X1051 Controller - Board, printer controller
40X1053 Controller - Cable assembly, printer controller power 1
40X1054 Controller - Cable assembly, 26 pin RIP printer controller
40X1059 Controller - Controller Board, 550-Sheet
40X1068 Controller - Cable assembly, 8 pin PH controller
40X1149 Controller - Printhead controller Frame
40X1205 Controller - Cable assembly, conditioning printer controller
40X1220 Controller - Board, printhead controller
56P9720 Controller - Cable assembly, PH controller power
56P9727 Controller - Cable assembly, printer controller power 2
56P9729 Controller - EPROM, printer controller
40X1123 Cover - Cover assembly, front
40X1124 Cover - Cover assembly, right side
40X1126 Cover - Cover, left side
40X1127 Cover - Cover, paper feed
40X1128 Cover - Cover, rear
40X1129 Cover - Cover, left front
40X1130 Cover - Cover, adjustment
40X1131 Cover - Cover, top
40X1132 Cover - Cover, waste toner bottle
40X1151 Cover - Cover, electronic
40X1166 Cover - Cover, RIP box
40X1167 Cover - Cover, rear
40X1200 Cover - Cover, front feed
40X1201 Cover - Cover. left side
40X1202 Cover - Cover, right side A
40X1203 Cover - Cover, right side B
40X1204 Cover - Cover, right side C
40X2779 Cover - Black photodeveloper Cover
56P9594 Cover - Cover, eraser
56P9626 Cover - Cover, hook
56P9687 Cover - Cover, gear
12N0772 Developer - Lexmark 12N0772 Color Photodeveloper Kit, 3/Pack
12N0773 Developer - Lexmark 12N0773 Black Photodeveloper
40X2634 Drawer - 550-sheet Drawer, complete assembly C920
56P4024 Drawer - 550-sheet Drawer, complete assembly C920
40X1035 Drive Assembly - Drive Unit, 120V
40X1036 Drive Assembly - Drive Unit, 230V
40X1252 Duplexer - Duplex Unit, complete assembly C920
56P4023 Duplexer - Duplex Unit, complete assembly C920
40X1032 Fan - Fan, upper right
40X1033 Fan - Fan, upper left
40X1047 Fan - Fan, power supply
40X1520 Fan - Fan, RIP box
40X1135 Feeder - Feeder assembly, multipurpose
40X1105 Flag - Flag, bottom sense
40X1454 Flash Card - 32MB Flash Card
40X1455 Flash Card - 64MB Flash Card
56P9503 Foot - Foot, rubber
40X1506 Forms Card - Forms Card (Single Bytes Languages) C920
40X1025 Frame - Frame assembly, carrying
40X1038 Frame - Sub Frame
40X1039 Frame - MPF Frame assembly
40X1154 Frame - Frame assembly, registration
40X1155 Frame - Frame assembly, F1 sub
40X1168 Frame - Frame, duplex
56P9591 Frame - Frame, upper
56P9629 Frame - Frame, link
56P9685 Frame - Frame assembly, F2 sub
40X1517 Fuse - Fuse, thermal (230V only)
40X1056 Fuser Assembly - Lexmark 40X1056 fuser
40X1057 Fuser Assembly - Fuser, 230V
40X1093 Gear - Gear, IDS 38
40X1096 Gear - Gear, Z30
40X1246 Gear - Gear, Z28:20T
56P9527 Gear - Gear, idler
56P9817 Gear - Gear, carrying roller
99A0394 Grease - Grease Nyogel 744
11G0199 Guide - Wire Guide
40X1027 Guide - Guide assembly, face-down
40X1069 Guide - Guide assembly, expansion turn guide
40X1209 Guide - Guide assembly, fuser entry
40X1242 Guide - Guide assembly, turn
40X2777 Guide - Lock guide
40X3484 Guide - Guide, HCF
56P9671 Guide - Guide, cable
56P9672 Guide - Guide, cable
56P9788 Guide - Guide, HCF
56P9826 Guide - Guide, front side
56P9827 Guide - Guide, rear side
40X1208 Handle - Handle assembly, lock
40X1257 Handle - Handle, up opening
56P9669 Handle - Handle, lock
40X2610 Hard Drive - Hard disk with adapter - 40+ GB
40X1142 Holder - Holder, front hsp
56P9593 Holder - Holder, rear printhead
56P9611 Holder - Holder, front printhead
56P9638 Holder - Holder, cable
40X1145 Hook - Hook, middle
40X1146 Hook - Hook, left
40X1147 Hook - Hook, right
56P9625 Hook - Hook, right link
56P9630 Hook - Hook, left link
56P9737 Insulator - Insulator, sheet
12G9707 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12G9720 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12G9782 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12G9816 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12N0772 Kit - Lexmark 12N0772 Color Photodeveloper Kit, 3/Pack
12N0773 Kit - Lexmark 12N0773 Black Photodeveloper
40X0271 Kit - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X1056 Kit - Lexmark 40X1056 fuser
40X1249 Kit - C920 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X1501 Kit - Kit, rack guard holder
40X1511 Kit - Relocation packaging kit C920n
56P9821 Knob - Knob, paper re-feed
40X1516 Label - Label, MPT
56P9545 Label - Label, operator guide
40X1028 Lamp - Lamp, M erase
40X1029 Lamp - Lamp, C erase
40X1030 Lamp - Lamp, Y erase
40X1031 Lamp - Lamp, K erase
56P9521 Lever - Lever, size sensor
56P9624 Link - Link, frame
40X0393 Lock - Handle lock assembly
40X1139 Magnet - Magnet, right side latch
40X1140 Magnet - Magnet, front cover latch
40X1041 Maintenance Kit - C920 Transfer Belt Maintenance Kit
40X1109 Maintenance Kit - C920 Paper Path Maintenance Kit
40X1249 Maintenance Kit - C920 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X1250 Maintenance Kit - C920 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
40X1251 Maintenance Kit - C920 Transfer Belt Maintenance Kit
12G9606 Manual - C920 Service Manual
40X1509 Memory - 256MB DDR-DRAM
40X1510 Memory - 512MB DDR-DRAM
40X1090 Motor - Stepping Motor assembly
40X1097 Motor - Motor, paper tray lift
40X1170 Motor - Motor, duplex stepping
56P9828 Motor - Motor assembly, paper guide
40X1377 Network - MarkNet N8030 Fiber Ethernet 100BaseTX
40X1259 Panel - Operator panel
40X0290 PC Board - RS-232 Serial Interface Card
40X0291 PC Board - Parallel 1284-B interface card
40X1043 PC Board - Board, sensor
40X1045 PC Board - Board, 120V motor driver
40X1046 PC Board - Board, 230V motor driver
40X1060 PC Board - Board, duplex interface
40X1083 PC Board - Board, CK2 daughter board/sensor
40X1084 PC Board - Card, CK1 Daughter
40X1164 PC Board - Card, conditioning (230V only)
40X1248 PC Board - Card assembly, RIP
40X1502 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe C920
40X1503 PC Board - Bar Code Card C920
40X1505 PC Board - Lexmark PrintCryption Card C920
40X1507 PC Board - Forms Card (Double Bytes Languages) C920
40X1512 PC Board - Japanese Font Card
40X1513 PC Board - S. Chinese Font Card
40X1515 PC Board - Korean Font Card
40X1564 PC Board - 32MB Flash Card
40X1565 PC Board - 64MB Flash Card
40X2644 PC Board - RIP Card assembly
40X3482 PC Board - Card, size sense
40X4197 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe C920
56P9522 PC Board - Board, size sensor
56P9667 Pin - Pin, upper unit support
56P9628 Pivot - Pivot, color link
11G0399 Plate - Ground Plate
40X1076 Plate - Plate, guide rocking
56P9824 Plate - Plate, paper carrying drawer
56P9825 Plate - Plate, paper re-feed drawer
56P9994 Plate - Plate, duplex guide
56P9988 Post - Post, mini-S/N XX-1XXXX
40X0269 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle US CA LA
40X0270 Power Cord - Power Cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Japan
40X0271 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X0272 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle Argentina Paraguay Uruguay
40X0273 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Italy Chile Uruguay
40X0274 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Switzerland
40X0276 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Botswana South Africa
40X0277 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, Brazil
40X0278 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Europe Middle East Indonesia Africa
40X0279 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Denmark
40X0280 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Korea
40X0281 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Taiwan
40X0282 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight PR China
40X0286 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X0293 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle UK Malaysia Singapore
40X0296 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Australia New Zealand
40X0303 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight PR China
40X4596 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Brazil
40X1159 Power Supply - Supply, high voltage
40X1160 Power Supply - Supply, 120V power 1
40X1161 Power Supply - Supply, 230V power 1
40X1162 Power Supply - Supply, 120V power 2
40X1163 Power Supply - Supply, 230V power 2
40X1133 Printhead - LED printhead (K) Assembly
40X1134 Printhead - LED printhead (C) Assembly
40X1094 Pulley - Pulley, timing 20t
56P9818 Pulley - Pulley, carrying roller timing
56P9819 Pulley - Pulley, feed roller
56P9820 Pulley - Pulley, re-feed roller
40X1034 Rail - Rail, base left side
56P9592 Rail - Rail, left side
56P9610 Rail - Rail, right side
56P9741 Resistor - Resistor, conditioning (230 V only)
40X1144 Rod - Rod, interlocking
56P9686 Rod - Rod, lock
40X1064 Roller - Exit roller, face-down
40X1072 Roller - Roller, follow up
40X1077 Roller - Pickup roller
40X1078 Roller - Paper feed roller
40X1079 Roller - Separator roller
40X1108 Roller - Roller, relay
40X1111 Roller - Feed roller (type 2 relay expansion)
40X1174 Roller - Roller, drive feed
40X1175 Roller - Roller, follow-up feed
40X1176 Roller - Roller, middle feed
40X1177 Roller - Roller, re-feed
40X1243 Roller - Paper Exit Roller
56P9683 Roller - Carrying Roller assembly
56P9813 Roller - Roll, release
40X1169 Screw - Screw, duplex mounting
56P9524 Screw - Screw, slide rail
40X1104 Sensor - Photo Interuptor (photo sensor)
40X1107 Sensor - Sensor (relay vertical paperfeed)
40X1152 Sensor - Sensor, density
40X1173 Sensor - Photo interrupter (Horizontal sensor)
40X1211 Sensor - Sensor, upper OHP
40X1247 Sensor - Sensor, humidity
56P9645 Sensor - Sensor, drive unit gear
40X0179 Service Parts - Grease, Nyogel 744
40X0275 Service Parts - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Isreal
40X1026 Service Parts - Exit assembly, face up
40X1136 Service Parts - Photo interrupter
40X1137 Service Parts - Photo interrupter
40X1171 Service Parts - Photo Interrupter
40X1262 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1263 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1264 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1265 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1266 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1267 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1268 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1269 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1270 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1271 Service Parts - Parts packet
40X1508 Service Parts - 128MB DDR-DRAM
40X1514 Service Parts - 40X1514
40X2776 Service Parts - Right stop
40X2778 Service Parts - Left stop
56P9964 Service Parts - Transformer, power (Japan only)
40X1119 Shaft - Shaft, changing
56P9993 Shield - Shield, light-used on P/N 56P9594
56P9632 Shroud - Shroud, cable
56P9670 Shroud - Shroud, cable
40X1125 Solenoid - Cover, solenoid
40X1178 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, feed roller
40X1179 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, paper re-feed
56P9700 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, paper feed
40X1071 Spring - Spring, paper carry 2
56P9526 Spring - Spring, feed roller
56P9609 Spring - Spring, printhead
56P9614 Spring - Spring, return
56P9815 Spring - Spring, reed roller
56P9816 Spring - Spring, re-feed roller
40X1156 Stopper - Stopper, clutch
40X1207 Support - Support assembly, upper unit
40X1085 Switch - Switch, turn guide
40X1158 Switch - Switch, power
56P9990 Tape - Tape, Core-S/N XX-1XXXX
40X1058 Tray - 550-Sheet Tray, complete assembly C920
40X1122 Tray - Tray assembly, exit

Color_Laser C920N Printer parts list
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