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15K0000 Multifunction X6170 Printer

Lexmark Multifunction X6170 (15K0000)

MFG Part Number: 15K0000

Lexmark parts list for 15K0000 Lexmark Multifunction X6170 Printer

18L0000 Cartridge - #88 hi yeild color ink
18L0032 Cartridge - Lexmark 82 Black Ink Cartridge (18L0032)
18L0042 Cartridge - Lexmark 83 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (18L0042)
18L0232 Cartridge - 3-#82 yeild black inks
18L0233 Cartridge - 3-#88 hi yeild color inks

Multifunction X6170 Printer parts list
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