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16C0300 Multifunction Laser X522S Printer

Lexmark Multifunction Laser X522S (16C0300)

MFG Part Number: 16C0300

Lexmark parts list for 16C0300 Lexmark Multifunction Laser X522S Printer

99A0349 Arm - Arm, transfer roll assembly right
99A0405 Arm - Pick arm assembly
99A0448 Arm - Arm, paper out 250-sheet
99A1054 Arm - Pick Arm Assembly
99A1578 Arm - Transfer roll left Arm
99A1645 Arm - Arm, paper out 500-sheet tray
99A1646 Arm - Arm assembly, pivot
99A2079 Arm - Pick Arm Assembly (500) 210/220
99A0231 Bail - Bail, support
99A1636 Base - Base, 500-sheet tray
99A1638 Base - Base, 250-sheet option
99A0328 Belt - Belt, Motor 114 Gear
99A0484 Belt - Belt, gear drive
99A1820 Belt - Belt, 185G
99A0062 Bracket - Bracket, level sensor
99A0491 Bracket - Bracket, stack limiter
99A0679 Bracket - Bracket, 250-sheet frame retention
99A1667 Bracket - Bracket, 500-sheet tray retention
99A0438 Bushing - Bushing, drive roll
99A1555 Bushing - Bushing, charge roll
40X3257 Cable - Cable, HCIT-14 pin flex
56P0162 Cable - Cable, parallel 1284 C-B adapter
56P1101 Cable - Parallel 1284 A-C (6) Cable
99A0281 Cable - Cable, tray autoconnect
99A0282 Cable - Cable, tray autoconnect
99A0310 Cable - Cable, Auto Connect Top
99A0311 Cable - Cable, Auto Connect Bottom
99A0385 Cable - Cable, auto connect front
99A0577 Cable - Cable Ties Parts Packet (10 each)
99A0684 Cable - Cable, HCIT-14 pin flex
99A1673 Cable - Cable, D.C. Motor Tach
99A2026 Cable - Printhead Assembly (Includes All Cables)
99A2052 Cable - Cable, Integrated Tray
99A2053 Cable - Cable, Auto Connect Bottom
99A2054 Cable - Cable, main drive motor
99A2055 Cable - Cable, Front Harness
99A2059 Cable - Cable, deflector
99A2061 Cable - Cable, Fuser AC Fuser to LVPS
99A2062 Cable - Cable, Engine Board to Fuser Board
12A6735 Cartridge - Yields up to 20000 pages Black Toner Cartridge High Yield
12A6830 Cartridge - Black Return-Program Toner Cartridge. Yields up to 7500 pages
12A6835 Cartridge - Yields up to 10000 pages Black Toner Cartridge High Yield
12A6839 Cartridge - Lexmark Black Toner Cartridge (12A6839), High Yield, Return Program
56P1100 Cartridge - Cartridge, empty shipping
99A0227 Clip - Clip, Two Finger EMC Ground
99A0260 Clip - Clip, cable
99A0267 Clip - Retainers, Clips Parts Packet
99A1541 Clip - Clip, external ground
99A2066 Clip - Clip, reference ground
99A0393 Clutch - Clutch, restraint/gear
99A1538 Contact - Contact, RSF Ground
99A1596 Contact - Contact, LSF Ground
99A2087 Contact - Smart Contact Assembly
56P1192 Controller - Controller Board Assembly (Non-Network) 210
56P0150 Cover - Cover, Fuser Assembly with Thermistor
99A0088 Cover - Cover, backup tray
99A0232 Cover - Cover, right
99A0408 Cover - Cover, INA Flat (Blank)
99A1280 Cover - Top Cover Assembly, Movable 500 Duplex
99A1506 Cover - Cover assembly, Laser 250 Output
99A1508 Cover - Cover, Fuser Wick Assembly
99A1509 Cover - Cover, Left Door 1-slot
99A1510 Cover - Cover, Left Door
99A1511 Cover - Cover assembly, lower front
99A1658 Cover - Cover, fuser wiper cavity
99A1674 Cover - Cover, System Board
99A1679 Cover - Top Cover Assembly, Fixed 500 Duplex
99A1696 Cover - Cover, top
99A1697 Cover - Cover, right side
99A1698 Cover - Cover, left side
99A2074 Cover - Cover assembly, redrive cap
99A2075 Cover - Cover, Right Side
99A0312 Deflector - Actuator Assembly, Deflector
99A1525 Deflector - Deflector, upper PF
99A1665 Deflector - Deflector, base 500
99A1850 Deflector - Deflector, inner
99A2092 Deflector - Deflector Assembly, MPT
99A1644 Door - Door Assembly, Redrive 250-sheet
56P0556 Drawer - 500-sheet Drawer, complete assembly
99A1143 Drawer - 250-Sheet Drawer, complete assembly
99A0276 Drive Assembly - Drive roll assembly
99A0337 Drive Assembly - Main Drive Assembly
99A1544 Drive Assembly - Developer drive assembly
99A1857 Drive Assembly - Deflector, upper redrive
99A2029 Drive Assembly - Redrive Assembly, 500 Input/250 Output 210/220
99A0867 Duct - Duct, Main Body
99A2016 Duct - Duct, left stacker
56P1416 Duplexer - 500-sheet Duplex Unit complete assembly
99A0308 Fan - Fan, Cooling Duplex
99A0803 Fan - Fan, Main
99A2063 Fan - Fan, Main
99A0071 Feeder - Multipurpose feeder Arm assembly
99A1144 Feeder - 2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder (Letter), complete assembly
99A1145 Feeder - Envelope Feeder, complete assembly
99A1531 Feeder - Multipurpose feeder lower deflector
99A1974 Feeder - Board assembly, Envelope Feeder electronic control
99A0126 Finger - Finger, autosize
99A0084 Flag - Flag, MPT paper out
99A0487 Flag - Flag, envelope out sensor
99A1613 Flag - Flag, output paper level
99A1616 Flag - Flag, Paper Out 500 Tray
99A1683 Flash Card - Optra Forms 2 MB Flash DIMM
99A1684 Flash Card - Optra Forms 4 MB Flash DIMM
99A1685 Flash Card - Optra Forms 8 MB Flash DIMM
99A1686 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16 MB Flash DIMM
99A0125 Frame - Frame assembly, right side
99A0137 Frame - Frame assembly, left side
99A0445 Frame - Stud assembly, 250-sheet frame
99A0906 Frame - Frame assembly, left side
99A0907 Frame - Frame assembly, right side
99A1517 Frame - Frame Extension, Left 500 Internal
99A1518 Frame - Frame Extension, Right 500 Internal
99A1540 Frame - Nut plate, frame extension
99A1693 Frame - Main Frame Assembly 500 Duplex
99A1702 Frame - Stud assembly, 500 frame
99A1903 Frame - Outer Frame Assembly, 500 Duplex
99A2022 Frame - Right side frame
99A2025 Frame - Left Side Frame
99A2065 Frame - Frame, EP Module
99A0191 Fuse - Fuse, .8A SB
99A2082 Fuse - Fuse, for 110 V ac LVPS 10 a
99A2083 Fuse - Fuse, for 110 V ac LVPS 5 a
99A2090 Fuse - Fuse, for 220 V ac HVPS 6.3 a
99A2091 Fuse - Fuse, for 220 V ac HVPS 3.15 a
99A2422 Fuser Assembly - Fuser Assembly w/220V 630W Lamp
99A2423 Fuser Assembly - Fuser Assembly w/115V 630W Lamp
99A0148 Gear - Gear, Idler
99A0271 Gear - Gears Parts Packet
99A0273 Gear - Gear, bevel
99A0274 Gear - Gear, feed (drive) roll
99A0317 Gear - Gear, Duplex Bevel
99A0325 Gear - Gear, Pass Thru Idler
99A1520 Gear - Gear, Upper Redrive
99A1704 Gear - Gear, idler
99A1705 Gear - Gear, idler
99A2030 Gearbox - Gearbox, w/Motor
99A1699 Guard - Guard, pass thru sensor
99A1896 Guard - Guard, Gear
99A0226 Guide - Guide, paper exit
99A0323 Guide - Paper guide assembly
99A0330 Guide - Guide Assembly, Center Drive
99A0332 Guide - Guide, Center Drive Upper
99A0469 Guide - Deflector Guide
99A1065 Guide - Paper Decurl Guide Assembly
99A1130 Guide - Guide, return RH upper
99A1131 Guide - Guide, Return LH Upper
99A1164 Guide - Guide, Debuckle
99A1579 Guide - Guide, Upper 500 Duplex
99A1675 Guide - Guide Assembly, Paper
99A1680 Guide - Guide, Return RH Lower 500 Duplex
99A1682 Guide - Guide, LH Lower Return 500 Duplex
99A1691 Guide - Guide, Lower Entry 500 Duplex
99A1694 Guide - Guide, edge
99A2017 Guide - Guide, extension
99A0799 Hard Drive - Optra Forms Hard Disk, 2.1+ GB
99A2488 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, with Control Board 5.0+ GB
99A2489 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, Optra Forms 5.0+ GB or larger with Control Board
99A2011 Hinge - Hinge, Upper Front Cover
99A2035 Housing - Housing, Detack Assembly
99A0324 Idler - Idler Assembly, Belt Tension
99A0627 Jumper - Jumper, 2-pin
40X4308 Kit - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
56P9104 Kit - T520, T522 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V with wider transfer roll
99A0299 Kit - Cam Follower Assembly Kit Parts Packet
99A0512 Kit - Parts kit, charge roll link assembly, left side
99A0513 Kit - Parts kit, charge roll link assembly, right side
99A0585 Kit - Contact Kit Parts Packet
99A1017 Kit - Optra M410, M412 Charge Roll Kit
99A1605 Kit - Kit, cap/stack bails 500-sheet
99A2010 Kit - Kit, Upper Front Cover with Labels 210/220
99A2423 Kit - Fuser Assembly w/115V 630W Lamp
99A1537 Knob - Knob, paper size
99A0007 Label - Label, TLI/ID/serial number-blank
99A0427 Label - Label, envelope orientation icon
99A0725 Label - Oily Fuser Wiper for Label App (T52x, T62x, Optra S, T)
99A1812 Label - Label, tray option number
99A1829 Label - Label, tray option number
99A1952 Label - Label, paper size
99A2050 Lamp - Lamp, 115V 630W CC Gold
99A2051 Lamp - Lamp, 220V 630W CC Silver
99A1502 Latch - Latch, Upper Cover
99A1601 Latch - Latch, back restraint
99A0567 Link - Link, gear release
99A0702 Lock - Printer stand caster, non-locking
99A0703 Lock - Printer stand caster, locking
99A0705 Lock - Printer stand lock, cam
56P9104 Maintenance Kit - T520, T522 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V with wider transfer roll
99A2420 Maintenance Kit - T520, T522 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
99A2421 Maintenance Kit - T520, T522 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
56P0694 Memory - 4MB SDRAM DIMM (PC 100)
56P0695 Memory - 8MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P0696 Memory - 16MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P0698 Memory - 64MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
99A0321 Motor - Motor Assembly, DC Drive
99A0382 Motor - Motor, stepper DC
99A1819 Mounting - Mounting, frame assembly
12G1695 Network - MarkNet N2001e Ethernet 10/100BaseTX internal print server
99A0566 Nut - Nut, Paper Reference Adjustment
99A0058 Pad - Pad, Mounting
99A0120 Pad - Restraint Pad
99A2077 Pad - Pad, machine mounting
99A0434 Pan - Pan, System Board Drip
99A2024 Pan - Pan, Center Assembly
99A2078 Pan - Pan, motor drip
99A2014 Panel - Operator Panel Assembly 110V
99A2015 Panel - Operator Panel Assembly 220V
56P0161 PC Board - RS-232-C Serial/Parallel 1284-C Interface Card
56P0314 PC Board - Board, System with Jumper 250/500 Duplex
56P1005 PC Board - Engine board assembly
56P1118 PC Board - Bar Code Card T62x
56P1139 PC Board - Board, input tray (ITC)
56P1210 PC Board - ImageQuick Card
56P1234 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation T62x
99A0923 PC Board - USB/Parallel 1284-C Interface Card
99A2046 PC Board - Interconnect Board Assembly
99A0082 Plate - Plate Assembly, MPT
99A0121 Plate - 250-sheet tray wear plate
99A0124 Plate - Plate, snap-in
99A0277 Plate - Wear plate, pass thru
99A1583 Plate - Plate, 500-sheet tray wear
99A1750 Plate - Wear plate, pass thru
99A2020 Plate - Transfer plate assembly
1339535 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, US, Canada, Latin America (LV)
1339537 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. UK, Ireland, Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore (HV)
1339538 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Europe, Middle East, Indonesia, Africa
1339540 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Switzerland
1339541 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Pakistan
1339542 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Chile, Italy, Uruguay
1339543 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Right angle, Denmark
1342536 Power Cord - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Australia, New Zealand (HV)
1374067 Power Cord - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Peru (HV), US
40X0255 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle Argentina Paraguay Uruguay
99A2043 Power Supply - Low Voltage Power Supply, 110 V ac
99A2044 Power Supply - HVPS, 220 V ac
99A2045 Power Supply - Power supply, high voltage
99A0208 Pulley - Pulleys Parts Packet
99A0329 Pulley - Pulley, Main Drive 96/54 Gear
99A0240 Retainer - Retainers Parts Packet
99A0404 Retainer - Retainers Parts Packet
99A0450 Retainer - Retainer, roller
99A1594 Retainer - Retainer, cable
40X4308 Roller - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
99A0039 Roller - Roller, developer support
99A0076 Roller - Pick roll assembly
99A0079 Roller - Tray assembly, backup roller
99A0086 Roller - Roller, backup
99A0167 Roller - Roller, Redrive Idler
99A0278 Roller - Bellcrank, roller release
99A0451 Roller - Roll, skewed backup
99A0488 Roller - Roller, Support
99A1015 Roller - Transfer roll assembly
99A1129 Roller - Roller, Duplex Pass Thru
99A1664 Roller - Bellcrank, roller release
99A1706 Roller - Tray assembly, drive roller
99A1707 Roller - Tray assembly, drive roller
99A1831 Roller - Transfer roll assembly with wider roll
99A2036 Roller - Hot Roll
99A2038 Roller - Backup Roll
99A0073 Screw - Screw, damper
99A0075 Screw - Screw, socket set M4X5 mm
99A0234 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
99A0263 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
99A0269 Screw - Screw, Washer,Nut Parts Packet
99A0413 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
99A0426 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
99A0492 Screw - Screw, Paper Reference Adjustment
99A0675 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
99A1633 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
99A1649 Screw - Screw, Fuser Mounting
56P1049 Sensor - Sensor, standard bin level with cable
99A0053 Sensor - Sensor, Input
99A0288 Sensor - Sensor, pass thru
99A0341 Sensor - Sensor, Exit - Optical
99A0350 Sensor - Sensor, paper level
99A0466 Sensor - Sensor, Toner Cartridge Level
99A0485 Sensor - Sensor, envelope pass thru
99A1551 Sensor - Sensor, exit
99A1651 Sensor - Sensor, Narrow Media
99A1676 Sensor - Sensor, Input Optical 500 Duplex
99A2070 Sensor - Sensor, Paper Out Internal Tray
99A2071 Sensor - Sensor, MPF paper out
40X0248 Service Parts - Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS
56P1435 Service Parts - External Serial Adapter
56P9934 Service Parts - MarkNet N2000t 4/16 Token Ring internal print server
99A0089 Service Parts - Alignment assembly, Paper Feed
99A0307 Service Parts - Air Plenum
99A0389 Service Parts - Paper weight assembly
99A0446 Service Parts - Aligner assembly, paper
99A0462 Service Parts - Packet grease, IBM #23
99A0560 Service Parts - Tri-Port Adapter (Serial, LocalTalk and Infrared)
99A0676 Service Parts - Nuts Parts Packet
99A0677 Service Parts - Washers Parts Packet
99A1794 Service Parts - Nuts Parts Packet
99A1852 Service Parts - Packaging, 4069 250/250 printer
99A1853 Service Parts - Packaging, 4069 500/250 printer
99A1889 Service Parts - Paper Presentator, Front
99A2037 Service Parts - Grip Ring
99A0074 Shaft - Bushing, pick roll shaft
99A0122 Shaft - Shaft assembly, drive roller
99A0134 Shaft - Shaft, power takeoff 250
99A0185 Shaft - Shaft, transfer pivot
99A0197 Shaft - Shaft, drive rear
99A0272 Shaft - Drive Shaft 250-sheet
99A0279 Shaft - Bearing, drive shaft
99A0280 Shaft - Bearing, drive shaft low
99A0316 Shaft - Shaft, Duplex Drive
99A0334 Shaft - Bushing, Decurl Shaft
99A0384 Shaft - Shaft, drive pressure roller
99A0447 Shaft - 550- 500-sheet drive Shaft
99A0572 Shaft - Shaft bearing Parts Packet
99A1059 Shaft - Decurl shaft Assembly
99A1569 Shaft - Shaft, power takeoff 500
99A1692 Shaft - Shaft Assembly, Drive 3 Roll 500 Duplex
99A1695 Shaft - Shaft Assembly, Drive 2 Roll 500 Duplex
99A2081 Shaft - Parts packet, developer drive shaft, coupler gear #55
99A0206 Shield - Shield, Outer 2 slot
99A0549 Shield - Shield, ESD assembly with label
99A1546 Shield - Shield, gear
99A1611 Shield - Shield Ethernet (blank)
99A2049 Shield - Shield, Inner Assembly, 2 Slot 210/220
99A2084 Shield - Engine Board Shield Assembly
99A2094 Shield - Shield, Outer 2 slot
99A1643 Shroud - Shroud, Fan
99A0127 Slider - Slider, autosize 250-sheet tray
99A1582 Slider - Slider, autosize 500-sheet
99A2027 Solenoid - Frame Assembly, MPT with Solenoid
99A2067 Solenoid - Solenoid Assembly, Envelope Conditioner
99A2438 Solenoid - Solenoid, MPT
56P1228 Spring - Spring Arm Bellcrank
56P1337 Spring - Parts Packet, bellcrank and spring (250)
56P2034 Spring - Spring Arm Bellcrank (5)
56P2540 Spring - Bellcrank spring - 500-sheet tray
99A0004 Spring - Spring, latch
99A0028 Spring - Spring, tray bias
99A0063 Spring - Switch Activate Spring
99A0081 Spring - Spring assembly, separator
99A0087 Spring - Spring, backup roller
99A0104 Spring - Upper Diverter Spring
99A0181 Spring - Spring, transfer roll left
99A0184 Spring - Spring, transfer roll right
99A0268 Spring - Springs Paper Feed Parts Packet
99A0275 Spring - Power Takeoff Spring
99A0286 Spring - Spring, backup roller
99A0314 Spring - Spring, Chassis Ground
99A0315 Spring - Spring, Duplex Shaft
99A0326 Spring - Spring, Aligner
99A0335 Spring - Spring, Decurl Shaft
99A0400 Spring - Spring, restraint roll shaft
99A0419 Spring - Spring, tray bias
99A0489 Spring - Spring, latch return
99A0494 Spring - Spring, cam clutch
99A0556 Spring - Spring, counterbalance
99A0897 Spring - Spring, Redrive Idler
99A1524 Spring - Cartridge load spring
99A1929 Spring - Bellcrank spring - 250-sheet paper tray
99A1930 Spring - Spring, Bellcrank Internal 500
99A2019 Spring - Spring, cartridge hold down
99A0704 Stand - Printer stand grommet, wire
99A0706 Stand - Printer stand storage shelf
99A0710 Stand - Printer stand filler, rear top piece
99A0711 Stand - Printer stand table assembly, large
99A0712 Stand - Printer stand table assembly, small
56P1279 Strip - Wear strips
99A0292 Strip - Wear strips
99A0390 Support - Support, slide out
99A1587 Support - Support, Paper
99A2018 Support - Support, left lower stacker
99A2021 Support - Support, right stacker plate
56P2730 Switch - Switch, Cover Open / Operator Panel
99A0388 Switch - Switch, envelope out
40X3351 Tray - Tray Option Card assembly
99A0026 Tray - Tray Bias Arm Assembly
99A0083 Tray - Multipurpose Tray Parts Kit
99A0085 Tray - Tray, backup roller
99A0893 Tray - Restraint, back 250-sheet tray
99A1134 Tray - Tray Assembly, Jam Removal 500 Duplex
99A1536 Tray - 250-sheet Tray, complete assembly
99A1576 Tray - 500-sheet Tray, complete assembly
99A1602 Tray - Back Restraint, 500-sheet tray
99A1647 Tray - Rib assembly, 250-sheet special media tray
99A1654 Tray - 250-sheet (UAT) Tray
99A1677 Tray - Base Assembly, w/Tray Bias 500 Duplex
99A1890 Tray - Tray assembly, 250-sheet special media
99A1894 Tray - Restraint, side 250-sheet tray
99A1895 Tray - Restraint, side 500-sheet tray
99A2485 Tray - 400-sheet (UAT) Tray
99A0452 Washer - Washer, Mounting
99A0565 Washer - Washer, Reference Adjustment

Multifunction Laser X522S Printer parts list
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