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17J0050 Laser C752n Printer

Lexmark Laser C752n (17J0050)

MFG Part Number: 17J0050

Lexmark parts list for 17J0050 Lexmark Laser C752n Printer

56P0319 Accumulator - Accumulator w/o stapler
56P0384 Accumulator - Accumulator belt (hook)
56P0167 Anchor - Anchor, bracket mounting
12G6386 Arm - Duplex actuator arm
12G6558 Arm - Pick arm lift bellcrank
12G6560 Base - 500 base assembly
12G6489 Belt - Vacuum transport belt assembly
56P0328 Belt - Inverter transfer belt (40S3M198)
56P0547 Belt - Elevator lift belt
56P2295 Belt - Jogger fence belt (B40S2M460)
12G6339 Blank - Blank, TLI/Serial Number label
56P0318 Box - Box, chad
12G6389 Bracket - Top front support bracket
12G6459 Bracket - MPF support bracket
12G6462 Bracket - MPF bracket assembly
12G6468 Bracket - Paper size sensing bracket
12G6472 Bracket - Tray interlock bracket
56P0354 Bracket - Bracket finisher alignment
56P0410 Bracket - Bracket, attach
56P0418 Bracket - Bracket, attach front
56P0420 Bracket - Bracket assembly, bail attach
56P0457 Bracket - Duplex support bracket
56P1525 Bracket - Sensor mount bracket
56P0527 Bushing - Bushing
56P0532 Bushing - Bushing, 060
12G6301 C750 - C750, C752 Fuser 110-120V 500W
12G6302 C750 - C750, C752 Fuser 220V 500W
12G6495 C750 - C750, C752 Fuser 100V 500W (Japan)
12G6321 Cable - Cable, operator panel
12G6387 Cable - Ground cable
12G6510 Cable - Cable tie (6 in a pack)
12G6511 Cable - Cable tie pad
56P0340 Cable - Communications cable
56P0381 Cable - Harness cable assembly D3 - low voltage power supply relay board to AC input/output
56P0462 Cable - Autoconnect cable assembly
56P0509 Cable - Cable, feed unit special sensors
56P0510 Cable - Cable, feed unit sensors
56P0511 Cable - Paper size sensors cable
56P0512 Cable - Cable, elevator motor
56P0514 Cable - Options autoconnect cable assembly
56P0517 Cable - Options cable mounting plate
56P0543 Cable - Cable clamp
56P0550 Cable - Cable, tray media level sensor
56P1501 Cable - Cable, HVPS control - developer
56P1502 Cable - Cable, HVPS control - transfer
56P1503 Cable - Cable assembly, options - bottom/paper size sensing board
56P1506 Cable - Cable, fuser and yellow cartridge motor
56P1507 Cable - Cable, C,M cartridge motor
56P1508 Cable - Cable, ITU and K cartridge motor
56P1509 Cable - Fuser fan assembly with cable
56P1527 Cable - Registration motor assembly with cable
56P1538 Cable - RIP fan assembly (80 mm) with cable
56P1539 Cable - Cable, options - stacker with output bin sensor
56P1540 Cable - Printhead interlock cable assembly
56P1542 Cable - Cable, pick motor extension and paper level sensing
56P1545 Cable - Cable, ground
56P1547 Cable - Cable clip
56P1548 Cable - Cable, laser - black/magenta
56P1549 Cable - Cable, laser - cyan/yellow
56P1550 Cable - Cable, oiler motor driver
56P2100 Cable - Cable assembly, S2/XPAR/NMS/MPF (with sensors)
56P2174 Cable - Cable, S2/XPAR/NMS/MPF (without sensors)
56P0529 Cam - Feed cam
56P0594 Cam - Cam, BOR front
56P0595 Cam - Cam, BOR rear
10B3100 Cartridge - Waste toner cartridge
15G031C Cartridge - Yield cyan toner
15G031K Cartridge - Yield black toner
15G031M Cartridge - Yield magenta toner
15G031Y Cartridge - Yield yellow toner
15G032C Cartridge - Hi yield cyan toner
15G032K Cartridge - Hi yield black toner
15G032M Cartridge - Hi yield magenta toner
15G032Y Cartridge - Hi yield yellow toner
15G041C Cartridge - Lexmark 15G041C Cyan Return Program Toner Cartridge
15G041K Cartridge - Lexmark 15G041K Black Return Program Toner Cartridge
15G041M Cartridge - Lexmark 15G041M Magenta Return Program Toner Cartridge
15G041Y Cartridge - Lexmark 15G041Y Yellow Return Program Toner Cartridge
15G042C Cartridge - toner cartridge - cyan - 15,000 pages based on approximately 5% coverage
15G042K Cartridge - toner cartridge - black - 15,000 pages based on approximately 5% coverage
15G042M Cartridge - toner cartridge - magenta - 15,000 pages at approximately 5% coverage
15G042Y Cartridge - toner cartridge - yellow - 15,000 pages based on approximately 5% coverage
56P0310 Cartridge - Cartridge contact assembly, complete, cyan, magenta, yellow
56P1214 Cartridge - Cartridge drive assembly, cyan/magenta/black
56P1215 Cartridge - Cartridge drive assembly, yellow
56P1561 Cartridge - Cartridge contact assembly, complete, black
56P0491 Caster - Caster, movable
56P0492 Caster - Caster, fixed
12G6420 Clip - Tray wear clip
56P0531 Clip - E-clips Parts Packet
56P0535 Clip - Clip, plastic 5W
56P1518 Clip - System board shield assembly with clips
99A0267 Clip - Retainers, Clips Parts Packet
56P1565 Contact - Black terminal contact assembly
56P1566 Contact - Magenta terminal contact assembly
56P1567 Contact - Cyan terminal contact assembly
56P1568 Contact - Yellow terminal contact assembly
12G6388 Cover - Front lower left cover
12G6392 Cover - Left upper pivot cover
12G6393 Cover - Right front cover
12G6394 Cover - Front lower right cover
12G6395 Cover - Cover, left lower
12G6396 Cover - Right rear cover
12G6398 Cover - Left lower pivot cover
12G6399 Cover - Front upper pivot cover
12G6404 Cover - Left front light shield cover
12G6405 Cover - Front right light shield cover
12G6408 Cover - Left upper cover assembly
12G6409 Cover - Redrive cap cover assembly
12G6411 Cover - Front right handle cover assembly
12G6412 Cover - Front left handle cover assembly
12G6449 Cover - MPF cable cover
12G6452 Cover - MP feeder door cover
12G6455 Cover - Frame bias latch cover
12G6457 Cover - MPF support bracket cover
12G6490 Cover - VTB fan gap cover
12G6556 Cover - Cover, frame
12G6563 Cover - Wall support plate
56P0320 Cover - Cover front door
56P0321 Cover - Top cover (tall finisher)
56P0400 Cover - Cover, front
56P0401 Cover - Cover, Rear
56P0409 Cover - Cover, front control board
56P0411 Cover - Front cover
56P0412 Cover - Rear structural cover
56P0413 Cover - Cover, left side
56P0415 Cover - Cover, right
56P0416 Cover - Cover, top bin
56P0480 Cover - Back cover
56P0500 Cover - Front cover
56P0501 Cover - Cover, main CA
56P0503 Cover - Right side cover
56P0504 Cover - Left side cover
56P0505 Cover - Rear cover
56P0508 Cover - Upper left side jam cover
56P0573 Cover - Upper right side cover (tall finisher)
56P0574 Cover - Lower tray cover
56P0575 Cover - Front/rear lower cover
56P0576 Cover - Bottom kick cover
56P0577 Cover - Lower right side cover
56P0578 Cover - Tray wall cover
56P1510 Cover - Rear cover
56P2189 Cover - Top cover assembly
56P2291 Cover - Redrive belt cover duct
12G6555 Deflector - 500 option deflector
56P0483 Deflector - Deflector actuator assembly
56P1570 Deflector - Deflector follower assembly
56P2218 Detent - Detent, front access door
12G6355 Door - Redrive door assembly
12G6391 Door - Paper path access door
12G6460 Door - Door hinge restraint
12G6485 Door - Lower access jam door assembly
12G6493 Door - Upper door hinge
12G6552 Door - Base door assembly
56P0405 Door - Door assembly, right jam access
56P0414 Door - Access Door
56P1522 Door - MPF door assembly
56P1531 Door - Lower right door assembly
56P1569 Drawer - Envelope Drawer, complete assembly C752
12G6492 Drive Assembly - Redrive assembly
12G6543 Drive Assembly - Web oiler index drive assembly
56P0168 Drive Assembly - Drive assembly, 500 option 2
56P1553 Drive Assembly - Fuser drive assembly
56P1558 Drive Assembly - Web oiler driver board assembly
56P2204 Drive Assembly - Redrive belt 300 T
56P2294 Drive Assembly - Accumulator drive belt (B30S2M334)
12G6340 Duct - Fuser top duct
12G6358 Duct - Fuser bottom duct
12G6360 Duct - Fuser wall duct
56P1500 Duct - RIP fan duct
56P2290 Duct - Fuser left duct
56P1575 Feeder - 2000-sheet High Capacity Feeder, complete assembly C75x
12G6507 Flag - 250 output flag and retainer
56P0326 Flag - Flag paper full
56P0417 Flag - Flag, bin full
56P0518 Flag - Flag, paper size
56P0519 Flag - Flag, paper size
56P0520 Flag - Flag, paper size
56P0536 Flag - Level sensor flag
56P0539 Flag - Near empty sensor flag
56P1417 Flash Card - 16MB Flash Card
56P1418 Flash Card - 32MB Flash Card
56P1427 Flash Card - Optra Forms 32MB Flash card
56P1428 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16MB Flash card
12G6453 Frame - Frame bias latch
12G6502 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly, web oiler 100V 500W (Japan)
12G6514 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly, web oiler 115V 500W
12G6515 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly, web oiler 220V 500W
12G6385 Gear - Gear, #58
12G6463 Gear - MPF drive gear
12G6465 Gear - MPF drive gear bushing
56P0466 Gear - Spur drive gear
56P0467 Gear - 26T duplex gear
56P0548 Gear - Elevator lift gear
99A1717 Gear - Gear, drive
12G6535 Guide - Guide assembly, left side
12G6536 Guide - Guide assembly, right side
12G6554 Guide - Paper guide
56P0355 Guide - Guide vertical paper
56P0560 Guide - Rear ITU guide
99A0323 Guide - Paper guide assembly
56P2217 Handle - Handle, front access door
40X2610 Hard Drive - Hard disk with adapter - 40+ GB
56P9932 Hard Drive - Optra Forms hard disk, 5+GB w/adapter
56P9942 Hard Drive - Hard drive mounting kit
56P9982 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, 20GB with/Adapter (formatted)
12G6562 Hinge - Hinge
12G6346 Housing - Buckler housing
12G6354 Housing - Rib housing
56P2219 Housing - Housing, front access door
56P2848 Imaging Unit - Lexmark C752, C760, C762 ITU Kit
56P0490 Jumper - Jumper, AC power cord, 1.4 m
12G9816 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
40X1563 Kit - Paper Jam kit
56P0566 Kit - Finisher install kit
56P2848 Kit - Lexmark C752, C760, C762 ITU Kit
7370563 Kit - Relocation packaging kit, Output Expander
7370564 Kit - Relocation packaging kit, 5-Bin Mailbox
7370565 Kit - Relocation packaging kit 500-Sheet Drawer
7370566 Kit - Relocation packaging kit Duplex Unit
7370595 Kit - Relocation packaging kit, Finisher
7371549 Kit - Relocation packaging kit
12G6568 Label - Reflector label
56P2489 Label - Label, top paper jam
12G6383 Latch - Fuser latch slide
12G6419 Latch - Back restraint latch
12G6469 Latch - Waste container latch
56P0356 Latch - Pack magnet, strong and weak and door latch
56P0515 Latch - Magnetic latch
56P1532 Latch - Lower right door latch
56P1533 Latch - Lower left door latch
56P3137 Mailbox - 5-Bin Mailbox, complete assembly C75x
12G6496 Maintenance Kit - C750, C752 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
12G6497 Maintenance Kit - C750, C752 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
12G6498 Maintenance Kit - C750, C752 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V
12G6509 Memory - 64MB SDRAM DIMM, 8MX64
56P2223 Memory - 512MB SDRAM DIMM
56P9910 Memory - 128MB SDRAM DIMM
56P9911 Memory - 256MB SDRAM DIMM
56P0323 Motor - Output tray offset motor and gear assembly
56P0325 Motor - Motor assembly paper feed
56P0464 Motor - DC duplex feed motor
56P0513 Motor - Elevator motor assembly
56P1536 Motor - Motor assembly, Lift/BOR
56P2293 Motor - Registration drive motor assembly Kit
56P2805 Motor - ITU motor drive
56P2503 Network - System board, network, 222/234 only
12G6380 Pad - Machine pad
56P0473 Pad - Brake pad
56P1504 Pad - Active restraint pad
12G6344 Panel - Operator panel assembly, low voltage, Japan only
12G6345 Panel - Operator panel assembly, high volt
12G6402 Panel - Operator panel bezel
12G6559 PC Board - Electronics / size sensing assembly with system board
56P0430 PC Board - Duplex card assembly
56P0494 PC Board - System control board
56P1198 PC Board - Thermistor card
56P1438 PC Board - Japanese Font Card
56P1471 PC Board - HCOF control board assembly
56P1554 PC Board - Media size sensing card assembly, 221/222 only
56P1563 PC Board - Card assembly - fuser drive
56P2248 PC Board - ImageQuick Card C752
56P2296 PC Board - Card assembly, printhead diagnostic aid
56P2297 PC Board - Bar Code Card C752
56P2299 PC Board - Lexmark PrintCryption Card C752
56P2600 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS/Tne C752
56P0506 Pin - Locating pin, options rear left
56P0507 Pin - Locating pin, options front right
12G6488 Plate - Transfer plate assembly
56P0456 Plate - Duplex support plate
11A9095 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight US Canada Latin America (LV)
3049565 Power Cord - Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Brazil (LV)
40X0270 Power Cord - Power Cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Japan
56P0341 Power Cord - Power cord
12G6327 Power Supply - Transfer HVPS board
56P0338 Power Supply - Low voltage power supply
56P0495 Power Supply - LVPS
56P1514 Power Supply - LVPS, 115V/230V switchable
56P2469 Power Supply - Developer HVPS board
56P4330 Printhead - Printhead assembly
56P0482 Pulley - Pulley washer
99A0450 Retainer - Retainer, roller
99A1789 Retainer - Retainer, C-clip
56P0563 Ring7 - Ring 7, elevator lift gear/elevator lift
12G6303 Roller - Second transfer roll
12G6353 Roller - Cartridge support roller
40X0070 Roller - Pick tire pick roll assembly (2 per package)
56P0528 Roller - Feed roller
56P0542 Roller - Separation/torque roller
12G6309 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 323
12G6529 Screw - Screws, fuser fan mounting
12G6530 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 324
12G6531 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 232
12G6532 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 102
12G6533 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 312, 322, 412, 423
12G6534 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 484
12G6538 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, 500-sheet tray
12G6539 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 124
12G6540 Screw - Screws Parts Packet, type 121
56P0169 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
56P0564 Screw - Kit, stabilizer with mounting screws
56P2220 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
12G6461 Sensor - Paper out/low sensor
12G6466 Sensor - Paper size sensing link
12G6476 Sensor - Paper level sensing assembly
12G6553 Sensor - Pass thru sensor
12G6565 Sensor - Paper level sensing assembly
12G6566 Sensor - Paper size sensing assembly
56P0437 Sensor - Duplex sensor
56P0442 Sensor - Duplex exit sensor
56P0455 Sensor - Sensor mount plate
56P0516 Sensor - Sensor, photo interrupter
56P0561 Sensor - Paper size sensor box assembly
56P1524 Sensor - Paper out sensor MPF
56P2101 Sensor - Sensor, S2/NMS
56P2175 Sensor - Sensor, transparency reflective (XPAR)
56P0526 Sensors - Sensors, special optical
12G6335 Service Parts - Stand off
12G6347 Service Parts - Bellcrank, front hold down
12G6377 Service Parts - Rear hold down bellcrank
12G6417 Service Parts - Side restraint
12G6418 Service Parts - Back restraint
12G6447 Service Parts - Friction buckler
12G6494 Service Parts - Waste toner container
12G6545 Service Parts - Web oiler assembly
56P0315 Service Parts - Punch assembly
56P0316 Service Parts - Staple assembly
56P0342 Service Parts - Caster
56P0387 Service Parts - Bar tip unit
56P0408 Service Parts - Output expander assembly, mechanical linkage
56P0474 Service Parts - Decurl BAC assembly
56P0476 Service Parts - 5 mm bushing
56P0493 Service Parts - F adjuster
56P0497 Service Parts - AC power outlet
56P0498 Service Parts - AC power inlet
56P0544 Service Parts - Emitter timing wheel
56P0549 Service Parts - Elevator lift
56P1495 Service Parts - ITU loading (Yellow) Parts Packet
56P1496 Service Parts - ITU loading (Cyan) Parts Packet
56P1497 Service Parts - ITU loading (Magenta) Parts Packet
56P1498 Service Parts - ITU loading (Black) Parts Packet
56P1523 Service Parts - MPF autocompensator pick assembly
56P1572 Service Parts - ITU coupler retract lever
56P2194 Service Parts - Nip relief handle
56P3136 Service Parts - Output Expander, complete assembly (C75x)
56P9926 Service Parts - Optra Forms Software
12G6464 Shaft - MPF drive gear shaft
56P0435 Shaft - Duplex shaft mount
56P0441 Shaft - Duplex shaft assembly
56P0444 Shaft - F/R backup shaft assembly
56P0445 Shaft - 40T shaft drive F/R gear
56P0447 Shaft - Duplex entry shaft assembly
56P0465 Shaft - Drive alignment shaft assembly
56P0472 Shaft - Pass thru shaft assembly
56P0477 Shaft - Reduction gear shaft
99A0369 Shaft - Shaft assembly, exit
56P0407 Shield - Shield, output option card
56P1513 Shield - ITU light shield assembly (autoconnect)
56P1517 Shield - System board outer shield
56P1543 Shield - INA blank flat shield, use when options are not installed
56P2236 Shield - Shield, parallel port
99A1611 Shield - Shield Ethernet (blank)
56P0383 Solenoid - Solenoid inverter
56P0385 Solenoid - Solenoid drop assembly
56P2292 Spacer - Printhead spacer
12G6376 Spring - Rear hold down spring
12G6384 Spring - Fuser latch slide spring
12G6403 Spring - Spring, paper path access door
12G6426 Spring - Tray bias spring
12G6442 Spring - Terminal, contact spring
12G6443 Spring - ITU bias spring
12G6454 Spring - Frame bias spring
12G6458 Spring - MPF support bracket spring
12G6467 Spring - Paper size sensing spring
12G6470 Spring - Waste container latch spring
12G6491 Spring - Jam access spring
12G6557 Spring - Bellcrank lift spring
12G6561 Spring - Spring
56P0451 Spring - Right Backup spring assembly
56P0452 Spring - Left backup spring assembly
56P0458 Spring - Chassis ground spring
56P0468 Spring - Pass thru spring
56P0470 Spring - Aligner arm spring
56P0475 Spring - Brake spring
56P0522 Spring - Spring, paper size flag
56P0530 Spring - Spring, feed unit
56P0533 Spring - Spring, feed unit front
56P0534 Spring - Spring, feed unit rear
56P0540 Spring - Spring, extension
56P2176 Spring - Grounding spring
56P2216 Spring - Shield, door spring
56P2246 Spring - Detent spring
99A1689 Spring - Spring clutch assembly
12G6541 Standoff - Standoff, high voltage power supply - developer
12G6421 Strip - Wear strip
12G6397 Support - Front access door support
56P0402 Support - Cover, rear support
56P0449 Support - Support decurl guide
56P0454 Support - Wall support
56P0459 Support - Back support
56P1564 Support - System board shield support with clips
56P0388 Switch - Tray limit switches (includes two)
56P2806 Switch - ITU drive assembly with motor and waste toner full switch
12G6416 Tray - 500-Sheet tray, complete assembly, C75x
12G6425 Tray - Tray bias bellcrank assembly
12G6471 Tray - Tray interlock bellcrank
12G6550 Tray - 500-Sheet Option tray pick assembly
56P0322 Tray - Tray paper
56P0432 Tray - Duplex front jam tray assembly
56P0433 Tray - Right jam clearance tray assembly
56P0434 Tray - Right side front tray guide
56P0523 Tray - Paper tray arms
56P0524 Tray - Paper tray guide
56P0541 Tray - Tray present lever
56P1277 Tray - Paper tray guide
56P1526 Tray - Pick assembly 500-tray
56P2237 Tray - Envelope tray assembly
56P1551 VTBfan - VTB fan, 60 mm
10B3100 Waste - Waste toner cartridge

Laser C752n Printer parts list
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