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1PU51A LaserJet Managed E50145dn

HP LaserJet Managed E50145dn (1PU51A)

MFG Part Number: 1PU51A 45ppm black

HP parts list for 1PU51A HP LaserJet Managed E50145dn

RK2-6261-000CN Cable - Flat flexible cable
RK2-7067-000CN Cable - USB cable
RK2-8657-000CN Cable - Cable-Flexible Flat
RM2-2596-000CN Cable - Tag cable assembly
RC4-3219-000CN Cover - Full detect sensor cover
RC4-4137-000CN Cover - Cover, Right
RC4-4142-000CN Cover - Hardware integration pocket (HIP) cover - For the duplex models only
RC4-4149-000CN Cover - USB cover - For the M506 printer series
RC4-4433-000CN Cover - I/O cover assembly - For the M506 printer series
RM2-5713-000CN Cover - Left cover assembly
RM2-5725-000CN Cover - Formatter cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the formatter PC board
RM2-5683-000CN Delivery - Assy-Duplex Paper Delivery
RM2-5677-000CN Door - Cartridge door assembly - For the Laserjet Pro M501 printer models only
B5L29-67903 Drive Assembly - 500GB secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD) assembly
RM2-5715-000CN Drive Assembly - Paper feed drive assembly - For the M527 printer series only
RK2-8068-000CN Fan - Fan (FM1) assembly
RK2-8068-010CN Fan - Fan;Part RK2-8068-010CN is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, RK2-8068-000CN
RM2-5666-000CN Feeder - Intermediate paper feeder assembly
RM2-2585-000CN Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly - For 110 VAC - Bonds toner to the paper with heat
RM2-2586-000CN Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly - For 220 VAC - Bonds toner to the paper with heat
RM2-5700-000CN Gear - Mutli-purpose/tray 1 gear assembly - For the M506 printer series only
3GY19-67901 Guide - Fixed Tray Guide kit
RM2-5689-000CN Hardware - Film bias assembly
RC4-3010-000CN Hinge - Cartridge door left hinge
RC4-3133-000CN Holder - Right transfer roller holder
RC4-3134-000CN Holder - Holder Transfer Roller Left HP Pro M402DN M403 M426 M427 Holder Transfer Roller Left
RC4-4479-000CN Link - Pressure release link
RM2-8684-000CN Motor - Main motor (M1) assembly
RM2-9531-000CN Motor - Assy-Main Motor
RL2-0885-000CN Multifunction - Formatter PC board case - For the M506 printer series only
RL2-0657-000CN Pad - Multi-purpose/tray 1 separation pad
1PV87-60001 PC Board - Formatter (main logic) PC board
RM2-7948-000CN PC Board - Fusing power supply (FPS) PC board assembly - For 110-127 VAC operation
RM2-7949-000CN PC Board - Fusing power supply (FPS) PC board assembly - For 220-240 VAC operation
RM2-7955-000CN PC Board - Memory PC board assembly
RM2-8597-000CN PC Board - Power switch PC board assembly
RM3-7475-000CN PC Board - DC controller PC board assembly - For use with duplex models only
RM3-7475-010CN PC Board - Assy-DC Controller PCB
RM3-7476-000CN PC Board - DC controller PC board assembly - For use with simplex models only
RM2-5741-000CN Pickup Assembly - Roller unit paper pickup roller assembly.
RM2-7941-000CN Power Supply - Low-voltage power supply (LVPS) - For 110-127 VAC - For use with the M506 printer series only
RM2-7942-000CN Power Supply - Low-voltage power supply (LVPS) - For 220-240 VAC - For use with the M506 printer series only
RM3-7424-000CN Power Supply - High-voltage power supply (HVPS) assembly
F2A68-67913 Roller - Kit-Trays 2 Roller Tray roller kit pad and 2 roller kit assembly.
F2A68-67914 Roller - Multipurpose/tray 1 pick-up roller and separation pad
RL2-0656-000CN Roller - Roller-Multi-Purpose
RM1-4023-000CN Roller - Transfer roller assembly - Long metal shaft with black roller
RM2-2039-000CN Roller - Transfer Roller Assembly
RM2-2577-000CN Roller - Registration roller assembly - Next set of rollers after paper feed
RM2-5745-000CN Roller - Separation unit separation roller assembly.
RM2-5752-000CN Roller - Kit-Trays 2X Roller sets RM2-5752-000CN Tray x2 Separation Roller and x2 pickup roller Assembly for HP M501 M506 M527 M426 M402
RM2-2891-000CN Scanner - Laser/scanner assembly
RM2-2891-010CN Scanner - Assy-Laser Scanner
RM2-4862-000CN Scanner - Assy-Laser Scanner
1PV64-69001 Service Parts - MPS Maintenance Kit
1PV64-69002 Service Parts - MPS Maintenance Kit
1PV86-67902 Service Parts - Kit-Repair Part 110V
1PV86-67903 Service Parts - Kit-Repair Part 220V
CF289-67904 Service Parts - Cartridge-89Y Black Contract LJ Toner
CF289-67905 Service Parts - Cartridge-Black Mngd LJ Toner
K0Q15-60106 Service Parts - Assy-Control Panel
K0Q15-67903 Service Parts - Kit-Control Panel 4.3 inch
RK3-0503-000CN Service Parts - Cable-Flexible Flat
RL2-0647-000CN Service Parts - Assy-Duplex Roller
RM2-2610-000CN Service Parts - Assy-Control Panel
RM2-2612-000CN Service Parts - Assy-Control Panel
RM3-7632-000CN Service Parts - Cable-Flexible Flat
RM1-5421-000CN Solenoid - Solenoid assembly - For the M506 printer models only
RU8-2935-000CN Spring - Spring, Compression
RC4-3002-000CN Support - Cartridge door assembly shaft support
RK2-0534-000CN Switch - Microswitch - Door open switch - SW501
RM2-5701-010CN Switch - Lever Switch Assy
RC4-4141-000CN Tray - Tray, Paper Delivery
RM2-5690-000CN Tray - Paper cassette tray - Just the cassette tray 2
F2A72-67901 Tray Assembly - Optional feeder tray 550 Media capacity HP Enterprise M506 M527 M501 series models.

LaserJet Managed E50145dn parts list
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