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1QE01A Latex 115 Printer

HP Latex 115 (1QE01A)

MFG Part Number: 1QE01A

HP parts list for 1QE01A HP Latex 115 Printer

Q6651-60081 Accessory - Lubrication felts kit - For DesignJet printers
B4H70-67029 Actuator - Color Sensor Assembly (SOL) Actuator Assy Fit For HP Latex 310 330 360 370 570 110 560 115. See image denote number #1 on diagram.
CH955-67084 Actuator - Shutter bump (actuator) - For Designjet printers
M0E29-67084 ADF Roller Kit - Low Volume Reseller Kit
B4H69-67055 APS - APS Assy 54 SERV
B4H70-67074 Base - E-Box Base Serv
V7L46-67001 Blade - Front Platens w/Blade 54
B4H69-67038 Brace - X-Brace 54 SERV
B4H69-67053 Brace - Footbrace Assy 54 SERV
CH955-67114 Brace - Right-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
CH955-67115 Brace - Left-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
B4H70-67067 Bracket - Impinging Bracket Serv
CQ869-67009 Bracket - Left side scan-axis bracket
Q1273-60086 Bracket - Right bracket assembly - Used to connect the right cover assembly
B4H70-67007 Brake - Roller Brake Rm Serv
B4H69-67016 Cable - Drying Fans Cable 54 SERV. (for CR models SN: MY5BR69010 or lower see B4H70-67144)
B4H69-67018 Cable - Top Cover Fans Cable 54 Serv
B4H69-67019 Cable - Drying Fans Cable 54 Serv
B4H69-67021 Cable - E-Box Cables 54 Serv
B4H69-67049 Cable - Cables to ISS side 54 SERV
B4H69-67050 Cable - Cables to SVS side 54 SERV
B4H70-67018 Cable - Carriage Flex Cables Serv
B4H70-67123 Cable - Grounding Cables SERV
B4H70-67136 Cable - Ink Tube Valve Kit Assembly x7 PIP Floater and Cable SERV PIP Floater and Cable SERV CONECTOR HP LATEX 310 / 330 / 360 - PIP FLOATER KIT
V7L47-67001 Cable - FP 4.3in w/Cable 64
B4H70-67022 Carriage - Carriage without PC board, Color Sensor Assembly (SOL) and LSPC
CQ869-67075 Carriage - Carriage shutdown service kit - Includes Carriage felts cleaning sponge and lubricant oil (10ml).(Copper bushings are no longer available)
B4H69-67056 Carriage Assembly - Carriage w/o PCA-SOL-LS 54 SERV
B4H69-67058 Cartridge - Ink Tubes Srk 54
V8N83-67006 Clip - PZ Air Clip Diffusors SERV
B4H70-67137 Connector - PIP Floater ISS Con. V2 SERV PIP FLOATER Latex 310 330 360 370 570
V8N83-67007 Counter - Variable front tension s
B4H69-67034 Cover - Top Cover 54 SERV
B4H69-67037 Cover - Air Curtain Fans Cover w/o Fan
B4H69-67051 Cover - E-Box Covers 54 SERV
B4H69-67052 Cover - Rear Cover 54 SERV
B4H69-67060 Cover - Impinging Recirculation Cover v2 54 SERV
B4H70-67060 Cover - Top Cover Fan And Diffusor Ser
B4H70-67072 Cover - Left cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the left side of the printer
B4H70-67078 Cover - Impinging covers assembly
B4H70-67091 Cover - Connector Cover Right Serv
E2X76-67004 Cover - Right Cover Small FP w/o Door SERV
CH955-67007 Cutter - Cutter assy serv RoHS Cutter assembly For HP Z6200 T7100 T7200 L25500 L26500 Latex 260 310 330 360 370 365 and more models.
B4H69-67042 Deflector - Deflector Assy 54 SERV
B4H70-67076 Door - Right door assembly
Q6652-60123 Encoder - Drive roller encoder kit - Includes encoder disk encoder sensor and cable.
M0E29-67013 Engine - Engine Pca Serv
B4H69-67031 Extension - E-Box Extension Base 54 Serv
B4H70-67001 Fan - Vacumn Fan Assy Serv
B4H70-67033 Fan - Aerosol fan assembly
B4H70-67063 Fan - Fan-Heater Assy Serv (for CR fan assy order B4H70-67142). FAN HEATER Fan heater assembly - 916W 180V
CH955-67088 Fan - Rear dryer fan - Contains one fan // Dryer Fan SERV for HP DesignJet L25500 Series
E2X76-67002 Fan - Air Curtain Fan w/ NTC 64 SERV
B4H70-67131 Fixing Tool - Broken Bag Fixing Tools SERV
B4H70-67077 Foot - Foot Assembly SERV
1QE01-67002 Hard Drive - HP Latex 335 365 375 315 115 SSD 2.5in 16GB V2 HDD
V8N83-67009 Hard Drive - L3X5 SSD 2.5in 16GB V2 Drive
B4H70-67040 Heater - Heater control service unit HP Latex 360 310 330 OEM Heater unit.
B4H70-67133 Heater - Heater Deflector SERV
B4H70-67142 Heater - ASSY FAN HEATER CR SERVICE for units with SN: MY5BR69010 or lower only. (for non CR order B4H70-67063). HP Latex 110/115/310/315/330/335/360 Printers
B4H70-67005 Holder - Edge Holder Service Latex 310 / 330 /360 and other models. Edge holder.
B4H70-67058 Housing - Roll Housing Right Serv
E2X76-67005 Hub - Printer Parts 1Set Original Service Parts 30.48cm 2-inch Spindle HUB w/Adaptor. 2-inch Spindle HUB w/ Adaptor SERV
B4H70-67013 Ink Supply Station - Ink Supply Station (ISS) up row
B4H70-67014 Ink Supply Station - Ink Supply Station (ISS) down row
1QE01-67001 Labels - HP Latex 115 Label Bundle
CQ869-67082 Latch - Backplate Latch Serv
B4H70-67088 Leg - Legs Assembly 64 SERV
B4H70-67054 Lever - Service station (SVS) window pinch lever gutter
Q1273-60103 Lever - Input feed roller levers (two used)
6040-0855 Lubricant - SYNTHETIC OIL (4oz Plastic Bottle) Front and Rear Slider Rods Synthetic oil - One plastic bottle of 3.5oz / 118.29 ML
CQ869-67077 Lubricant - Synthetic oil – 10 x 3.5oz (100g) plastic bottles
B4H69-67063 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 54in Service maintenance kit 1 (54# Khalasar)
B4H70-67016 Maintenance Kit - User maintenance kit
B4H70-67105 Maintenance Kit - Service maintenance kit 3 - Includes line sensor front rod oilerspit roller motor lubrication felts pressure sensor plastic rear bushing rear lubricant felts and curing air cleaning kit
B4H70-67160 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 300 Series 54in SMK3 SMK3 SERV HP Preventive Maintenance kit Latex 110 310
B4H70-67163 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 54in Service Maintenance Kit 2 (3x0 only)
B4H70-67175 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 300 Series SMK2 Latex 3x0 only
B4H69-67043 Media - Media Input Assy 54 Serv
B4H69-67057 Media - Curing Calibration Media 54 SERV
B4H69-67059 Module - Impinging Module v2 w/o Fans 54 S
B4H70-67071 Module - Roll Module Left Assy Serv Roll module left HP Latex 110 115 310 315 330 335 360 365 370 375 and similar models.
B4H70-67093 Module - Tur Lh Module Serv
B4H69-67029 Motor - Rewinder Motor w/ Gears 54 SER
B4H70-67031 Motor - Scan Axis Motor 64 Serv Scan axis motor for HP LATEX 330 360 560 570 NEW GENUINE OEM.
B4H70-67034 Motor - Spit Roller Motor SERV
B4H70-67035 Motor - Web Wipe Motor Serv
B4H70-67081 Motor - TUR Motor Module SERV
Q6652-60108 Motor - Media-axis motor - Drives the drive roller assembly - Includes the media advance drive mount and cable - For 60-inch plotters
B4H69-67054 Mylar - Media Input Mylar 54 SERV
B4H70-67041 PC Board - Ink Supply Station (ISS) PC board
B4H70-67046 PC Board - Printmech PC board assembly
B4H70-67050 PC Board - Formatter PC board assembly
B4H70-67111 PC Board - Impinging / Curing Control PCA serv 20pin PCB05 connector. (Units with SN: MY5BR69010 order B4H70-67143).
B4H70-67113 PC Board - Inner Lights PCA SERV
B4H70-67115 PC Board - Jdi Pca Serv
B4H70-67143 PC Board - Curing Control PCA CR SERV 18pin PCB05 connector. CR SERVICE for units with SN: MY5BR69010 or lower only. (for 20pn PCB05 connector order B4H70-67111).
CQ109-67034 PC Board - Carriage PCA board - For DesignJet printers
CQ871-67001 PC Board - Interconnect PC board - For use with plotters
M0E29-67017 PC Board - Printer Id Pca
B4H70-67144 Pin - Impinging control cables CR SERVICE. CR SERVICE for units with SN: MY5BR69010 or lower only.
B4H69-67030 Platen - Output Platen 54 SERV
B4H70-67037 Power Supply - Main power supply unit. Main power supply unit for HP Latex 310 - 360 - 330 and compatible models.
B4H70-67128 Primer - Primer Valve and Tubes Assy SERV
M0E29-67099 Primer - Primer Assembly
CZ677A Printhead - 831 Cyan and Black Latex Printhead
CZ678A Printhead - 831 Yellow and Mag Latex Printhead
CZ679A Printhead - 831 LtMag and Lt Cyan Latex Printhead
CZ680A Printhead - 831 Latex Optimizer Printhead
Q6651-60335 Printhead - Setup printhead kit - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series / Designjet Plotter Set of 8 Ink System Purgers
B4H70-67130 Protector - Undercarriage Protector SERV
B4H69-67048 Resistor - Impinging Resistors PCA 54 SERV
B4H70-67102 Rod - Front Rod Oiler Serv HP Latex 310 360 330 and similar models.
B4H69-67005 Roller - Drive Roller 54 Serv
B4H69-67040 Roller - Entry Roller 54 SERV
B4H70-67082 Screw - Tur Screws W/ Hubs And Deflect
B4H70-67025 Sensor - Line sensor assembly HP Latex 300 series models.
B4H70-67039 Sensor - Front Door Switch Sensor Service. It is denoted #4 image on manual diagram.
B4H70-67059 Sensor - Window sensor assembly
B4H70-67080 Sensor - Media Presence Sensor Serv
B4H70-67140 Sensor - Pressure sensor and valve w/ c
CH955-67101 Sensor - Cal sol assy serv, Color sensor (SOL) assembly.
Q1273-60236 Sensor - Drop detector - Sensor that detects ink drops from the printheads
B4H69-67012 Service Parts - SRK and TC 54 SERV
B4H69-67041 Service Parts - TUR Dancer 54 SERV
B4H69-67066 Service Parts - HP Latex 300 Series 54in SMK1
B4H70-67176 Service Parts - HP Latex 300 Series SMK3
B4H70-67178 Service Parts - HP Latex 300 Series SMK2 Latex3x0 Russia
CH955-67125 Service Parts - L25500 42In AMS Power Cord Serv
CH955-67126 Service Parts - L25500 42In APJ Power Cord Serv
CH955-67127 Service Parts - L25500 42In EMEA Power Cord Serv
CQ869-67079 Service Parts - Mid Roller Support Cover Serv
B4H70-67023 Service Station - Service station assembly
B4H69-67014 Shelf - Rear Tube Shelf Assy 54 Serv
B4H69-67047 Shelf - Front Tube Shelf 54 SERV
B4H70-67068 Spindle - Spindle Gear and Left Endcap SERV
B4H70-67089 Stand - Stand Hardware SERV
Q6651-60341 Stop - Carriage stopper - Includes carriage stopper screw and media-axis motor bracket
B4H69-67010 Strip - Encoder Strip Sensor 54 Serv
B4H69-67013 Tensioner - Belt And Tensioner W/ Metal 54 Belt and tensioner assembly 54 inch for HP Latex 310 315 110 115
B4H70-67015 Tray - Cartridge trays assembly
B4H70-67079 Trim - Impinging trims assembly
CH955-67108 Vinyl Adhesive - CAL HP Perm. Gloss Adhesive Vinyl
B4H69-67045 Wheel - Complete Pinch Wheel Assy 54 S
B4H70-67099 Wheel - Pinch Wheels 64 Serv pinch wheel kit. Includes x5pcs male at 3.875" and x14pcs female at 1".
B4H70-67100 Wheel - Pinch Wheel Lever Assy Serv
B4H69-67035 Window - Front Window 54 SERV

Latex 115 Printer parts list
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