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20T3600 T620 Printer

Lexmark T620 (20T3600)

MFG Part Number: 20T3600

Lexmark parts list for 20T3600 Lexmark T620 Printer

99A2436 Arm - Arm Assembly, MPT
99A2444 Arm - Pick Arm Assembly (500)
99A2419 Block - Block, Cartridge
99A1879 Bracket - Bracket, level sensor
13A0296 Cable - Cable, Twinax
13A0297 Cable - Cable, Coax 9 pin-to-BNC
99A2456 Cable - Cable, Integrated Tray
99A2457 Cable - Cable, Front Harness
99A2458 Cable - Cable, Hysnc
99A2459 Cable - Cable, main drive motor
99A2460 Cable - Cable, Auto Connect Top
99A2461 Cable - Cable, laser Cable Laser for Lexmark T620/622
99A2463 Cable - Cable, Auto Connect Bottom
99A2464 Cable - Cable, Fuser DC EP Autoconnect to System Board
99A2466 Cable - Cable, Fuser DC, Fuser Internal
99A2477 Cable - Cable, Mirror Motor
11K3188 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield, 3 x 5000 Staples
12A6760 Cartridge - Yield black toner
12A6765 Cartridge - Hi yield black toner
12A6860 Cartridge - Lexmark 12A6860 Black Toner Cartridge
12A6865 Cartridge - Yields up to 30000 pages Black Toner Cartridge High Yield
12A6869 Cartridge - Lexmark 12A6869 Black Return Program Toner Cartridge, High Yield
24B2539 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge High Yield, 30,000 pages
56P1100 Cartridge - Cartridge, empty shipping
99A2471 Cartridge - Smart Cartridge Contact Assembly
99A0196 Clamp - Clamp, DC Fuser Cable
99A0227 Clip - Clip, Two Finger EMC Ground
99A1174 Cover - Fuser Cover Assembly
99A1280 Cover - Top Cover Assembly, Movable 500 Duplex
99A1505 Cover - Cover, Right Side
99A1507 Cover - Cover assembly, Laser 500 Output
99A1510 Cover - Cover, Left Door
99A1512 Cover - Cover, redrive cap
99A1679 Cover - Top Cover Assembly, Fixed 500 Duplex
99A2433 Cover - Hinge Assembly, Upper Front Cover
99A2468 Cover - Cover, Fuser Assembly with Thermistor, Thermal Fuse, and Fuser Lamp Contact Assemblies
99A2482 Cover - Cover, RIght Side 520/52n
99A1850 Deflector - Deflector, inner
99A2439 Deflector - Deflector Assembly, MPT
99A0655 Door - Door assembly, front
99A1534 Door - Door Assembly, Redrive 500
99A1533 Drive Assembly - Redrive Assembly, Inner 500
99A1516 Duct - Duct, 500 Left Stacker
99A2441 Fan - Fan, Main
99A2442 Fan - Fan
99A1580 Flag - Flag, output paper level
99A1616 Flag - Flag, Paper Out 500 Tray
99A1683 Flash Card - Optra Forms 2 MB Flash DIMM
99A1684 Flash Card - Optra Forms 4 MB Flash DIMM
99A1685 Flash Card - Optra Forms 8 MB Flash DIMM
99A1686 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16 MB Flash DIMM
99A0322 Frame - Main Frame Assembly, 250 duplex
99A1693 Frame - Main Frame Assembly 500 Duplex
99A1903 Frame - Outer Frame Assembly, 500 Duplex
99A2417 Frame - Left Side Frame Assembly
99A2491 Fuse - Fuse, 110 V ac LVPS 12.5A 250V
99A2492 Fuse - Fuse, 220 V ac 6.3A 250V
99A2401 Fuser Assembly - Fuser Assembly w/220V 875W Lamp 520/52n
99A2402 Fuser Assembly - Fuser Assembly w/115V 875W Lamp 520/52n
99A0157 Gear - Gear, Hot Roll
99A0954 Gear - Bevel Gear with grease packet washer
99A2446 Gearbox - Gearbox, w/Motor 520/52n
99A0394 Grease - Grease Nyogel 744
99A2445 Guard - Guard, gear
99A1579 Guide - Guide, Upper 500 Duplex
99A1672 Guide - Guide Assembly, Paper Decurl
99A1680 Guide - Guide, Return RH Lower 500 Duplex
99A1691 Guide - Guide, Lower Entry 500 Duplex
99A1832 Guide - Guide, extension 500-sheet input
99A2467 Guide - Guide Assembly, Lower Exit
99A2488 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, with Control Board 5.0+ GB
99A2489 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, Optra Forms 5.0+ GB or larger with Control Board
99A1797 Idler - Idler pulley, belt tension
40X4308 Kit - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
99A0392 Kit - Kit, door switch spring and bumper
99A2402 Kit - Fuser Assembly w/115V 875W Lamp 520/52n
99A2408 Kit - T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
99A2415 Kit - Kit, Upper Front Cover with Labels 520/52n
99A1149 Mailbox - 5-Bin Mailbox, complete assembly
56P9101 Maintenance Kit - T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V with wider transfer roll
99A2406 Maintenance Kit - T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V
99A2407 Maintenance Kit - T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
99A2408 Maintenance Kit - T620 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
12G3959 Manual - T62x Service Manual
99A1757 Memory - 2MB Flash DIMM
99A1758 Memory - 4MB Flash DIMM
99A1759 Memory - 8MB Flash DIMM
99A1774 Memory - 16MB Flash DIMM
99A0120 Pad - Restraint Pad
56P0314 PC Board - Board, System with Jumper 250/500 Duplex
56P0557 PC Board - Card assembly, tray
56P1118 PC Board - Bar Code Card T62x
56P1210 PC Board - ImageQuick Card
56P1220 PC Board - System Board Assembly 520
56P1234 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation T62x
99A1806 PC Board - Card assembly, 2000 option control
99A2430 PC Board - Card Assembly, NAND Flash
99A0121 Plate - 250-sheet tray wear plate
1339539 Power Cord - Power cord;1.8 m, 6 ft. Israel
1339544 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Argentina (HV)
1339545 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Argentina (HV)
1342514 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, Canada, Latin America (LV)
1342530 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Europe, Middle East, Indonesia, Africa (HV)
1342534 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, Chile (HV), Italy, Uruguay
40X0255 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle Argentina Paraguay Uruguay
43H5248 Power Cord - Power cord;2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, Canada, Latin America (LV)
43H5546 Power Cord - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, PR China (HV)
99A2451 Power Supply - High Voltage Power Supply
99A2452 Power Supply - Low Voltage Power Supply, 110 V ac 520/52n
99A2454 Power Supply - HVPS, 220 V ac 520/52n
99A2448 Printhead - Printhead Assembly 520/52n
99A2093 Restraint - Restraint, back 500-sheet tray
40X4308 Roller - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
99A0070 Roller - Pick roll assembly
99A1549 Roller - Hot Roll
99A1659 Roller - Bellcrank, Backup Roll
99A2469 Roller - Exit Roll Assembly
99A2470 Roller - Backup Roll, 22 mm, 520/52n
99A2490 Screw - Screw, parallel connector mounting
99A2509 Screw - Screws, Switch (Stapled Access) Mounting Parts Packet
99A1676 Sensor - Sensor, Input Optical 500 Duplex
99A2440 Sensor - Sensor, MPF paper out
99A2478 Sensor - Sensor, Narrow Media
56P0159 Service Parts - Coax/Twinax Adapter for SCS
56P2109 Service Parts - Wax Wiper
99A1150 Service Parts - High-Capacity Output Stacker, complete assembly
99A1173 Service Parts - StapleSmart Finisher, complete assembly T63x
99A1519 Service Parts - Extension, 500 Input
99A1792 Service Parts - Stacker, assembly paper path upper
99A1854 Service Parts - Packaging, 4069 500/500 printer
99A1855 Service Parts - Packaging, 4069 500/500 plus 500
99A2472 Service Parts - Detack Assembly
99A0272 Shaft - Drive Shaft 250-sheet
99A0447 Shaft - 550- 500-sheet drive Shaft
99A1059 Shaft - Decurl shaft Assembly
99A1692 Shaft - Shaft Assembly, Drive 3 Roll 500 Duplex
99A1695 Shaft - Shaft Assembly, Drive 2 Roll 500 Duplex
99A2517 Shaft - Shaft assembly, upper exit
99A0206 Shield - Shield, Outer 2 slot
99A2425 Shield - Interconnect Board Assembly: - 2 Slot with shield
99A2431 Shield - Shield, Inner Assembly, 2 slot, 2 - Cover, INA Blank
99A2432 Shield - Shield parallel
99A1592 Shroud - Shroud, Fan 500
99A2465 Solenoid - Solenoid Assembly, Envelope Conditioner
99A2474 Spacer - Spacer, Cartridge Block
56P1228 Spring - Spring Arm Bellcrank
56P2034 Spring - Spring Arm Bellcrank (5)
56P2540 Spring - Bellcrank spring - 500-sheet tray
99A0063 Spring - Switch Activate Spring
99A0275 Spring - Power Takeoff Spring
99A1904 Spring - Spring, Chassis Ground
99A1924 Spring - Spring, cartridge hold down
99A1929 Spring - Bellcrank spring - 250-sheet paper tray
99A1930 Spring - Spring, Bellcrank Internal 500
99A0292 Strip - Wear strips
99A1968 Support - Support, right stacker plate
99A2414 Switch - Switch, Cover Open w/Operator Panel Cable Assembly
99A2502 Switch - Switch, stapler access door assembly
99A1134 Tray - Tray Assembly, Jam Removal 500 Duplex
99A2485 Tray - 400-sheet (UAT) Tray

T620 Printer parts list
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