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21T0000 Multifunction X2250 Printer

Lexmark Multifunction X2250 (21T0000)

MFG Part Number: 21T0000

Lexmark parts list for 21T0000 Lexmark Multifunction X2250 Printer

10N0016 Cartridge - Lexmark 16 Black Ink Cartridge (10N0016)
10N0026 Cartridge - Lexmark 26 Color Ink Cartridge (10N0026)
10N0138 Cartridge - 2-#16 yeild black inks
10N0139 Cartridge - 2-#26 yeild color inks
10N0202 Cartridge - Lexmark 16/26 Black and Color Ink Cartridges (10N0202), 2/Pack
10N0217 Cartridge - Lexmark 17 Black Ink Cartridge (10N0217)
10N0227 Cartridge - Lexmark 27 Color Ink Cartridge (10N0227)

Multifunction X2250 Printer parts list
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