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26H0100 Laser T430D Printer

Lexmark Laser T430D (26H0100)

MFG Part Number: 26H0100 30ppm black, 1200 x 1200 DPI, 0

Lexmark parts list for 26H0100 Lexmark Laser T430D Printer

56P0662 Base - Base feet
56P2343 Bezel - Clear bezel with logo
56P0639 Bracket - Guide bracket
56P0655 Bracket - Paper sensor bracket
56P0672 Bracket - Tray body bracket (includes 4)
56P2365 Bracket - Paper guide bracket
1038693 Cable - Serial Cable (50 ft)
56P0624 Cable - Cover switch cable assembly
56P0649 Cable - Fuser exit cable assembly
56P0682 Cable - Output full sensor cable
56P2316 Cable - Motor cable assembly
56P2317 Cable - Operator panel cable assembly
56P2318 Cable - Printhead cable assembly
56P2324 Cable - Drawer cable assembly
56P2335 Cable - Main harness cable assembly
56P2336 Cable - Output full and fuser exit cable assembly
12A7775 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge High Yield, 12,000 pages
12A8325 Cartridge - Black Toner Cartridge High Yield. Yields up to 12000 pages
12A8420 Cartridge - Black Return-Program Toner Cartridge. Yields up to 6000 pages
12A8425 Cartridge - toner cartridge - black - 12000 pages - for lexmark t430
24B2532 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge High Yield, 12,000 pages
56P0629 Cartridge - Cartridge contact assembly (includes 5)
56P0638 Cartridge - Cartridge coupling
56P4397 Controller - Controller card assembly, non-network (101, 111)
56P0615 Cover - MPF paper feed cover cap
56P2300 Cover - Left cover assembly
56P2302 Cover - Rear cover assembly
56P2303 Cover - MPF door cover assembly
56P2305 Cover - Front cover assembly
56P2306 Cover - Top cover assembly
56P2307 Cover - Right cover assembly
56P2354 Cover - Operator panel cable cover
56P2301 Door - Rear exit door assembly
56P2346 Drawer - 250-sheet Drawer, (2) complete assembly T430
56P2347 Drawer - 500-sheet Drawer, (3) complete assembly T430
56P9996 Drawer - 500-sheet drawer D-Roll
56P2326 Drive Assembly - Drive assembly
56P2334 Drive Assembly - Paper feed/drive bushing
56P2363 Drive Assembly - Ratchet drive
56P4536 Duplexer - Duplex Assembly
56P2323 Fan - Fuser cooling fan
56P1417 Flash Card - 16MB Flash Card
56P1418 Flash Card - 32MB Flash Card
56P1427 Flash Card - Optra Forms 32MB Flash card
56P1428 Flash Card - Optra Forms 16MB Flash card
56P2330 Fuser Assembly - T430 Fuser assembly, 110 V
56P2331 Fuser Assembly - T430 Fuser assembly, 220 V
56P2332 Fuser Assembly - T430 Fuser assembly, 100 V
56P2348 Fuser Assembly - Fuser lift (outer) link assembly
56P2349 Fuser Assembly - Fuser lift (inner) link
56P0634 Gear - Paper feed gear
56P2327 Gear - Exit gear drive assembly
56P2358 Gear - MPF paper pick gear
99A0394 Grease - Grease Nyogel 744
56P0660 Guide - Paper guide roller
56P2328 Guide - Right guide assembly
56P2340 Guide - Left guide assembly
56P2351 Guide - Entrance guide assembly with brush
56P0669 Hinge - Pivot hinge (quantity 2)
56P2311 Housing - Lower MPF housing assembly
56P2312 Housing - Upper MPF housing assembly
56P0625 Interlock - Interlock cover switch
56P2333 Kit - T430 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
7370971 Kit - Relocation packaging kit
7372853 Kit - Relocation packaging kit
56P0667 Latch - Door latch (includes 3)
56P2333 Maintenance Kit - T430 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
56P2337 Maintenance Kit - T430 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
56P2338 Maintenance Kit - T430 Maintenance Kit 100V
56P0695 Memory - 8MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P0696 Memory - 16MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P0698 Memory - 64MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P2361 Memory - 256MB SDRAM DIMM (PC100)
56P2325 Motor - Main drive motor assembly
56P2360 Motor - Exit drive motor
12G1833 Network - MarkNet X2011e Ethernet 10 100BaseTX 1 port
56P1432 Network - MarkNet X2012e Ethernet 10 100BaseTX 10Base2 1 Port
56P1433 Network - MarkNet X2031e Ethernet 10 100BaseTX 3 Port
56P2342 Overlay - Language overlay group
56P2353 Panel - Operator panel assembly
56P2356 Panel - Operator panel assembly (Japan)
56P1438 PC Board - Japanese Font Card
56P3304 PC Board - ImageQuick Card
56P3305 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation T430
56P3317 PC Board - Bar Code Card T430
56P3845 PC Board - Forms Card T430
40X3611 Power Cord - Power cord 1.8 m 6 ft. Straight Brazil (LV)
56P2320 Power Supply - Power supply, 110 V
56P2321 Power Supply - Power supply, 220 V
56P2339 Power Supply - Power supply, 100 V
56P2357 Power Supply - LVPS fan and housing assembly
56P2319 Printhead - Printhead assembly
56P0640 Roller - Charge roll
56P2308 Roller - Backup feed roller assembly (top front and rear)
56P2329 Roller - Transfer roll assembly
56P2341 Roller - Charge Roll
56P2352 Roller - Paper feed roll
56P2359 Roller - MPF pick roll assembly
56P0668 Screw - Parts Packet (Screws and E-Rings)
56P0645 Sensor - Photo sensor
56P0653 Sensor - Toner level sensor
56P0657 Service Parts - Paper feed assembly
56P0665 Service Parts - 3-pin connector
56P0666 Service Parts - 2-pin connector
56P1434 Service Parts - MarkNet X2030t Token Ring 4 16 3 PORT
56P1435 Service Parts - External Serial Adapter
56P2309 Service Parts - Reference feed CBM
56P2313 Solenoid - Paper feed solenoid
56P0676 Spring - Fuser exit spring
56P2350 Switch - Cartridge signature button switch
56P0661 Tray - Tray damper
56P2304 Tray - Stack control flags (output tray full flags)
56P2310 Tray - Main tray assembly, 250
56P2344 Tray - 250-sheet Tray, complete assembly (2) T430
56P2345 Tray - 500-sheet Tray, complete assembly (3) T430

Laser T430D Printer parts list
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