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2QU12A Designjet Z6810 42-In Printer

HP Designjet Z6810 42-In (2QU12A)

MFG Part Number: 2QU12A

HP parts list for 2QU12A HP Designjet Z6810 42-In Printer

CQ109-67018 Actuator - Embedded Spectro Photometer (ESP) actuator - For 42-inch plotters
CQ105-67050 Air Pressure System - Air Pressure System (APS) assembly - Includes pump, holder and relief valve - For the DesignJet T7100 printer
CQ109-67030 Base - Electronics box base - Includes electronics box cover and EIO cover
CQ109-67004 Belt - Belt and tensioner assembly - Carriage belt and the metal tensioner for 42-inch plotters / DesignJet.
CH955-67114 Brace - Right-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
CH955-67115 Brace - Left-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
CQ109-67007 Cable - Service station cable - Includes the maintenance cartridge door sensor
CQ109-67011 Carriage - Carriage assembly - Does not include the carriage PCA or the encoder sensor
Q6651-60276 Cleaner - Cleaning kit - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67026 Cover - Electronics module covers kit
CQ109-67033 Cover - Right connector cover - For DesignJet printers
CH955-67007 Cutter - Cutter assy serv RoHS Cutter assembly For HP Z6200 T7100 T7200 L25500 L26500 Latex 260 310 330 360 370 365 and more models.
CQ109-67003 Fan - Aerosol fan assembly
CQ109-67022 Fan - Vacuum fan assembly Hewlett Packard Designjet Plotter.
CQ109-67045 Fixing Tool - Broken bag fixing tool service plotter 6 and 8 inks included.
CQ109-67039 Foot - Foot assembly - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67005 Front Panel - Front panel assembly - Includes all cables and the ferrite cores
CQ109-67037 Gear - Rewinder and gear - For DesignJet printers
CH955-67117 Housing - Take-up reel sensors assembly
CH955-67118 Housing - Take-up reel receiver sensor housing assembly
CQ109-67025 Ink System - Ink supply tubes- Includes the trailing cable - For 42-inch plotters
CQ109-67029 Kit - Electronics module cables kit - For 42-inch plotters
CQ869-67082 Latch - Backplate Latch Serv
CQ109-67019 Maintenance Kit - Preventive maintenance kit two - Includes the aerosol filter, service station aerosol assembly, ink insorber, left side spittoon, ESP assembly, line senor, and encoder strip
CQ105-60031 Motor - Scan-axis motor assembly - For 42-inch plotters
CQ109-67001 Motor - Scan-axis motor assembly - For 42-inch plotters
CQ105-67061 PC Board - Eola PCA service kit - There are 2 Eola PCAs to control 4 brushless blowers in order to generate the required vacuum to hold the substrate - One is connected to the print mechanism PCA (left side) and the other to the mini interconnect PCA (right side)
CQ109-67011B PC Board - Carriage Assy without PCA and SOL
CQ109-67012 PC Board - Interconnect PCA board - For the DesignJet T7100 printer series
CQ109-67014 PC Board - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) controller card - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67028 PC Board - Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) PCA - For 42 and 60-inch plotters
CQ109-67034 PC Board - Carriage PCA board - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67047 PC Board - Printmech PCA ES2 SERV
CQ109-67054 PC Board - Formatter PCA with less noise FAN
CQ869-67061 PC Board - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) PCA board
CH955-67122 Pinchwheel - Complete pinchwheel assembly - For 42-inch plotters
CQ109-67050 Power Supply - PSU MR ES2 serv Power Supply Unit.
CQ109-67017 Primer - Primer valve and tubes assembly
M0E29-67099 Primer - Primer Assembly
CH955-67040 Rollfeed Assembly - Right side rollfeed module assembly
F2S72-67012 Screw - Screws Serv
CQ105-60130 Sensor - Line sensor assembly - Includes the line sensor holder and cable
CQ109-67002 Sensor - Media lever sensor
CQ109-67013 Sensor - Window position sensor Window Position Sensor HP Designjet D5800 Z6200 Z6600 Z6800 Z6810
CQ109-67042 Service Kit - HP Coated Service Kit
2QU12-60007 Service Parts - Left Cover Service Kit
2QU12-60008 Service Parts - Right Cover (w/o Door) Service Kit
2QU12-67001 Service Parts - Preventive Maintenance Kit 1 P8 1.5 42
2QU12-67003 Service Parts - Panther 1.5 8C 42in SRK and TC Srvc Kit
2QU13-67008 Service Parts - P1.5 6C HDD/Cable/BridgePCA w/holder
2QU14-60026 Service Parts - PinchWheel Lever Assy Service Kit
2QU14-67006 Service Parts - P1.5 8C ISS Upper Row Assy Service Kit
2QU14-67007 Service Parts - Common Reseller Service Kit
2QU14-67009 Service Parts - Panther 1.5 HDD/Cable/BridgePCA w/Holder
2QU14-67013 Service Parts - P1.5 8C ISS Lower Row Assy Service Kit
2QU14-67014 Service Parts - P1.5 Cartridges Trays Service Kit
2QU14-67015 Service Parts - Panther 1.5 Right Door Service Kit
2QU14-67016 Service Parts - Panther 1.5 60in Legs Assy Service Kit
CH955-67124 Service Parts - CAL TUR 3in adaptor SERV
CQ109-67003-BU Service Parts - Aerosol fan assy MR serv
CQ109-67004B Service Parts - Belt and tension kit serv 42. Belt and tensioner assembly - Carriage belt and the metal tensioner for 42-inch plotters / DesignJet.
CQ109-67050B Service Parts - PSU MR ES2 serv
CQ109-67054-BU Service Parts - Formatter PCA with less noise FAN
CQ109-67021 Service Station - Service station assembly and cable
CH955-67082 Shelf - Take-up reel shelf - For 42-inch plotters
CH955-67033 Spindle - Take-up reel (TUR) spindle assembly - Includes the take-up reel tubes - For 42-inch plotters
CQ109-67009 Spindle - Spindle - For 42-inch plotters
CQ109-67036 Take Up Assembly - Take-up reel with motor
CQ871-67103 Tube - Air tube and fittings serv
CQ109-67041 Window - Window assembly - For 42-inch plotters

Designjet Z6810 42-In Printer parts list
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