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2ZN50A LaserJet MFP M72630dn Printer

HP LaserJet MFP M72630dn (2ZN50A)

MFG Part Number: 2ZN50A

HP parts list for 2ZN50A HP LaserJet MFP M72630dn Printer

JC66-02218A Actuator - Lever actuador
JC66-02278A Actuator - Exit lever actuador
JC66-03147A Actuator - Paper feed detecting actuator
JC66-03148A Actuator - Registration actuator
JC66-03307A Actuator - Fuser out actuator assembly
JC97-04009A ADF - ADF pick-up assembly
JC97-04787A ADF - ADF stacker assembly
0604-001453 APS - Photo interrupter sensor - Located on the scanner APS sensor assembly
JC66-03235A Arm - Front link arm assembly
JC95-01518A Arm - Rear link arm assembly
6602-003183 Belt - ADF timing gear belt
JC90-01774A Cassette - Input paper feeder cassette tray 3 through 5
JC93-00442C Cassette - Dual cassette feeder (DCF) pick-up motor
JC07-00028A Control Panel - Lcd-Citara;Avd-Tt70wv-Nn-005-A
JC63-03356C Cover - Multi-purpose/tray 1 front cover - Plastic cover that protects the front side of the tray 1 assembly
JC63-04520B Cover - Right upper cover - Plastic cover that protects the upper right side of the printer
JC63-04526B Cover - Exit dummy cover
JC63-04534B Cover - Left top cover - Rectangular shaped plastic cover that protects the left top side of the printer
JC63-04536B Cover - Front lower cover - Plastic cover that protects the front lower side of the printer
JC63-04539B Cover - Right front cover - Plastic cover that protects the front right side of the printer
JC63-04540B Cover - Right rear cover - Plastic cover that protects the right rear side of the printer
JC63-04573B Cover - Multi-purpose/tray 1 side upper cover
JC63-04576B Cover - Side cover - Plastic cover that protects the right side of the of the multipurpose/tray 1
JC63-05299A Cover - Control panel bottom cover - Where the control panel snaps on
JC63-05426A Cover - Document feeder front cover
JC63-05427A Cover - Document feeder rear cover
JC90-01877A Cover - Exit Sub-Guide
JC95-01509C Cover - Multi-purpose tray 1 side exit cover assembly
JC95-01519A Cover - Side duplex lower cover assembly
JC95-02087A Cover - Cover, exit stacker
JC95-02088A Cover - Rear exit cover - Located next to the output cover assembly
JC95-02097A Cover - Inner cover assembly - Monts behaind the front cover assembly
JC95-02208A Cover - Cover, exit stacker
JC96-09880A Developer - Cartridge developer unit
JC92-02446E Document Feeder - Document feeder PC board assembly
JC90-01777A Door - Multi-purpose tray 1 - Drop down door access paper tray
JC31-00160C Fan - Cooling fan assembly
JC31-00161A Fan - FAN,Type7,24,170mA,0.949m 3/mi
JC93-01371A Feeder - Registration feed roller assembly
REPLACED Finisher - Finisher Sub-Paper Support Rea
JC93-00510A Frame - Main first pickup assembly frame
JC93-00511A Frame - First pick-up assembly
JC93-00540A Frame - Paper pick-up roller assembly - Picks media from the first pick-up assembly
JC91-01237A Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly - For 220 VAC operation - Bonds toner to the paper by heat
JC01-00101A Glass Assembly - ADF tempered glass - Small rectangular shaped glass located on the ADF
JC97-04720B Glass Assembly - Large scanner glass assembly
JC61-04647A Guide - Document feeder paper stop guide
JC90-01118B Guide - Paper exit tray guide - Guides the paper exit the printer
JC92-02781A Hardware - Scanner joint PC board assembly
JC93-00449A Hardware - Fuser drive motor assembly
JC93-00450B Hardware - Toner supply motor assembly
JC93-00451A Hardware - Duct drive motor assembly
JC93-00891A Harness - High voltage wiring harness
JC97-04555B Hinge - ADF right hinge
JC97-04737A Hinge - Scanner right hinge
JC97-04757B Hinge - ADF left hinge
JC93-00078C Holder - Dust holder assembly
JC64-00684D Keyboard - Control panel keyboard keys
JC97-04017A Laser Scanner - Laser scanner unit assembly
JC97-04523B Lens - Scanner lens assembly
JC31-00123A Motor - Main drive subassembly motor 24V
JC31-00123B Motor - Motor Bldc,2000rpm,1200gfcm,24
JC31-00158A Motor - Scanner motor assembly
JC97-03993A Motor ADF - ADF motor assembly
JC97-04733A Pad - ADF friction pad
JC44-00210B PC Board - Fuser drive board MX3-V1 - For 110 VAC
JC44-00211B PC Board - Fuser drive board MX3-V2 - For 220 VAC
JC44-00237A PC Board - High volatage power supply PC board - Input voltage DC 24V, 3.3V
JC92-02435A PC Board - Control panel keys PC board assembly
JC92-02622A PC Board - Paper size sensor PC board assembly
JC92-02743B PC Board - Fax PC board assembly
JC92-02835A PC Board - Control panel PC board assembly
JC61-03002A Plate - Grounding plate
JC44-00091D Power Supply - Switching mode power supply (SMPS) board - For 110 VAC
JC44-00092D Power Supply - Switching mode power supply (SMPS) board - For 220 VAC
JC44-00237C Power Supply - High voltage power supply (HVPS)
JC66-02257A Pulley - Scanner belt pulley
JC90-00989A Roller - Tray 1 pick-up roller
JC93-00540B Roller - Pick-up roller
JC62-00641A Seal - Square shaped foam filter seal
JC32-00015A Sensor - Sensor;Hsu-07f1v2-N,Clx-9201,0
JC33-00007A Solenoid - Document feeder pick-up assembly solenoid
3001-002207 Speaker - SPEAKER,0.3W,8Ohm,81dB,400Hz
0604-001381 Switch - Photo-Interrupter;Diode,Dip
0604-001393 Switch - Photo-Interrupter;Tr,75mw,Bga
0604-001490 Switch - Second feed paper path photo interrupter switch
JC93-00466A Switch - Front door open switch assembly
JC90-01773A Tray Assembly - Paper input cassette/tray 2 assembly

LaserJet MFP M72630dn Printer parts list
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