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34T5013 Color Laser X748dte

Lexmark Color Laser X748dte (34T5013)

MFG Part Number: 34T5013 33ppm color, Ethernet, USB 2.0

Lexmark parts list for 34T5013 Lexmark Color Laser X748dte

40X5165 ADF - ADF static ground brush
40X5188 ADF - ADF pick roll assembly
40X5190 ADF - ADF complete
40X5195 ADF - ADF front case assembly
40X5152 Arm - Pick arm roll
40X6496 Arm - MPF pick arm assembly
40X1367 Cable - Parallel cable packaged (3 m)
40X5121 Cable - Bin full sensor with cable
40X5166 Cable - ADF exit sensor with cable
40X5217 Cable - Cables Parts packet
40X5998 Cable - MPF paper present sensor with cable
40X6351 Cable - Motor drive cable
40X7973 Cable - Cables parts packet
3073173 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge Standard Yield
40X8373 Cartridge - Toner cartridge contacts
40X8359 Caster - Caster front wheel, locking
40X8478 Caster - Caster base
40X5214 Clip - Carriage transport belt with clip
40X6319 Clip - Cranklift spring and metal clip
40X5130 Cover - Top cover camshaft assembly
40X5164 Cover - Output bin extension cover
40X5172 Cover - Right cover
40X5173 Cover - Left cover
40X5174 Cover - Rear cover
40X5175 Cover - Top cover assembly
40X5180 Cover - Parts package (top access cover)
40X5184 Cover - Front access door cover assembly
40X5191 Cover - ADF cover open flag
40X5194 Cover - Pressure plate cover
40X5196 Cover - ADF front case cover
40X5197 Cover - ADF upper case cover
40X5198 Cover - Flatbed filter door cover
40X5201 Cover - ADF lid handle cover
40X5202 Cover - ADF upper motor side cover
40X5203 Cover - ADF upper front side cover
40X5204 Cover - Scanner left cover
40X5205 Cover - Scanner right cover
40X5206 Cover - Scanner front cover
40X5207 Cover - Scanner rear cover
40X5211 Cover - Flatbed with glass cover
40X5216 Cover - Flatbed cave LED cover (clear)
40X5221 Cover - Left door cover
40X5276 Cover - Top access cover springs
40X7662 Cover - Top access cover assembly
40X8319 Cover - Rear frame cover
40X5997 Display - System board, 7 inch display
40X5111 Door - Front door parts packet
40X5995 Door - Front door assembly
40X5290 Drive Assembly - EP drive assembly
40X5108 Fan - Cartridge cooling fan
40X5109 Fan - Cooling fan
40X5199 Fan - Flatbed cooling fan
40X5287 Fan - Cooling fan filter
40X5132 Feeder - MP feeder duplex drive parts packet
40X5218 Filter - Flatbed air filter
40X5704 Flash Card - 256MB flash card
40X7959 Flatbed - Flatbed scanner, complete
40X8323 Forms Card - Forms and Bar code card, X746, X748
40X5208 Gear - ADF motor gear train assembly
40X7159 Gear - Auger shaft and gear parts pack
40X7058 Hard Drive - 160+ GB hard disk
40X5209 Hinge - ADF hinge (left or right)
40X5127 Interlock - 5 V interlock switch
40X5128 Interlock - 24 V interlock switch
40X6401 Kit - C73x X73x Transfer module Maintenance Kit
40X7662 Kit - Top access cover assembly
40X8110 Kit - C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 110-120V
40X8111 Kit - C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 220-240V
40X8112 Kit - C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 100V
40X8333 Kit - Relocation kit
7377200 Kit - Relocation packaging kit Drawers
40X5210 LED - Paper present LED card
40X5215 LED - Cave LED card
40X6401 Maintenance Kit - C73x X73x Transfer module Maintenance Kit
40X8110 Maintenance Kit - C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 110-120V
40X8111 Maintenance Kit - C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 220-240V
40X8112 Maintenance Kit - C73x, C74x, X73x, X74x Fuser Maintenance 100V
40X5301 Memory - 256MB DDR2-DRAM
40X5302 Memory - 512MB DDR2-DRAM
40X5303 Memory - 1024MB DDR2-DRAM
40X7957 Module - Flatbed CCD carrier module, including lamp assembly
40X8307 Module - Transfer module
40X8309 Motor - MP feeder/duplex motor
40X5187 Pad - ADF separator pad
40X5189 Pad - ADF pick pad
40X7956 Panel - Operator panel buttons parts pack
40X7961 Panel - Operator panel bezel, X748de
40X5291 PC Board - ADF skew card
40X5969 PC Board - Korean font card
40X5972 PC Board - Japanese font card
40X7855 PC Board - Fax modem Card
40X7955 PC Board - UICC and interface card
40X8326 PC Board - Card for IPDS, X746, X748
40X8329 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE emulation, X746, X748
40X3609 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Japan
40X5129 Power Supply - High-voltage power supply
40X7709 Power Supply - Low-voltage power supply
40X7051 Printer - Lexmark PrintCryption Card
40X5123 Printhead - Printhead assembly
40X5220 Scanner - Scanner ICC card
40X7975 Scanner - Scanner MDC card
40X5136 Screw - Screws Parts packet
40X5185 Screw - Parts packet scanner screws
40X5315 Screw - ISP thumbscrew (2)
40X5317 Screw - ISP standoff with thumbscrew
40X1416 Sensor - Toner level sensor
40X5122 Service Parts - Color-On-Demand assembly
40X5168 Service Parts - Pick tires
40X5193 Service Parts - ADF paper stop
40X5307 Service Parts - Waste toner HV contact assembly
40X5318 Service Parts - ISP thumbscrew
40X5970 Service Parts - 40X5970
40X5971 Service Parts - 40X5971
40X7861 Service Parts - 7 inch LCD touch screen
40X7967 Service Parts - LCD bracket assembly
40X8308 Service Parts - Paper pick assembly
40X5107 Shield - System board support shield
40X7703 Speaker - Speaker
40X1446 Spring - Right bellcrank assembly with spring
40X1447 Spring - Left bellcrank assembly with spring
40X5137 Spring - Contact springs kit
40X5163 Spring - Separator pad spring
40X5140 Tray - 550-sheet Drawer (with tray)
40X5141 Tray - 550-sheet tray assembly
40X5142 Tray - Specialty media Drawer (with tray)
40X5143 Tray - Specialty media tray
40X5192 Tray - ADF document input tray
40X5999 Tray - 550-Sheet paper tray assembly. C746 C748 CS748 X746 X748 XS748 550-Sheet Paper Tray Assembly.

Color Laser X748dte parts list
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