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35S5700 Monochrome Laser MX310dn

Lexmark Monochrome Laser MX310dn (35S5700)

MFG Part Number: 35S5700 33ppm black, Ethernet, USB 2.0

Lexmark parts list for 35S5700 Lexmark Monochrome Laser MX310dn

40X9057 ADF - ADF assembly, A4, duplex
40X9059 ADF - ADF assembly, simplex
40X9093 ADF - ADF assembly
40X9053 Bracket - USB cable bracket
40X9050 Cable - Wireless cable
40X9051 Cable - USB cable
40X9052 Cable - UICC cable
40X9060 Cable - Cave light cable
40X9118 Cable - ADF cable, MX310, MX410
40X9180 Cable - Cable clamp
40X8046 Cartridge - Toner density sensor
40X8083 Cartridge - Cartridge gearbox
40X8266 Cartridge - Cartridge smart chip contact
40X9148 Cartridge - Cartridge plunger
60F0HA0 Cartridge - Lexmark Cartridge High Yield, 10,000 pages
60F1000 Cartridge - mx310, 410, 510, 511, 610, 611 black 2.5k toner
60F1H00 Cartridge - mx310, 410, 510, 511, 610, 611 10k black toner (rp)
40X8265 Clutch - ACM clutch
40X9065 Controller - Controller card, MX310
40X8279 Cover - Jam access cover
40X9068 Cover - MPF front access cover
40X9069 Cover - Front bin cover
40X9070 Cover - Rear cover
40X9072 Cover - Left cover
40X9073 Cover - Right cover
40X9091 Cover - Top cover
40X9121 Cover - Operator panel cover, MX310
40X9142 Cover - ADF top cover, legal
40X9143 Cover - ADF top cover, A4, duplex
40X9144 Cover - ADF top cover, A4, simplex
40X5804 Cushion - Flatbed cushion
40X9109 Cushion - Flatbed cushion
40X9145 Door - Rear door
40X9077 Drive Assembly - Redrive assembly
40X8274 Fan - Cooling fan
40X8302 Feeder - Multipurpose feeder assembly
40X9055 Flatbed - Flatbed scanner, legal
40X9056 Flatbed - Flatbed scanner, A4
40X8023 Fuser Assembly - Fuser, 110-120V
40X8024 Fuser Assembly - Fuser, 220-240V
40X8343 Fuser Assembly - Fuser, 100V
40X8277 Gear - Duplex gear assembly
40X8084 Gearbox - Pick / lift motor gearbox
40X8085 Gearbox - Main drive gearbox
40X8278 Gearbox - Multipurpose feeder gearbox
40X8280 Guide - Front input guide
40X9129 Hinge - ADF left hinge
40X8023 Kit - Fuser, 110-120V
40X8043 Kit - Duplex / input sensor
40X8084 Kit - Pick / lift motor gearbox
40X8331 Kit - MarkNet N8352 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit
40X8343 Kit - Fuser, 100V
40X8800 Kit - Media present sensor flag
40X9135 Kit - MX310, MX410, MX51x Fuser Maintenance Kit, 110-120V
40X9136 Kit - MX310, MX410, MX51x Fuser Maintenance Kit, 220-240V
40X9113 Lens - Operator panel lens
40X9135 Maintenance Kit - MX310, MX410, MX51x Fuser Maintenance Kit, 110-120V
40X9136 Maintenance Kit - MX310, MX410, MX51x Fuser Maintenance Kit, 220-240V
40X9146 Maintenance Kit - MX310, MX410, MX51x Fuser Maintenance Kit, 100V
40X9075 Media Bin - Bin extender
40X7445 Memory - 2GB x32 DDR3 RAM
40X7567 Memory - 1GB x32 DDR3 RAM
40X9100 Memory - Memory access door
40X9071 NamePlate - Nameplate cover
40X8295 Pad - MPF pick roller and separator pad
40X9104 Panel - Operator panel keypad assembly
40X8555 PC Board - 256MB flash card
40X8556 PC Board - Traditional Chinese font card
40X8557 PC Board - Simplified Chinese font card
40X8568 PC Board - Korean font card
40X8569 PC Board - Japanese font card
40X8570 PC Board - Arabic font card
40X8571 PC Board - Hebrew font card
40X7797 Power Supply - Power supply, 100V / 110-120V
40X7798 Power Supply - Power supply, 220-240V
40X9110 Restraint - Restraint pad
40X8393 Roller - Transfer roll
40X8443 Roller - Pick roller assembly
40X8736 Roller - ADF pick roll
40X9108 Roller - ADF separator roller
40X9081 Scanner - Scanner rear cover
40X9124 Scanner - Scanner front cover, MX310
40X7592 Sensor - Sensor
40X8043 Sensor - Duplex / input sensor
40X8044 Sensor - Index sensor
40X8045 Sensor - Trailing edge sensor
40X8048 Sensor - Front door sensor
40X8050 Sensor - Narrow media / Bin full sensor
40X8444 Separator - Separator roll assembly
40X6247 Service Parts - ADF separator pad, simplex
40X8082 Service Parts - Laser scanning unit, MS310, MX310
40X8260 Service Parts - ACM (autocompensator mechanism) assembly, MS/MX310, MS/MX410
40X8262 Service Parts - ACM (autocompensator mechanism) assembly
40X8275 Service Parts - Duplex assembly
40X8297 Service Parts - Pick tire
40X8299 Service Parts - Front mounts
40X8734 Service Parts - ADF right hinge, MX31x, MX41x
40X8800 Service Parts - Media present sensor flag
40X9111 Service Parts - 2.4 inch LCD
40X9112 Service Parts - UICC
40X9251 Service Parts - Controller card, MX310
40X8300 Solenoid - Multipurpose feeder solenoid
40X8301 Solenoid - Reverse solenoid
40X9078 Speaker - Speaker, MX310
40X9080 Speaker - Speaker cable
40X8286 Tray - 550-Sheet tray complete
40X8287 Tray - 250-Sheet tray complete
40X8303 Tray - 250-Sheet tray insert, MS/MX310, MS/MX410
40X8520 Tray - Dust cover, 250-sheet tray
40X8521 Tray - Dust cover, 550-sheet tray
40X9054 Tray - ADF input tray
40X9522 Tray - Tray guide
40X9064 Tube - Light tube

Monochrome Laser MX310dn parts list
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