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47B0003 Color_Laser C792DHE Printer

Lexmark Color_Laser C792DHE (47B0003)

MFG Part Number: 47B0003 50ppm black, Ethernet, USB 2.0

Lexmark parts list for 47B0003 Lexmark Color_Laser C792DHE Printer

40X7157 Belt - Belts parts packet
40X7228 Belt - Punch gears and belt
40X7142 Block - Cartridge memory block with sensor
40X7143 Block - Cartridge contact block assembly
40X7145 Block - ITU contact block assembly
40X7161 Bracket - Waste toner tray bracket
40X7179 Bracket - ESD bracket
40X1367 Cable - Parallel cable packaged (3 m)
40X1368 Cable - USB cable packaged (2 m)
40X7108 Cable - Top cover assembly with output option cable
40X7122 Cable - Left cover assembly with LVPS power switch cable
40X7139 Cable - HVPS assembly with cable shield
40X7164 Cable - Lower frame cable cover
40X7165 Cable - Fuser system card and LVPS cable with cable ties
40X7166 Cable - ITU autoconnect cable
40X7167 Cable - EP and cartridge cables parts packet
40X7168 Cable - Cables parts packet
40X7169 Cable - Operator panel cables parts packet
40X7170 Cable - Beacon cables parts packet
40X7175 Cable - Cable ties parts packet
40X7176 Cable - Cable retainer parts packet
40X7177 Cable - Cable retainer parts packet (thermistor on LVPS)
40X7199 Cable - Operator panel cables parts packet
40X7248 Cable - Finisher Stacker cable parts packet
40X7249 Cable - Stapler cables
40X7273 Cable - Mailbox cables parts pack
40X7297 Cable - Hole punch cable
40X7320 Cable - HTU cables parts packet
40X7325 Cable - Tamper full cable
40X7130 Cartridge - Cartridge blower assembly
40X7141 Cartridge - Cartridge rail assembly
40X7105 Cover - Rear cover
40X7106 Cover - Rear upper cover
40X7109 Cover - Printhead access cover
40X7110 Cover - Top cap cover
40X7120 Cover - Right cover
40X7121 Cover - Lower left cover
40X7125 Cover - Waste toner left cover
40X7258 Cover - Rear redrive cover
40X7279 Cover - Front redrive cover
40X7280 Cover - Front standard bin cover
40X7283 Cover - Rear standard bin cover
40X7285 Cover - Right bottom cover
40X7286 Cover - Top redrive cover
40X7287 Cover - Top right cover
40X7289 Cover - Right bottom cover
40X7326 Cover - Top right cover
40X7111 Door - Front access door and pivot
40X7123 Door - Left access door assembly
40X7147 Door - MPF door assembly
40X7153 Door - Left access door pistons parts packet
40X7276 Door - Access door
40X7277 Door - Access door rollers
40X6102 Drawer - 550-sheet drawer assembly
40X6967 Drawer - 550-sheet Drawer complete assembly
40X7134 Drive Assembly - Paper path redrive assembly
40X7144 Drive Assembly - EP drive assembly
40X7152 Drive Assembly - MPF drive assembly
40X7128 Duct - LVPS cooling exit duct
40X7155 Duct - Exit cooling duct assembly
40X7156 Duplexer - Duplex assembly
40X6501 Fan - CPU cooling fan
40X7129 Fan - LVPS fan
40X7131 Fan - Main fan
40X6968 Feeder - 2000-sheet High Capacity Feeder complete assembly
40X7124 Flag - Bin-full flag
40X5704 Flash Card - 256MB flash card
40X7135 Fuser Assembly - Fuser drive assembly
40X7172 Fuser Assembly - Fuser MPF autocomp parts packet
40X7162 Gear - Waste toner gears parts packet
40X7324 Gear - Drive motor gears parts packet
40X7284 Guide - Guide
40X7305 Guide - Upper redrive guide
40X7312 Guide - Lower redrive guide
40X7058 Hard Drive - 160+ GB hard disk
40X7112 Interlock - Housing interlock assembly with sensor
40X0271 Kit - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X4819 Kit - 40X4819
40X7103 Kit - C792 X792 Transfer module Maintenance Kit
40X7107 Kit - Relocation kit
40X7154 Kit - Output options relocation kit
40X6101 Latch - Anti-tip latch
40X4528 LED - LED assembly
40X7315 Lens - Bin full send receive lens
40X7281 Lever - Locking lever
40X7282 Lever - Locking lever card
40X7103 Maintenance Kit - C792 X792 Transfer module Maintenance Kit
40X7254 Media Bin - 5-Bin Mailbox complete assembly
40X7306 Media Bin - Output bin extension
40X7307 Media Bin - Output bin
40X5301 Memory - 256MB DDR2-DRAM
40X5302 Memory - 512MB DDR2-DRAM
40X5303 Memory - 1024MB DDR2-DRAM
40X7132 Motor - Redrive motor
40X7317 Motor - Transport motor
40X7327 Motor - Punch motor
40X7174 Pad - Pins and pads parts packet
40X7113 Panel - Logo panel
40X7114 Panel - Operator panel cover assembly with buttons
40X7115 Panel - Operator panel UICC card
40X7329 Panel - Operator panel bezel 235 (1)
40X4823 PC Board - Parallel 1284-B interface card
40X5969 PC Board - Korean font card
40X5972 PC Board - Japanese font card
40X6100 PC Board - 550-sheet tray controller card
40X6337 PC Board - Arabic font card
40X6874 PC Board - Forms and Bar code card C792 CS796
40X6919 PC Board - Card for IPDS C792 CS796
40X6920 PC Board - Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation C792 CS796
40X7136 PC Board - System board
40X7140 PC Board - System board and HVPS card parts packet
40X7302 PC Board - Controller card
40X7151 Plate - MPF sensor plate assembly
40X0269 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle US CA LA
40X0270 Power Cord - Power Cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Japan
40X0271 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X0273 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Italy Chile Uruguay
40X0303 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight PR China
40X1772 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Liechtenstein Switzerland
40X1773 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight South Africa Hong Kong Singapore Thailand Malaysia
40X1774 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Denmark Finland Norway Sweden
40X1791 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Taiwan
40X1792 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Korea
40X3141 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Europe Middle East Indonesia Africa (HV)
40X4596 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Brazil
40X7104 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Right angle US CA LA
40X7051 Printer - Lexmark PrintCryption Card
40X7127 Printhead - Printhead assembly
40X7288 Pulley - Belts pulley parts packet
40X7137 Retainer - Low-voltage power supply (LVPS) with thermistor retainer
40X6104 Roller - Pick tire roll
40X7149 Roller - MPF pick tire roll
40X7303 Roller - Engage roller
40X7318 Roller - Exit roller
40X7173 Screw - Screws and fasteners parts packet
40X7250 Screw - Output options screws
40X4618 Sensor - Sensor (bin media empty present)
40X6274 Sensor - Sensor pack
40X7146 Sensor - Staging deflector assembly with sensors
40X7163 Sensor - Sensors parts packet
40X7224 Sensor - Hole punch with sensor
40X7278 Sensor - Sensor housing
40X7313 Sensor - Position sensor (access door)
40X7314 Sensor - Sensor (Input Output)
40X7323 Sensor - Duplex door sensors parts packet
40X0275 Service Parts - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Isreal
40X0288 Service Parts - 40X0288
40X0301 Service Parts - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Australia
40X4626 Service Parts - Sensor Bin Full Send Media Detect
40X4819 Service Parts - 40X4819
40X5544 Service Parts - 40X5544
40X5970 Service Parts - 40X5970
40X5971 Service Parts - 40X5971
40X7116 Service Parts - 4.3 Touchscreen display
40X7117 Service Parts - Speaker
40X7133 Service Parts - Redrive parts packet
40X7148 Service Parts - MPF paper pick assembly
40X7150 Service Parts - MPF pick parts packet
40X7158 Service Parts - Staging paper path reference edge assembly
40X7160 Service Parts - Paper pick mechanism assembly
40X7230 Service Parts - Staple finisher complete assembly
40X7235 Service Parts - Redrive Unit with Hole Punch complete assembly
40X7251 Service Parts - Offset Stacker complete assembly
40X7275 Service Parts - Redrive unit complete assembly
40X7299 Service Parts - Chad hopper
40X7308 Service Parts - Output bin stop
40X7311 Service Parts - Stop diverter
40X7319 Shaft - Upper exit shaft
40X7138 Shield - System board shield door
40X7309 Solenoid - Diverter solenoid
40X7310 Solenoid - Output bin divert solenoid
40X7300 Spring - Diverter gate spring
40X7304 Spring - Spring torsion hook front
40X7316 Spring - Drive gear spring
40X7178 Strip - MPF pick tire roll with wear strips
40X7171 Thermistor - Thermistors parts packet
40X6099 Tray - 550-sheet media tray assembly
40X6103 Tray - 550-sheet tray pick assembly
40X7126 Tray - Media tray rails (1 right 1 left)

Color_Laser C792DHE Printer parts list
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