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4YE53A Laser NS MFP 1005w

HP Laser NS MFP 1005w (4YE53A)

MFG Part Number: 4YE53A

HP parts list for 4YE53A HP Laser NS MFP 1005w

4QD21-67005 Accessory - Svc As-Platen
4RY22-60003 Accessory - PCA-Toner Gauge
4RY26-40003 Accessory - Sheet-Reinforce
4RY26-60001 Accessory - PBA-Formatter Pearl-DEC MFP Wireless
JC97-05042A Accessory - Platen (ISA-WIRELESS)
JC97-05042B Accessory - Platen (ISA-Base)
W1108A Cartridge - HP 108A Blk NS Toner Reload Kit
4RY26-60002 Control Panel - Control panel Display + CP PCA_Wireless
JC93-01572A Drive Assembly - Drive Pick Up-Gear
JC93-01633A Drive Assembly - Drive-Motor Step
JC91-01268A Fuse - Fuser (220v)
D1S27-60021 Laser Scanner - Tempo-GTCR Scanner Module Assembly
1150-7969 Module - PCA, 802.11N SINGLE BAND RADIO (Wireless PCA - Spectra)
1KR42-60077 Motor - Assy SCANNER MOTOR Printer DC Scanner Motor Assembly
JC93-01576A Paper Path Module - Frame-Paper Path
W1103-70001 Paper Path Module - Svc As-Frame-Paper Path
4RY23-67006 Power Supply - Smps/Hvps 220v (Jc44-00254a)
4RY26-60005 Power Supply - Smps/Hvps 220v (Jc44-00254a)
JC31-00009C Reference - Motor Step 1p K7600,Pm,2,24,60
JC31-00143A Reference - Motor Step;Ml-6510,1.18a,Dc 24
JC33-00028C Reference - Solenoid-Mp;Ml-1660,Dc-24v,120
JC39-01411A Reference - Harness-Sensor;Scx-3200,Ul1027
JC73-00321A Reference - Roller Idle-Rubber-Pick Up;Ml-
JC92-02288A Reference - Pba-Feed Sensor;Ml-1660,Sec,Fe
JC92-02752A Reference - Pba-Toner Remain Sensor M4580
JC93-00530A Reference - Drive-Motor Step;Sec,Platen,Mf
JC97-03775B Reference - Lsu;Ml-1860,Sec,Single,A4(Ltr)
JG66-40003A Reference - Gear-Pinion,Sf4000,Pom,1.0,Z16
JC66-05286A Service Parts - Roller Tr-Transfer1

Laser NS MFP 1005w parts list
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